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  1. It's been a little while since I've inflated myself, but every once in a while I get the urge to fill myself up as tight and round as possible. I put on a tiny striped shirt, something I used to wear when I was way less fat, and my belly hangs out from the bottom of it quite a bit. I use my trusty aquarium pump and start to fill up my belly with air. It feels so good as it starts to go in, and I can barely feel it as it blows up my fat belly. Slowly, I get bigger, and bigger. I take a break when it starts to feel tight, but I am compelled to keep going, to get my belly as big and round and tight as possible. I'm starting to feel huge. I slip into a trance, calming my breathing and relaxing my muscles. The more I relax, the bigger I get, and I enter a state of blissful relaxation and growing bigger. I've never gotten this big before, I can feel the air filling every part of my belly with no room left. It was so hot, I was so wet after I was done.


  2. New Curvage Model! I've been a Curvage model a week now and I already have a video up as well as a photo set. Be sure to check out my profile and follow me! ?
  3. Hey there! I've been really skinny all my life and hated it. I'd always been attracted to bigger, curvy girls and desperately wanted a big, fat belly of my own. I was at my thinnest when my lovely partner Lucy and I moved in together almost 3 years ago and since then she has been helping me and encouraging me to gain more and more. my gain has been slow (I have a lot of health shit to deal with) until recently when I've suddenly started to make big gains! I'm completely obsessed with my tummy, I can't stop playing with it and squishing it.I still have a long way to go but, fuck it, I'm so proud of where I've gotten to and it feels AMAZING to be getting fatter! Here are just a few of the many webcam shots I've caught of myself playing with my soft gut. I hope you enjoy my growing curves and podgy pot belly as much as I do!
  4. Before: After: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhP5O1mSm88) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFtVLXq8GWQ) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sDsfa2MEg0) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsuz-BzPIBs) Other videos: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=ITV+News+Central+Balvinder+Sidhu
  5. My real life partner is Lucy, she posts videos with me sometimes as Lushous Luce. She absolutely loves food and is as greedy as I am! She's gotten curvier and curvier over the time I've known her and she has the biggest, softest, roundest tummy, oh my GOD I am in love with it! She started eating lots as a way of seducing me, knowing about my fetish, but she was oblivious to the fact that I was already in love with her and trying to exploit her own kinks through my cosplays as a way of seducing her at the same time! I love taking photos of her belly, and when we've both had way too much to eat I love taking photos of our tummies side by side <3 I thought i'd start a thread I can share photos of us together in, i hope that's OK!
  6. Oh my god, I am getting ready to make my first vdeos snce I got sick with meningitis 5 weeks ago and first of all... my turquoise shorts (that I wore in loads of vdeos) are TOO SMALL for me suddenly! I managed to pull them on but they're pinching meEVERYWHERE and really rather hurt! Then I looked in the mirror and saw my whole body for the first time and I literally started crying, I couldn't believe it! I look so round and soft and EXACTLY the way I always dreamed of lookng, I can't believe this! I finally have the body I always wanted!!! I do want to still gain more but this is the point where I can really see the diference and feel that I can see what I will look like when I've finished gaining all I want to. I am so happy, I wanted to share this excitement!!!
  7. Rayanne Bitancourt is a UK-based brazilian lingerie and swimsuit model who has been busty buy typically skinny for some years as you can see
  8. looking for a feedee in the salt lake area! any intrests? let me know!
  9. New to this site but not new to gaining, I lost a lot of my weight but have really started gaining it back since living with my fiancée who loves it! Enjoy! Currently 208lbs
  10. Hey everyone! I wanted to share my 13 stone milestone/75 pound gain (in 7 months) video with you all. I can't believe how much I've gained - my goal was to hit 12 stone by the end of the year and I've more than smashed that! I hope you enjoy it
  11. I was off since many months but I'm alive xD ! I share pics of me if you want to see On the first I'm on a sofa and I try to pose like a model hahaha :') And on the seconde it's me when I tried for the first time this dress in 2016 and now (it isn't when I started my gain weight, I was worst before ), it's not my style but the difference is fun ! Okaaaaaay it's enough thanks if you read this text <3
  12. Hey everyone! I'm so sorry I've been away for so long. I had a third bout of meningitis in November. I'm still undergoing tests to find the cause of the recurent meningitis, until then I'm fighting forward as always. Now, here I was a week or so ago when I weighed 188 pounds - I've gained 2 more since then but here's my growing gut for your viewing pleasure!
  13. Man do I have a story. A few years ago, I first met a friend of mine at a party. She was one of those girls that had guys flocking to her, either because she was one of the few girls at the party or because she was gorgeous, I think the latter. Not particularly large, especially by this site's standards, but carried what weight she did have pretty much entirely in her ass/thighs. Curvy as hell. Anywho, I basically was crushing on her immediately but never made any moves because 1. she had enough attention already and 2. I already sorta had a fwb thing and was happy with it. Time passes, we both were in the same social circles. She lost some weight, I think. There was a period of time where I didn't see a lot of her. Flash forward a couple years. She has a boyfriend. I have a girlfriend. I unexpectedly run into her on Halloween a couple years ago while tripping on LSD. At that point I don't think I had seen her for many months, possibly a year, and she's clearly gained a lot of weight. That was a weird night. No idea how much weight she gained but her ass was (is) fucking spectacular, her whole body is really. I'd guess she is pushing 200, if not more. Our social circles merge a little bit more frequently. I admirer her from afar. It's all fine. Relevant side comment. My primary partner (girlfriend) and I are in a long distance, open relationship that started about a year ago. We were open before the long distance. Definitely not for everyone, but it works for us. Anyway, back in September this friend hits me up one night and asks me what I'm up to. Her boyfriend is out of town and she wants to hang with me and my roommates or anyone else I might be hanging with that night. Sure, cool. Not expecting anything in particular. I've never hung out with her 1-1, and she's never expressed any sorta interest in anything beyond friendship. I'd heard some rumors that she and her boyfriend were open, but didn't think a lot of it most of the time because I didn't think she was into me. Things sorta fall through with other people and it ends up being just the two of us. We go see a live music show together and it's kinda a dud so we just hang outside the venue. After some liquid courage (alcohol) I decide to ask her what the deal is with her relationship's openness. She's generally not interested in other partners and she just doesn't put a lot of effort into it. I think part of it is/was low self confidence and not being happy with her body. But, she clearly gets the hint as to why I was asking in the first place. More alcohol in us both. We get back to my place, hook up. Awesome. We're now fwb. See each other on the reg. One of the first times we hung out (after the initial hook up) she asked me "do you have a thing for chubby psych majors?" (My girlfriend was also a psych major. We all met in college and have since graduated at various times in the past few years). I think she got the hint that her appearance/body is the furthest thing from a problem for me. It's been fun. It's actually been a fucking dream come true. Here's a girl who I crushed on from afar for many years, she got fat, and then we start hooking up on the regular. It's also been interesting to have a friend evolve into something more and things be relatively stable and okay with everyone involved (me, her, and both our primary partners). One of the most interesting aspects of this whole situation is she is definitely bigger than my partner, likely bigger than my partner would ever care to be, and she has an entirely different body type than my partner. I've learned that, for me personally, bigger isn't necessarily better, its just different. A different I definitely can appreciate, but not necessarily a better different. It's been an interesting and awesome experience. Don't get me wrong, weight gain is definitely a turn on for me, but I think the weight gain itself is the turn on and not necessarily the end goal. I guess everyone enjoys things a little differently. I do have some mixed feelings about this whole situation though. She is trying to lose weight and actually seems to have a very strained relationship with food and her appearance. I definitely think I've helped her self confidence some, but I cannot imagine what her reaction would be to me sharing the fact that her weight gain actually turns me on. I can't imagine I'll ever tell her, but it just feels weird to keep that a secret. It's worth mentioning that her and my girlfriend are actually pretty decent friends and are obviously aware of one another. That's been an interesting aspect of this on its own. That's about it. Just wanted to share this fun story. Kinda bragging, kinda just writing it all out for someone to read. This whole situation is pretty much unbelievable still and I still act like a fucking giddy teenager around her since it feels so unreal. I have some more specific interesting stories that have unfolded and I'm sure more will happen as our friendship continues. Thanks for reading.
  14. Hey guys so I'm just starting out and figures I would share this on here to let you guys know im going to be creating more artwork like this over time, so if your interested you can follow me on my tumblr or deviantart! Tumblr: https://finalhazardark.tumblr.com/ DeviantArt: http://finalhazardark.deviantart.com/
  15. In This Video: Family intervention. Ripped pants aftermath. Fat shamed. Stuffing. Fat chat. WG goals. Belly play. ~14 minutes Casey's drastic weight gain has been a source of tension with her family since the onset. They are fit, healthy, prim, and proper like she once was and they have struggled to accept the fact that their daughter now lives an unhealthy lifestyle of complete greed and gluttony. A few short weeks ago, Casey ripped her pants at Thanksgiving dinner with her family (click here for video). If you missed the video, don't worry - Casey gives you a little recap and pictures to prove it. Casey knew that there would be some follow up from her family.... but she never expected it to be as bold as it was. Casey opens with some reflection on her skinny days, how she used to strive so hard for her family's approval of her body and how things are SO different now. Casey now thrives on their disapproval of her extreme weight gain. They had a very heated, emotional discussion of what happened at Thanksgiving dinner. Casey shares exact quotes as she stuffs her fat face with snack cake after snack cake. What a pig. She gets so turned on talking about it... knowing that there's no turning back. She sets a big goal for the next time she will see them in a few months, hoping to leave them mind blown by even MORE of a drastic weight gain than ever before. Casey's infamous wiggles, jiggles, twerks, and rubs are bigger than ever in this clip. We will revisit their reactions next time she sees them.... stay tuned 🐽 ---------------------------------------- REVIEWS // If you enjoyed this video, a review/comment/reaction is always SO appreciated and they absolutely make my day! ---------------------------------------- CUSTOMER SERVICE: If you are ever dealing with technical difficulties - please never hesitate to reach out to me via DM or contact support [HERE]. 💥Find more of my hot clips HERE 💥Chat with me HERE 💥


  16. 😁 You know I had to do it. It was too perfect. 🎶😆🤷‍♀️ So this is round 2 of gorJESS versus a 5 lb. bag of buffalo wings! 😅 Maybe 3rd time will be the charm with this battle royale but today’s attempt was very fun 🤪 and very sexy. 😉 Left my belly full, fat and happy. 😁 Excellent Day 5 video ⭐ 5 stars. 👍 Today: 🎖️ Soon: 🏆


  17. More parts to come... Chapter 1 Casey had not seen Derek in two years and she was excited to see her former CrossFit buddy. She had quit doing CrossFit due to her classes and stress in her personal life and had been unable to connect ever since. She was always attracted to Derek but never had the courage to make a move or show interest. Derek was 6’0’’ and a well put together former athlete but he was also relatively shy. Casey was super happy to get a text from Derek asking her to go for a couple of drinks after work. Casey was a little nervous what Derek would think of her since she didn’t quite look the same as her CrossFit days. After CrossFit she was so swamped with her classes she developed some bad eating habits. From her sophomore year to her senior year she had put on 50 plus pounds. What was weird about the weight gain though was that she kind of liked how it made her look. She went from a size 6 to a size 14 but all in all most of it went to her curves and most girls were wearing revealing things showing their freshman 15 midriff anyways. Casey just went with the weight and she actually liked the way in made her body feel. Derek and Casey ended up meeting at a local bar for dinner and drinks. Derek was definitely taken aback a little bit when he first saw Casey walk through the door. So much so that he couldn’t resist bringing up her weight once he had a couple beers in him. ‘Casey I’m not going to lie, you surprised me a bit as you don’t quite look like you did from when we were doing CrossFit.’ Casey was a bit shocked that he was so pressing about what she perceived to be a question about her weight but she was relatively comfortable with her weight so she didn’t take it personally. ‘Yea I know, I was so skinny when I was doing CrossFit then I just got overwhelmed with school the next thing I know I put on a couple pounds. Most went to the right spots though right?’ Casey did a quick little wiggle in her seat. Derek didn’t know what to think. He’s only ever been with relatively fit chicks and here’s Casey who was clearly over 200 pounds. For some reason though there was something charming about her and very attractive. He figured it still may be worth pursuing. ‘Yea absolutely, I was just surprised that’s all’ They continued to drink for another hour or two and soon enough they both lost any reservations and their inhibitions. Derek just figured fuck it, I never had sex with a chubby chick before so might as well try it. Next thing you know they are back at Casey’s apartment and taking their clothes off. Derek was really enjoying the nice size of Casey’s tits. But he was really shocked when she took off her jeans. They were clearly digging in to her skin all night as their was a huge band around her stomach as she pulled down her pants. When she pulled them over her stomach he swore her stomach released another inch or two. He was oddly fascinated. He even found it sexy how she had her panties pulled up cupping her pretty big belly. At this point Derek didn’t care though, he was fucking this 200 pound plus broad. He quickly reached to grab her panties and move them down when his hands hit those hips. As his hands hit they just melted in her skin like butter, she was so soft. It actually felt really good surprisingly. Casey didn’t know what she was getting into, she had some sex around 185 Pounds but nothing since the last 30 plus. She was nervous Derek wouldn’t find her attractive at this size even though she felt good about herself. After he removed her panties she was completely exposed. She looked down at herself and was pretty turned on by her juicy tits and wide hips. The real question is how Derek felt. She undid his pants and slid his jeans down and bam there was a massive erection out of his boxer briefs. Her loins immediately got wet from how big his cock was and how ready he was for her. She quickly got him out of his underwear as she needed him inside her. She pushed him over onto the bed and got on top. Her pussy was so wet he slid right in only after a try or two. Derek looked up at all of Casey and couldn’t believe how big she was and how much bigger she was then anyone he’d ever been with. He put his hands on her big tits to try to slow them from wobbling everywhere but her belly was still crashing up and down. She was so soft all over....fuck this feels amazing. At that point he realized he was fucked. Casey was so into the movement she just started thrusting rapidly as hard as she could. Fuckkkk it feels so good she thought. At that point she could feel Derek’s cock start to pulsate. Holy fuck she thought, he’s going to cum already. The thought of how much he liked her at this weight turned her on so bad, she loved it. Within the next 10 seconds Derek spent himself inside Casey. He lasted a total of 40 seconds. Casey wasn’t even mad she hadn’t had time to get off, she just loved the inability of Derek to control himself around her. Casey after sex reassured him that she has a Morena so there’s no risk of pregnancy. At that point in time Derek tried to excuse the quick get off by saying he hadn’t been with a girl in awhile. Casey was a bit disappointed as she thought it had more to do with her than that fact but overall the night couldn’t have gone any better. Derek asked to see her again before he left and Casey liked the thought of that.
  18. Hey all, I was directed by a very helpful user to post here! I'll be posting some weight updates and photos along the way! I started gaining when I was 18 but I would drift away and lose motivation, only for the desire to come back even stronger 🙈 At 20, I'm now 40lbs heavier and more comfortable staying chubby and thick. Prior to gaining, when I was obsessed with losing sadly. I've kinda grown to like the gaining now and can't imagine myself ever losing again! It's funny cause even though I was aware of my kink I kinda hated it and desperately wanted to distance myself from it. So, I got really skinny and ended up at a low weight of 57kgs / 125lbs. I just checked and I'm now 81 kgs / 178lbs! Pic below is one of the few I took when I was at my thinnest (It's so strange to think I was proud that I fit into such tiny clothes! Now I'm outgrowing my entire wardrobe haha). I really appreciate all the love and support you guys have already given me 😊
  19. Hi! I'm Jordan! I'm 26, a BBW, and totally new to this site. I was introduced to this place by my friend after she kept finding her pics posted here (yes, that friend). I've never been on a site like this before, but I've struggled with my weight for years, and ended up gaining a lot of weight over the past couple years, and now I look like this! I never really thought there were guys that would be into this? Or into me gaining weight? I'm not really a "feedee" and I'm not trying to gain weight, but I do love to eat lol, so I'm kinda fascinated that there's guys out there who like me for what I look like now. Anyways, here I am, and here's a couple photos of myself now, plus a few from before I gained the weight. Be nice!. 💋
  20. This is the second story i am uploading, Please comment if you like it and if you wan't more. INTRODUCTION Emma lay on her bed, panting and sweating, even though it was a cool day. Again she strained to button up her jeans, she’d only worn then three weeks ago, admittedly they were a bit tight even then but she couldn’t believe that they had stopped fitting in only three weeks. “I haven’t been eating that much, they must have shrunk.” she told herself, refusing to believe that eating 12” pizzas every night and washing them down with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and a two litre bottle of Coke was ‘eating a lot’. Never mind the fact that she skipped eating lunch in the university cafeteria, instead getting a taxi to various fast food chains, even though they were only a ten minuet walk away from campus. “These have to fit, all my leggings have holes between the legs, I can’t go see my parents wearing them… and I can’t meet my brothers new friend looking like that...” She attempted again to do up the button, she sucked in her belly as much as she could and heaved as hard as she could, finally she forced the button to close. She lay on her bed trying to get her breath back, next challenge was the zip… after wrestling with it for five minuets she finally managed to do it up, now to find a top. “That one won’t do, that must have shrunk too, it doesn’t even cover all of my belly… seriously there’s no way I have gained weight, I haven’t even been snacking much.” Another lie she was telling herself. Excluding her visit to KFC to get a double chicken burger with two lots of chips and a side of two chicken thighs and an Oreo crushem for lunch and her usual twelve inch meat feast pizza with extra cheese and ice cream for dinner; Emma had managed to eat a 500g chocolate bar, a tube of Pringles and two pork pies. “God this top is too thin, I can see my stretch marks through it…” Emma said in despair, looking at herself in the mirror. “Ok this one fits… kind of…” The top clung to her every curve and roll and only just reached bellow the button of her jeans which were just under her belly button, her belly bulged out around her jeans due to how tight they were. “God Mum’s going to rip into me… it’s been a year since we last saw each other and I told her I hadn't gained weight… It’s not as if she’s not going to notice I have gone from a size 16 (US size 12) to a size 22 before my twentieth birthday...” in reality she was a size 24, almost size 26, stuffed into too tight size 22 clothes standing only 5 foot and three inches. “Is there even any point in packing any clothes… none of them are going to fit any way… ill just have to buy some new ones when I get there.” Emma looked at herself in the mirror again, adjusting her wavy blond hair and glasses before heading to the freezer to grab a tub of ice cream before collapsing onto her sofa before turning on the TV. she had an hour before the train and she needed ice cream to make her feel better. After polishing of her ice cream, Emma heaved herself up off the sofa, a job that seemed more difficult then it used to, pulling her top down over her belly as it had ridden up. The button on her jeans felt a little tighter, she thought to herself ‘Maybe that ice cream wasn’t a good idea, oh well it will settle by the time I reach home.’ She made final preparation's to leave then headed out the door with her rucksack, as she wasn’t taking any clothes her suitcase remained open on her bed. “I have a long walk ahead ill take the lift today” Emma said to herself, justifying to herself not walking down the four flights of stairs, as she did every day. She reached the ground floor and walked out of the dorm building, and started to walk to the train station. Out of the twenty minuet walk that it would have been, she made it three and a half minuets before calling a taxi to the station. She had enough time to grab some snacks before the train arrived. “It’s going to take two hours to get home, I might as well grab a chocolate bar and a packet of brownies for the journey, I can give whatever is left to my mum when I get there, oh and a couple of bottles of coke!.” Trying to convince herself that there would be something left to give. After buying her snacks, she made her way to the train and boarded ready to go. Before the train had even left, the six pack of brownies were already half gone, and by the time she reached home, there definitely wouldn’t be anything to give to her mum. Story: “Thanks for taking me to pick up my sister James” “Your welcome, any time mate. I’m looking forward to meeting her.” “She’s a little shy but I think you two will get on.” Luke replied. “Well you said you hadn't seen her in a year? Maybe she’s not as shy as she used to be, you never know mate.” I replied. “Maybe university has changed her.” “I doubt it, from her texts it sounds like she spends basically all her free time watching TV or playing video games in her dorm when she's not in lectures.” “Well there’s nothing wrong with being shy any way.” I replied with a laugh. “True bless her, she's going to love your car though mate.” Luke said, in response I revved the engine of my 1960 six cylinder ford Zodiac and we both chuckled. “Here we are, were a bit early but that’s OK, ill park up near the front and we can wait for her here.” “Sound like a plan.” Luke replied. Me and Luke had met almost a year ago, he had started to work for me in my garage as a mechanic, we fast became friends rather then Boss and employee. He was a hard worker and a good laugh, he loved car’s but couldn’t get a drivers licence due to medical reasons, so instead he decided to fix them. Even though his family had plenty of money, he was a down to earth guy and we got on like a house on fire. As he didn’t drive and his mother and father were too busy to pick up his sister, I had offered to give them a lift. From what Luke had told me, his parent’s idea of parenting was to throw money at them as a pose to give them attention, Luke always wanted to make it on his own and turned down the money now that he was working for me, however his sister Emma liked living off their parent’s and not having to make her own money, his word’s not mine. However he obviously cared for his sister and spoke highly of her except her laziness. “Here’s her train!” Luke said, getting out the car, I followed suit and stood next to him. After a short wait he told me “There she is.” a slight sound of shock in his voice. Walking Toward's us was very pretty girl with wavy blond hair wearing glasses with soft features, she was wearing clothes that looked entirely too small for her, her soft flesh being squeezed and spilling over the waist of her trousers. Every stitch on her clothing showed strain and her soft face was red from the exertion of walking. “Hey Emma.” Luke said giving his sister a hug. “He… Hey… Luke...” Emma replied panting, she was obviously out of breath from the stairs up from the platform, which I knew weren't that long or steep but this girl had a fair bit of weight to carry up them and it wasn’t from her backpack. “Emma this is James my friend and boss.” Luke told her, the winded girl looked up at my shyly and gave me a shy smile. “He… Hello.” “Nice to meet you Emma, its a pleasure to finally meet you, would you like me to take your bag?” I asked, she nodded and gave me her bag, looking at the floor and playing with her hair, she didn’t realise that lifting her arm to play with her hair also lifted her top slightly, revealing her soft belly, I couldn’t notice a rather large amount of stretch marks on her pale skin. That must have been why Luke had sounded shocked, it was obvious between the very tight clothes and the stretch marks, this pretty girl had gained a lot of weight recently. I put her backpack in the boot of the car then opened the back door for her, she gave me another shy smile and sat In the car. As she sat in the car her belly rested on her lap, this made her soft flesh bulge outwards more, making her top suddenly ride up even more to reveal even more stretch marks. However this time she noticed and quickly pulled her top down. I pretended not to notice as to not embarrass her. Me and Luke then got in the car and we headed off. Luke and Emma chatted, catching up on what the other had done in the year they had not seen each other, Emma sat behind Luke, meaning I could see her in my interior mirror. Once again I couldn’t help but notice that every bump we went over would cause her soft body to jiggle, every so often Emma had to pull her top down again due to the fact that when her body jiggled, her top tried to reveal more and more of her huge belly. We soon arrived at Luke and Emma’s parent’s house, I jumped out the car and went around to open the door for Emma; I offered my hand to help her out; with a look of embarrassment after a failed attempted to get out by herself she took my hand and I heaved her out of the car, even with help the effort of getting out of the car left her a little short of breath and her top to rise up again. She looked at me as if begging me not to tease her for it, embarrassment was obvious to see, I gave her a reassuring smile. “Why don’t you come in James?” asked Luke. “Are you sure that your parent’s won’t mind?” I asked. “No they won’t mind, they enjoyed your company last time and said you were welcome any time.” “Well ill pop in then.” I answered with a chuckle, we all headed into Luke and Emma’s parents grand house. “Hey were here with Emma!” Luke shouted as we stepped through the door, I noticed that Emma was looking rather sheepish and nervous as if dreading something. Sarah, Luke’s and Emma’s mother walked in, a tall slim lady with blond wavy hair, It was obvious that her and Emma were Mother and daughter, They looked very similar except Emma was a lot shorter and a lot wider with a considerably softer face. Her mother’s eyes bulged and suddenly it was made clear to me why Emma looked so nervous. “Jesus Christ Emma! Your huge! You’ve blown up, look at you your bulging out everywhere! Those clothes don’t even come close to fitting. What happened to the diet I put you on?” “Mother… we have a guest...” Luke said, trying to stop the onslaught Emma was receiving. “Oh yes hello James, Emma how have you let yourself get so fat? You really can’t control yourself can you! And to top it off you lied to me and said you hadn't gained weight, after all the effort I went to writing that diet out for you so you knew what and how much you could eat a day, and I bet you haven’t being doing the exercise I told you to do!” Emma had tears rolling down her cheeks, yet said nothing, she just stood there taking the abuse. After her mother had finished scolding her, she put down her rucksack and walked back out the door still crying. “Luke come give me and your father a hand when your here.” Sarah said mater of factly and walked further into the house leaving me and Luke standing there. “Jesus Christ I was hoping my charming mother would give her some slack considering you are here… guess not… She’s always been lazy and greedy with food, its not surprising left to her own devices she's gained weight and mother has always been nasty about it… but that was especially nasty considering there was a guest present… I mean she has gained a lot of weight but… god I should go see her but mother will get even angrier...” Luke’s face showed obvious pity for his younger sister and a look of sadness at how she was treated. “Well I’ll go see her.” I replied “You go deal with whatever your parent’s want and maybe ill take her for a ride in the car or something to try and cheer her up?” “Thanks James, yea I think she would like that… ill catch you later yea?” “Sound’s like a plan bud.” I responded in a up beat tone trying to cheer my friend up as well. I walked outside to find Emma sat on the steps outside crying. I sat down next to her and placed a hand on her back. She looked at me in shock her green eyes sparkling with tears. “Hey are you OK?” I asked, Emma shrugged. “Don’t be upset, sometimes parent’s can be cruel, just let it go over your head.” Emma remained silent apart from the odd sniff, I couldn’t help it, I couldn’t just sit here letting her cry. I put my arm around her and gently pulled her in for a hug, she offered no resistance, instead burying her head in my chest. “Why don’t we go off somewhere? Cheer you up, your brother has had to go help your parent’s, he wanted to come see you but...” “tha… that sound nice.” Emma looked up at me, her eyes showing her appreciation for the kind word’s and offer. “Where were you thinking of going?” she asked in a soft, shy voice. “Well we could go for a walk, or go for a drive or if you wanted we could get some food?” I didn’t think she would like the first suggestion but I asked any way, however when I mentioned food, her eyes lit up with excitement. I chuckled “By the look in your eyes you like the idea of getting food.” I said to her. She slowly rotated her bulging body from side to side and the shy look returned to her face. Her belly was slightly on show again as her top had ridden up again, however she hadn't noticed. “Am I that easy to read?” She asked, I once again chuckled. “Yes and it’s not a bad thing, come on let’s get you some food to cheer you up, what do you fancy?” “I really fancy a...” ‘Ping’ Emma was cut off by her phone alerting her to a message. She pulled the phone out of her pocket, having to lean back due to her tight jeans, it was still hard work to pull the phone out from the strained denim. Leaning back caused her top to ride up till it sat just bellow her breasts, I shifted my position so that I was between her and the front gate of her parent’s house so that no one on the street could see her. I couldn’t help but sneak a peak at her huge belly, squeezed into far to tight jeans. I could now see clearly her belly was covered in fresh stretch marks and the button on her trousers really was at the upper limit of what it could take. What Emma hadn’t considered when leaning back was that she didn’t have the stomach muscles to lift her flabby body back into an upright position. She started to fall backwards, however I grabbed hold of her hand and helped her up. Her face went bright red from embarrassment as she quickly pulled her top down over her bulging belly. “tha… thank you...” She stammered avoiding eye contact. “It’s OK, don’t worry, nobody saw, that’s why I moved to here so that nobody other then me could see.” I smiled at her, she quickly looked into my eyes before looking down at her phone and reading the message. “Great… I guess I can’t go get food, my mum has messaged me saying she has cancelled my card so that I can’t buy junk food and get even fatter… thanks mum...” “Well she can’t stop me from buying you food can she?” I replied laughing. “Really? You would buy me food?” “Of course, that was the plan from the start, now where do you want to go?” “thank you… There is a nice little place down the road if it’s still there that serves pizza… I shouldn’t eat pizza though...” “I know where you mean, come on then it will cheer you up!” I stood up and offered Emma my hand, she took it and I pulled her to her feet. We headed for the car and took off to get some food. I couldn’t help but chuckle at the fact she wanted pizza for lunch, this girl really did like her fatty foods and it showed. We sat down at a table and ordered drinks when we looked at the menu, I had a coffee and Emma had a milkshake made in house. I could see that the milkshake contained more ice cream then milk from the consistency, Emma greedily drank a lot quicker then most people would. “WOW! They do 16” pizzas here! No I shouldn’t… ill just have a 12” meat feast with extra chee…. No just a regular meat feast...” Emma told me finishing off her triple chocolate milkshake with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles “And another milkshake please… god those cheesy nachos sound good though, no ill have the pizza.” the waitress came across, a slim girl about the same age as me. Most people would probably consider her attractive but far too boney for me, she looked down at Emma, almost in disgust, I could see her eyes were looking straight at Emma’s belly, which bulged around the waist band of her jean’s and due to her being sat down a tease of belly which wasn’t covered by her top was on display. “What can I get for you?” the waitress asked me, turning her head from Emma. “Can I get a 16” meat feast with extra cheese, a cheesy nachos, a triple chocolate milkshake with extra whipped cream, a ham egg and chips and another coffee please.” “No problem” she replied, once she had left Emma spoke. “You know I changed my mind to a 12” right? I shouldn’t eat a whole 16”… and I was only thinking about the nachos...” “But you wanted them right?” “Yes but… OK I admit I’m not complaining actually I’m really excited to be honest… but don’t you think it’s too much for me to eat?” “I think if you want it I'm going to get it for you because you need cheering up and I want to.” “Wow… your really nice… I have never had anyone be this nice to me, usually when we used to eat out my mum would only let me eat salad and stuff… I had to sneak out after to go get something that would actually fill me up and not leave me hungry.” “Well you can have whatever you want and as much as you want when you eat out with me.” I said with a laugh. “Don’t say that!” Emma said, finally seeming to cheer up a little. “If you say that ill end up double the size! Can you imagine what my mother would say!” She said chuckling shyly. “Well I have already said it and I assume that means that you you will let me buy you food again?” “Oh I uh… I didn’t mean to presume that you would buy me food again I wasn’t trying to be rude...” “That’s not what I meant, I’m enjoying myself and I would like to do it again.” “Really? You actually enjoy spending time with me? I thought you just felt sorry for me…” “Yes I do enjoy spending time with you, especially now that you have cheered up.” I replied and then the food came. Emma’s face lit up her greedy eyes locked on her food. As soon as the waitress had put the food down Emma started eating, the waitress gave her quick look of disdain before leaving. I ate my ham egg and chips, whilst watching Emma gorge herself on pizza and nachos, I ordered her another milkshake as she almost finished her second one. Every so often Emma would look at me shyly, I would respond with a comforting smile and ask her if she was enjoying it. Her response was always a nod and a shy smile, which I replied with something along the lines of ‘good’ or ‘I’m glad’. I was also taking not of the fact that with every bite her top would show a little more skin as her belly filled up, and the button on her jeans seemed to be under more and more strain. About twenty minuets in to our meal, Emma had polished off just over half her pizza and all of the nachos as well as needing another milkshake and at this point no matter how many times and how hard she tried to pull her top over her bulging gut her top just springer back up to just bellow her breasts. “I’m sorry...” she said quietly trying to hold her top down over her belly. “For what?” I asked. “You must be embarrassed sitting here with me like this...” “Why would I be embarrassed for sitting with a beautiful young lady?” “Beautiful?” Emma said almost shouting, a look of shock on her face. “How can this be beautiful, I’m too fat for my clothes, my fat is bulging out from every where because I can’t help but be a greedy pig and I can’t even stop myself from eating more.” She said in defeat, shoving another piece of pizza in her mouth before picking up her milkshake and downing it… as the last drop of milkshake passed her lips…. *PING* the button of her jeans finally gave up the ghost, flying underneath the table and hitting the metal leg of the table. Her huge bloated belly burst out forcing the zip to undo. As her trousers unzipped themselves her belly burst out landing on her lap, a red ring around her body where the tight trousers had been digging in, the marks on her skin very clear even through all the bright red stretch marks. Emma looked down and froze with shock, staring open-mouthed at her completely exposed belly wresting on her lap her beautiful green eyes wide open. I quickly took my hoodie off and went around to her side of the table, sitting next to her, then put it on her, I had to stretch it to do up the zip. Emma just sat there silently as I put it on her, after I finished I put my arm around her then spoke softly to her. “It’s OK nobody else saw don’t worry.” and put my arm around her. It was a lie, I knew at least six people had looked at her, including the skinny waitress who was sniggering in the corner. I got a box for Emma’s pizza and settled the bill as well as getting a take away milkshake, then lead Emma by the arm to the car. She remained silent, looking completely detached from the world. My hoodie covered the top half of her belly but it was so tight you could see that her jeans were unbuttoned and her belly was visible through the bottom of her trouser zip. As we walked out of the restaurant her belly jiggling with every step she took even though she was bloated. I sat her down in the passenger seat of my car then got into the driver side. “Well I guess this is a good excuse to take you clothes shopping!” I said to her in a cheery voice trying to pick up her spirits. She turned to look at me, her eyes glistening with tears, yet she looked almost hopeful as she looked up at me. “You mean you still want to spend time with me? Even after that?” “Why wouldn’t I?” I asked. “Because I completely embarrassed you and myself in there...” she said, taking her pizza box and milkshake off me and began eating again. “And I’m still embarrassing myself...” “Well I don’t think you embarrassed any one, let’s go to the mall and go shopping for you yea?” “My mum cancelled my card remember? I can’t buy new clothes…” “You can’t, but I can buy you new clothes.” I replied, Emma paused eating and looked at me with disbelief. “You pay for my food and now your willing to buy me clothes? I know Luke always tells me I'm spoilt and get everything I want but… I'm not used to some one, especially a man, other then my family buying me stuff.” “Well I will and want to, so let’s go shall we?” I said cheerily, Emma smiled, her shy smile sweet as ever. We drove off towards the mall, Emma pulled her jeans down under her belly to make it more comfortable as she finished the last few slices of pizza in transit. I couldn’t help but every so often sneak a peak at her cute belly hanging out the bottom of my hoody, every bump in the road making her flabby gut jiggle despite being bloated. Emma lay her head back and closed her eyes, rubbing her belly and letting out a quiet moan of content. We arrived at the mall, Emma attempted to get out of the car by herself before I had got out myself, however she was far to full and fell back into the seat panting. She looked at me with a shy look, “could um… could you help me?” “Of course, give me a sec.” I got out the car and walked over to the passenger side of the car, I took hold of Emma’s hand’s and pulled her out of the car, she leaned against me for a while getting her breath back. I put my arm around her to comfort her. “Sorry I am so full after food.” Emma said quietly still panting and using me as support. “Don’t worry it’s fine, take as long as you need.” I replied. After she had got her breath back and heaved her jeans back around the middle of her belly we headed into the mall. Emma received a few side ways glances as people noticed her due to the exceptionally tight hoody and the outline of unbuttoned jeans through it. Luckily Emma didn’t notice the people looking, instead too busy trying to hide the fact she was out of breath just from walking at a slow pace. Her face was red from the exertion of carrying her fatty body plus the huge meal she had just eaten. We finally made it to a clothes store, I looked again at Emma, I could tell she was exhausted. “Why don’t we sit down for a bit?” I asked pointing at a bench just outside the clothes shop. “Yea that sound’s good.” Emma gasped. We sat down, next to us there was a pretzel stand, the smell of warm dough filled the air. I noticed that despite how full she was, Emma’s eyes kept were locked on the stand. “Do you want one?” I asked chuckling. “Want what?” Emma quickly responded, just as quickly looking down at the floor to try and hide she was eyeing the stand up. “A pretzel? You were staring at them licking your lips.” “No I wasn’t I ummm I ummm I was looking at that sign” Emma pointed a poster on the wall about some movie, however it was obvious from the way she was acting that this wasn’t true. “Are you sure? Ill get you one.” I replied rubbing her back gently, Emma placed her hand’s either side of her stomach and started rubbing her belly. “No… I have already been too greedy and made an embarrassment out of myself… they smell really good though…” “Are you sure?” I could see her desperately fighting herself in her head, her gluttony seemed to be winning as her eyes returned to the stand and she licked her lips once again. “Umm no… well maybe just one? Just a chocolate one, or one with icing ummm or a white chocolate one? No I will just have a chocolate one. I smiled at her and got up to walk over smiling at Emma, of course I was going to spoil her and get her all three of her choices. I walked back with the three large pretzels, Emma didn’t even mention that she only asked for one, she devoured the white chocolate one almost instantly. After licking her fingers clean she looked at me nervously. “What’s up?” I asked, she started playing with her hair and trying to get word’s out. “It’s OK just tell me.” I continued. “Umm well uh… could I lean back on you? It’s kind of… well it’s uncomfortable to sit upright and um I can’t lean back on this bench so uhhh...” I lifted one arm um inviting her to lean on me. She shuffled around so her back was facing me, groaning with the effort, then lent against me. Due to the angle my hand naturally fell on her belly. I could feel how bloated she was, her huge belly rock hard from being stuffed full of food. Emma flinched a little from having her belly touched, I could feel that she was trying to suck it in, to no affect. Her belly was so full that no matter how much she tried to suck in nothing happened, after a few seconds she gave up and carried on eating. I gently rubbed her belly, making Emma let out a soft moan, still eating her pretzels. I couldn’t help but be impressed that she had managed to get her jeans on in the first place, they were tight on her now even though the button was undone and the zip down; she must have really squeezed herself in. I heard some a girl walking past make a comment to the bloke she was walking with “God look at how fat that girl is, look you can see that her trousers are undone, and that hoody is WAY past fitting her and she’s still shovelling junk food in her mouth!” Thankfully Emma was too engrossed in her pretzel to hear. She finally finished the last one, letting out a content sigh. “Wow those were good, can we sit here for a while, I don’t think I’m ready to move?” “Of course, you take your time Emma.” I answered still gently rubbing her bloated belly. Emma turned her neck to look at me and smiled nervously. “You know that feels nice… I’m so full and you rubbing my belly helps…” She told me in a quiet shy voice. “Then ill keep doing it then.” I answered smiling back at her, Emma blushed and looked away, playing with her hair. “OK I think I’m ready to go to the shop now.” Emma told me. “Right, let me help you up then.” I pushed her into a sitting position then stood up and heaved her to her feet, once again the effort leaving her short of breath. Once on her feet Emma started waddling towards the clothes store, moaning quietly from the effort and resting her hand on her belly. We started looking around the store however it was a struggle to find Emma anything in her size, most of the clothes only went up to size eighteen. Eventually after having to try two other stores, we found a shop that sold ‘plus size’ clothing, by this time Emma was exhausted from walking but desperate to find some clothes that fit. “Here are some size 24 clothes! Finally!” Emma said happily. “Um Emma, what size are those jeans your wearing.” “Size 22...” Emma said shyly realising she had just told me her clothes size. “Not to be rude but maybe you should look at size 26?” “No way have I gone to a size 26, 24 will be fine look, ill try these jean’s they have stretch in them any way and ooooo look at that dress!” Emma was eyeing up a black satin dress, it looked a bit over the top to be buying without a special occasion, but if it made her happy I was willing to get it. “Well try it on?” I replied. “Really you’d get it for me?” “If you like it then of course I will.” I said with a smile. Emma grabbed her ‘apparent’ size dress and went into the changing room. A lot of huffing and panting could be heard from Emma behind the curtain, it was obviously a challenge for her to get into the dress. “Um… could you help me please...” Her shy voice called out. “Sure hold on.” I replied, slipping in behind the curtain, where I found a red faced and out of breath Emma. She was in the dress but the zip at the back was not done up. “Could you uh… could you zip me up please?” she asked me in a quiet timid voice. I got in position behind her and zipped her into the dress, it was no small task, Emma defiantly was a size 26 but she was in complete denial that she could have gone up two sizes. She groaned as I slowly managed to do up the zip, compressing her fat body into the tight material, once I was passed her belly it was much easier. “Do I look good?” Emma asked panting, it was clear to see the dress was far too small, every stitch was strained and her flabby body bulged out from anywhere it could, so yea she looked amazing. “You look stunning.” I replied with a smile. “Thanks.” Emma said sweetly, twisting from side to side in a very cute manner. Emma tried on a bunch of other clothes, none of them exactly ‘fitted’ her, they all squeezed her flabby body and left her out of breath from the effort of getting them on, but they did cover her unlike her current clothes. “I like all these, I don’t know which ones to choose...” Emma commented, looking deep in thought at the pile of clothes she had picked out and tried on. “Well don’t then.” I replied laughing, I picked up the pile and walked towards the counter to pay. “You are going to buy me ALL of those?” Emma asked in shock. “Well you need more then a couple of things to wear don’t you?” “Yea but… It’s a lot...” “Don’t worry Emma its fine.” I said with finality placing the clothes on the shop counter. The girl behind the counter smiled at me starting to scan the items through. “That will be £856.80 in total sir.” She said looking rather shocked at how many clothes I was buying for the flabby girl stood next to me. “No problem’s, Emma who don’t you go get us a drink for us from the vending machine when I pay, and get yourself a snack too if you want?” I asked Emma, holding out some cash. “Oh sure, can I get some chocolate please?” Emma asked, sounding excited. “Of course you can.” I answered with a smile, Emma waddled off towards the vending machine just outside the shop, I turned back to the cashier once Emma was out of ear shot. “Could you swap this lot for a size 26 please.” I took out about 75% of the clothes that were in the pile making sure to leave the black dress in the bunch of clothes that I wasn’t asking to swap. “She won’t acknowledge that size 24 is too small for her.” I told the girl with a chuckle. “No problems” The girl replied with a smile, she was a larger girl herself, not quite Emma’s size however she was probably only a size 16. “I wish my boyfriend was so understanding instead of dragging me to the gym all the time and telling me off for eating chocolate.” she answered chuckling and swapping out the clothes. I didn’t correct her on the fact that I wasn’t her boyfriend but I laughed with her. “Well I don’t think any amount of telling off would make any difference and there’s no way you would get her to a gym.” I replied. “I can see that.” the girl said laughing, “I don’t think your getting any change from that £20 note by the look of how many chocolate bars she is getting out of the vending machine, bless her, well as long as she is happy and has some one that makes her feel special that’s all that matters, maybe I should find a man that doesn’t make me feel bad for being fat, he would kill me if I had to walk around with by trousers undone like that.” the girl replied, smiling, however there was a slight sad look in her face. “Trust me, there are plenty of men that would be happy to buy you all the chocolate you could eat and tell you your beautiful even if you pop the button on your trousers from over eating in a restaurant. Don’t worry you will find one,” I said chuckling and smiling at her. She laughed back and seemed to cheer up. “That explains why her trousers look tight even though they are undone.” She chuckled. “Yup!” I laughed, “Thank you very much, and don’t settle for any one that makes you feel bad about yourself!” we then said goodbye and I left the store. Emma and I got into the car, she pulled her trousers under her belly with a sigh of relief letting her belly flow out onto her lap. “I should get changed before going back to my parent’s, god could you imagine my mothers face if she saw me like this!” Emma said, this time laughing about it. “To be honest I don’t really want to stay there… and I don’t know where I could get changed before going either...” “why don’t you come to my place?” “You mean you’d let me stay at yours?” Emma asked, suddenly sounding exited. “Well I actually meant to change, but if you want to stay I would be more then happy for you to do so.” “Oh sorry that was a bit rude of me to assume...” Emma said quietly sounding a bit deflated. “No honestly I would love for you to stay at mine, I just didn’t expect you to want to.” Emma perked up again after that. “Wow thank you, my parent’s are taking me and Luke out for dinner tomorrow… would you be able to come as well? I don’t think I can take all the teasing and telling off I’m going to get for this by myself.” Emma asked shyly, grabbing her bloated belly. “I’d love to.” I replied. We went back to my place, I had a house about fifteen minuets away from Emma’s parents, Emma texted her brother to tell him what was going on so that they didn’t worry about where she was. When we got to my house Emma went to get changed in my bedroom as I waited for her downstairs, I couldn’t help but listen to her get more and more out of breath as she walked up the steps. I was sat on the sofa when she finally returned wearing her new clothes, I had made sure to give her the bag with the size 24 clothes so that she wouldn’t realise I had swapped most of them. She was wearing a black skirt that came down to just above her knees, the waist band that was around the middle of her belly held together by a small leather strap only just about visible due to her belly bulging out. The strap was on the largest hole it had and was under a fair amount of strain. She wore a white button up shirt with a lacy collar that was tucked in under the skirt, the button’s from the neck to under her breasts were normal, however the ones from the breasts down over her belly were slightly strained, causing gaps to form in-between the buttons, revealing little sections of her stretched marked belly. “How do I look?” Emma asked timidly, slowly twirling around, letting me see her back fat also bulging over the waistband of the skirt. “Stunning, you look beautiful.” My remark made the already shy girl go even redder then she was before, she let out a very timid giggle and began playing with her beautiful blond hair. “Do you want to sit down?” I asked patting the sofa next to me, Emma took my offer and fell down onto the sofa with a groan, causing the gaps between her shirt buttons to grow larger and more of her belly to bulge over her waistband. She then reached into the bag of chocolate that she had got from the vending machine and munched on a large Mars bar. “Thank you so much for today, even though that thing in the restaurant happened… I had a great day.” “Your more then welcome, I had a great day as well.” “Really? Oh and I’m umm….” Emma nervously played with her hair then quietly said “I’m sorry about your hoody...” She was obviously embarrassed about the fact that she had stretched my hoody out of shape. “It’s fine don’t worry, It looked cute on you any way.” I said chuckling. “How was it cute? I didn’t realise how obvious it was that my jeans were unbuttoned through it until I looked in your mirror! God people must have thought I’m a right pig… although I did eat so much that they popped so...” She looked at me for a second and then we both burst out laughing. “Well I thought it was cute and it showed off your curves.” I stated after finishing laughing. “Curves? You mean my rolls and flabby bits? James I know I’m fat and disgusting you don’t have to lie to me...” “Emma your not disgusting your a beautiful young woman and there’s nothing wrong with enjoying food and being on the larger side.” Emma went silent, as if deep in thought, a slight smile on her chubby face. After a couple of minuets of silence she spoke up. “Well in that case you won’t think its disgusting that I’m thinking about dinner?” She chuckled, I laughed as well. “Not at all, what would you like? I can cook us something or we can get take out?” “Don’t tempt me with take out!” she playfully slapped me on the arm. “You know I’m too weak to say no!” We ended up ordering KFC, getting a twelve piece family bucket that included four fries and four boxes of popcorn chicken. Emma hadn't moved from the sofa since she sat down and had already eaten another chocolate bar waiting for food. I brought the bucket too her and instantly she dug in. She managed to finish off six pieces of chicken, two packets of the fries and three of the boxes of popcorn chicken. I had three pieces of chicken and one packet of chips, I had to admit they were nice. After she had finished Emma leaned back on the sofa rubbing her belly and groaning. she had had to undo waistband of her skirt half way through her meal letting her skirt fall of her so that she was just sitting on it. Her shirt didn’t quite reach the bottom of her belly any way but now it was unbuttoned up to her breasts. She was breathing heavily between groans and sighs and started to use both hands to rub her fat bloated belly. As her dress was off I could see that she was wearing black lacey underwear, although I could only see it on her hips as her belly covered the front. “God I have eaten too much today even for me, I don’t think I have ever been this full...” she moaned. I gently placed my own hand on her belly and began to rub it. “Does that help?” I asked, Emma let her hands fall off her belly to her side and closed her eyes, letting out a moan. “That feels amazing...” she responded. I continued to rub her belly for quite a while, Emma just lay there eyes shut, moaning every so often in content. I looked at her soft fat thighs, it was obvious she didn’t do much walking as there was very little muscle in her legs, just soft jiggle flesh from her almost limitless gluttony. Eventually Emma fell asleep, I slowly got off the sofa and began to tidy up, every so often looking over to admire the stunning view of a fat, lazy, gluttonous and beautiful girl that lay on my sofa, at one point she coughed in her sleep, making all her soft flesh jiggle. After a few hours I decided to carry her to my bed so that she would be more comfortable. It was far from an easy job, she was a heavy girl, however from years of manual labour in the garage, I was quite a strong bloke, it took a lot of effort but I carried the still sleeping girl to my bed. I tucked her in and then returned to the sofa to get some sleep myself. The morning came, I woke up early so that I could cook Emma a fry up for breakfast: Three sausages; four rashes of bacon; two fried eggs; three hash browns; three pieces of black pudding and a good amount of baked beans. As I was just finishing, a still half asleep Emma walked into the kitchen. She had changed into a tight red top with straps over the shoulders, showing off her flabby arms which also had plenty of stretch marks on them and a pair of flowing pyjama trousers with a stretchy waist band. The Trousers and the top didn’t quite meet in the middle, leaving a gap around her belly in line with her belly button. As she walked in, her belly jiggled with every step; Emma rubbed her eyes and yawned whilst saying “Good morning”. “Good morning, how are you feeling?” “Not as full as I did last night.” She said in a sleepy voice, chuckling slightly. I laughed as well. “Well we can sort that, I have cooked you breakfast.” I told her. “I was hoping that was for me, I could smell it from the bedroom.” She said with a cheeky smile sitting down at the island in the middle of the kitchen. I placed the plate in front of her and an extra large mug of seriously chocolaty hot chocolate made with milk and a few pieces of actual chocolate melted into it. Emma’s sleepy eyes still gave away a look of gluttony as she looked at the food and chocolate despite still being half closed. “I could get used to this.” She said with a giggle. “Well you can stay any time.” I replied with a smile. “Speaking of, how did I end up in bed? I don’t remember pretty much anything after laying back on the sofa.” “I carried you there.” Emma’s eyes were suddenly wide and she looked almost panicked. “YOU CARRIED ME?!” She blurted out. “Yea I couldn’t let you sleep on the sofa could I?” Emma bit her bottom lip and started playing with her hair again. “Tha… Thank you, god how on earth did you carry me up those stairs?” I just smiled at her and chuckled. Emma began to eat her breakfast. “I need to leave for work now, you can stay here if you want or I can get you a taxi back to your parent’s? Sorry I can’t wait till you finished your food otherwise ill be late.” “Is it OK if I stay here? I really don’t feel like facing my mother without you there...” “Of course you can, you can stay here as long as you like, here ill leave you some cash for lunch, most companies deliver here if you don’t want to go out.” I placed £50 on the kitchen island. “Thank you… I seriously never thought id be treated like this, I thought id spend the whole time being degraded by my mother for how fat I have become…” “Your more then welcome, and ignore her, you don’t have to be skinny in this world, you like your food and there is nothing wrong with that. And any way, you are a lovely person which is more important any way, the fact that your stunning is just a bonus.” I answered smiling, stroking her chubby cheek with the my hand. “Don’t ever think that being bigger means your not beautiful.” Emma’s eyes started to glaze over with tears. “You know I think that’s the nicest thing any one has ever said to me...” Even though her eyes were full of tears, she gave me a massive smile. “Well its true, If you need anything, call me. I have written my number down for you on the fridge.” I smiled back at her before leaving for work. Luke was waiting for me at the garage when I arrived. “Hey man, you ok?” he asked. “Yea good thanks, you?” “Yea I’m good, fed of of my mother going on about Emma’s weight though, is she OK?” “Yea she’s fine, to be honest we had a good time yesterday.” “That’s good, I’m glad she got away, mother never stops going on about her weight and it gets to her. I know she has put on weight but there definitely was no need to embarrass her like that. What did you guys do any way?” “Well we went out to get some lunch, there was a little incident which meant we had to go clothes shopping for Emma so I bought her some new clothes.” James interrupted me, not that he was being rude. “You bought them? That was nice of you but why?” “Well your mum cancelled Emma’s card so that she, and I quote ‘she has cancelled her card so that she can’t buy junk food and get even fatter’” I told him “Wow… seriously...” “Yup, but she needed now clothes as um well… as I said there was a bit of incident.” “What she spilt food on herself or something?” “Um… no… Well she only brought one set of clothes with her because she was going to buy more any way and well… She might have eaten to much to still fit in the ones she was wearing...” “Ohhhh right, yea that sound’s like Emma, she can never admit that she has outgrown her clothes until they literally don’t go around her any more, I remember in school once she wore a shirt that the buttons popped on around her belly every time she sat down… I shouldn’t really be telling you that but...” “It’s fine don’t worry I won’t judge her, I think she’s lovely and I enjoyed her company.” “I’m glad, so what did you do then?” Luke asked as we turned on the lights in the garage and rolled up the doors ready for work. “Well once we got her a load of new clothes we went back to mine because she didn’t want to see your mum.” “I don’t blame her, and a load of new clothes? You mean you bought her more then one outfit?” “Yea quite a bit to be honest, managed to swap some of them without her noticing to a bigger size, like you said she couldn’t accept she had grown more then one size up.” “Jesus man how much did you spend on her yesterday?” “Must have been close to a grand why?” “Mate you really are a good guy aren't you?” “Well I try.” I answered with a chuckle. “But it’s not just that mate, she is your sister so ill tell you now, I like her bud, she makes me happy, and before you ask I was a perfect gentleman I haven’t even told her I like her yet.” “Bro you have my full support.” Luke said, grinning from ear to ear. “It would make me so happy if you two did get together, my best mate and my sister, its like one of those romance stories.” He chuckled before carrying on. “But just to let you know mate, she has never had a boyfriend, so take it easy yea, I mean I know you will any way your that kind of guy. I didn’t see this coming to be honest, I mean for one she’s six years younger then you, I mean she’s nineteen still a teenager just about. And also… well there's a few reasons that she hasn’t had a boyfriend, she s usually VERY shy, it’s amazing she s opened up to you so easily for one! And obviously she’s always been a large girl and now she’s well… not being nasty but she’s kind of huge now, not many people can see past that.” “Well her size isn’t a problem for me, if she likes her food and she’s happy that’s all that matters to me.” “That’s good to hear bud, because I can almost guarantee, she is probably never going to lose weight, my mother has been trying for years but Emma is just too greedy, and has no self control when it comes to food.” I chuckled at that remark. “I gathered, it’s not hard to tell that food is on her mind most of the time.” “Yea, no matter how much mother tried to force her to eat salad or whatever, she would always find a way to get hold of junk food, I found her once in the bathroom trying to hide the fact she was eating a bucket of KFC, god I shouldn’t be telling you these embarrassing stories about her.” “It’s fine mate, to be honest I think it’s kind of cute.” Luke laughed and patted me on the back. “Maybe we should get on with work, Emma text me you were coming over for food at my parent’s toning with her?” “Yea mate, hopefully your mum won’t force salad on Emma!” I said jokingly. “You don’t have to worry about that, My uncle is over cooking a BBQ for us, he’s a chef, Emma and him are closer then she is with our parent’s. It might have something to do with the fact that he enjoys his food too, admittedly not as much as Emma. Also he loves cooking for Emma as she always appreciates his cooking, mother hates it but she can’t argue with her brother.” Luke laughed. “He always spoils Emma, I remember we went on holiday with him once, mother was furious when he left as Emma put on almost a stone from him cooking for her.” “Sound’s brilliant, I love a good BBQ.” Luke and I got to work, as usual we had a good laugh and chatted between jobs, but worked hard when we needed to. Finally it was time to close the garage, me and Luke said our good byes and headed our separate ways to get ready to meet at his parent’s house later on. I arrived home to find Emma asleep on the sofa, wearing the same as she was this morning, I couldn’t help but look at her belly, her top still not covering her belly button or anything on the same level. Her belly moving up and down with her breathing. As I looked I couldn’t help but think that She really did have a lot of stretch marks, her gluttony really did show. Next to her was several chocolate wrappers as well as a MacDonald bag. I quietly picked up the rubbish, looking at the receipt to see what Emma had eaten out of curiosity. The receipt read: Two large big mac meals, one chicken nuggets, an apple pie, two two litre bottles of coke and two Mcflurries. After I tidied up I sat down next to Emma and gently stroked her cheek to wake her up. “Oh hi.” Emma said sleepily. “Hey you.” I replied. “Did you have a good day? “Yea thank you, did you?” “Yea can’t complain.” I replied with a smile. Emma stretched, causing her top to lift up to the top of her belly and her trousers to ride down a bit, revealing more of her fat belly and stretch marks. As she stopped stretching she rested her head on my shoulder as I had my arm on the back of the sofa and curled up to me on her side. I smiled to myself looking at how cute she looked all snuggled up. I also noticed that her belly was hanging off the edge of the sofa, almost flowing down the side. I moved the arm I had on the sofa so that it was laying on her, my hand on the side of her belly. I gently rubbed her belly, Emma let out a moan, sleepy yet obviously a moan of pleasure. I couldn’t help myself, I gently grabbed a handful of her soft fat body. Emma, to my surprise, giggled “That kind of feels nice, it makes me feel safe.” she smiled with her eyes still closed, then moved her hand that was on top of her to pull down her trousers under her belly, then grabbed her flabby belly from the bottom and gently squeezed. “Ive never done that before, I have always hated touching my belly, or anything touching my belly, I feel so fat when I sit down by a table and my stomach is pressed against the side of the table. Although that basically happens every time I eat at a table nowadays. Still doesn't feel as nice when I do it compared to when you do.” She took my hand and pulled it to the front of her belly, then clenched her hand around mine to make me squeeze her huge soft fat belly. Emma let out a slightly louder moan of pleasure, then suddenly she realised what she was doing. “Oh god I so sorry I was half asleep god that is so embarrassing, god I’m so sorry.” she stammered, panting from the effort of getting herself back into a sitting position. “Emma calm down its fine.” I told her, putting my arm around her. “Don’t worry so much everything is OK.” I continued, putting my other hand on her belly. “You really don’t think I’m a lazy disgusting pig? Oh god I fell asleep with all the wrappers around me god I must have looked like such a fat slob… who am I kidding I am a fat slob...” “Emma calm down, I don’t think your disgusting!” I pulled her into a hug, she buried her head in me. After about five minuets she calmed down. “Sorry, I’m just so used to being teased for being so fat… I’m not used to some one not telling me how fat I am or how disgusting it is that I’m this fat...” “Well I will never tease you or tell you your disgusting, because your not, you are a beautiful person who is also beautiful not disgusting at all.” “But I’m only nineteen and this size… I don’t think I have ever met any one my age who is this big.” “Trust me Emma your not the fattest nineteen year old, and even if you were, you would still be stunning.” Emma blushed and finally smiled again. “You really know what to say to cheer me up don’t you?” she said in a sweet voice. “All I have to do is tell you the truth and it seems to work. Now would you like some help getting into that dress to go over to your parent’s house? You said you wanted to wear it didn’t you?” “Oh… yea please, can you help me up as well sorry? Your sofa is so comfortable but it seems to suck me in.” She said with a shy giggle. “I had to answer the door to the delivery guy earlier and I was completely out of breath and sweating because it was so hard to lift myself out of it.” “Of course no problem’s.” I said smiling at her, after I helped her up we went to the bedroom to get her dress on. “Ill wait outside till your ready for my help.” “Well um… its kind of hard to even get on… could you stay and help?” “Sure.” Emma started taking off her clothes, it was obvious she was nervous about taking them off but to be honest both of us knew that I had basically seen all of it before, it wasn’t as if she was taking her bra or underwear off. I couldn’t help myself but look at all her the rolls and stretch marks, the way her body jiggled with every movement was impossible not to notice. We finally started to pull the dress over her squishy frame, it slid easily over her head and cheast, not that her breasts were particularly small; yet it was only when it was time to pull the dress over her belly that it became a struggle. Together we squeezed her into the black satin dress and did up the zip, once again I was amazed by how good she looked bulging out of such a tight dress. Emma turned around and looked up at me with her big green eyes shimmering behind her glasses. “Do you really think I look good in this?” “Yes I do, I think you look absolutely gorgeous.” Emma smiled and looked at the floor. “Nobody has ever told me I look beautiful; or gorgeous; or stunning before you, the best I ever got was ‘It’s very slimming’ or ‘It makes you look skinnier’ and stuff like that… It never rely made me feel good because it was as if they were saying ‘It changes the way you look for the better’ not that I looked good in it.” “Well Emma, I’m telling you now, that dress doesn't make you look good, you make that dress look amazing. You are the one that is gorgeous and beautiful, not the dress.” Emma burst out crying and hugged me suddenly. “You really are the nicest person I have ever met, I have never felt good about myself before, and yet when you say stuff like that for a few moments I don’t feel like the fat mess that I am.” “Emma, the fact that your a big girl does not mean your a mess or that your not beautiful or attractive, one day I will get you to believe that.” Emma and I set off for her parents house in the car. Emma was quiet since I told her that one day I would get her to believe the fact that she is beautiful, however she had had a shy little smile on her face since. We arrived and I helped her out of the car, it was even harder for her to move about as the dress didn’t allow for much movement. We walked straight around to her parent's garden instead of through the house. Suddenly there was a booming voice and a stocky man walked up to us. “EMMA! Good to see you girl, it’s been a long time.” the man embraced Emma in a hug. “You have been enjoying your food I can see.” He said after the hug, patting Emma’s protruding belly. “That’s my girl, don’t let your mother tell you its bad to enjoy your food, if she wants to blow away in the wind let her!” He said chuckling, I could see Sarah in behind near the garden table, her face like thunder. “And is this your boyfriend?” he asked Emma looking at me, Emma went the deepest shed of red I had ever seen somebody go. She started stammering incoherent things, not making any sense, Luke then stepped in. “This Is James uncle Brian, my friend and boss, he only met Emma yesterday but mum upset her so she staid at his.” I extended a hand to shake Brian’s, he reciprocated. “Good hand shake, you should keep hold of this one Emma. I hope you have been looking after my niece James!” Emma went an even deeper shade of red, I didn’t think it was even possible. “Yes sir.” I replied “It’s Brian, no need to be polite with me, I’m not as up tight as my sister and her husband, is that a new dress Emma?” “Ye… Yes uncle.” Emma stammered, just about regaining herself. “When did you get that?” “Yesterday, James bought it for me...” She replied. “Ohhhhh not your boyfriend but he’s buying you clothes?” Brain smirked. “Well I suppose considering your mother cut you off he was just being a gentleman as you didn’t have a card to pay with.” I could see Sarah getting angrier by the minuet. “Right let’s eat then shall we? You must be hungry Emma, why am I even asking your always hungry, she’s got a good appetite this girl!” Emma looked sheepishly at the floor, I got the impression that this was usually a bit of a laugh when Brian talked to her like this but due to the huge amount of weight Emma had gained recently and the fact that I was here, it was making her feel uncomfortable. I took her hand, she looked up at me and I smiled at her, suddenly she seemed to cheer up, as if all she needed was a bit of support. We sat and talked for a bit, Sarah every so often dropping a sly comment about Emma’s weight and how tight the dress was on her, however Emma now seemed to be brushing it aside and taking no notice, which infuriated her mother. After a while Brian served up food, every one except for Sarah had quite a large plate of the usual BBQ food, except for Sarah who chose only to have salad and one sausage. However I did notice that Brian gave Emma an extra large serving, giving her a wink. We all ate, the food was amazing, I came to the end of my plate and was stuffed. Every one put their plate down, except for Emma, Brian had kept asking us all if we wanted any more, Emma had been the only one to say yes… every time. I was sat next to her and I could see that her belly was becoming more and more bloated from the copious amounts of food she was eating, seemingly oblivious to the fact she had eaten probably double compared to every one else. Emma took another burger off Brian and started to eat it, then suddenly *RIP* Emma’s dress either side of her belly split at the seams her fat bulging out. Emma froze for a second a look of panic in her eyes. Sarah spoke up “Emma stop eating you have had enough look at you! You have split your new dress! God how did you let yourself get this fat!” Emma once again went bright red, however she looked down at her still half full plate of food with desire. “But… I’m still hungry.” Emma replied, it was evident in her voice she was nervous and embarrassed. “You have had enough, you making a pig out of yourself, look at you, your bulging out of that dress in every direction it’s disgusting.” “She is enjoying herself Misses Parker, and I can’t blame her the food was lovely.” I told Emma and Luke's mother, fed up of her having a go at Emma and being nasty. “It doesn't matter if she is enjoying herself or not, what matters is that she is so fat now that she looks like she wouldn’t be able to even be able to fit in the chairs in the dining room! Emma you will never have a perfect body like mine unless you get a hold of yourself, your disgusting you weighed more then me when you were only twelve! And now look at you! Your a pig!” I could see Emma trying to ignore her, but her eyes were filling with tears. Brian was about to chip in but I got there first. “Well Misses Parker a lot of people would argue with you about your body being perfect, I for one don’t find you attractive at all, especially your personality which id say is more important then looks any way, your daughter is also a lot prettier then you any way. And to be honest when Emma isn’t around you she seems to be much happier then you ever do even on one of your good days. Not every one can be skinny in this world, and if food makes her happy then let Emma be happy. Your daughter is not obligated to live up to your expectations, its her choice what she does not yours.” “Couldn’t have said it better myself young man!” Brian shouted. “Finally somebody has put you in your place sister! Eat up Emma, ignore your mother.” Sarah’s was in complete shock, her mouth wide open, she sat there frozen like that for a good ten seconds before getting up and storming off, her husband who barely talked following in toe.
  21. Just a girl I used to date who really wanted to gain weight to get her ass bigger but gained too much in the process and can’t stop the process of becoming obese.
  22. there was a blonde girl who had a weight loss youtube channel, but every video update she did was getting fatter, she also had a tred in "general videos". you remember his name?
  23. So since I love treats so much 🤤, I've decided to treat you all by taking requests. Let me know what you guys would like to see, and your piggy princess over here will do her best to make it happen xoxo
  24. Hi curvage. Most of you might know me as someone who posts gains, but recently I've been branching out a bit into weight gain fiction. I haven't had the time or privacy to download and organize pictures lately, but luckily it has been slow at work, where I can at least get away with having a word document open. Here's what I've written so far. Enjoy: UNITS OF MEASUREMENT “Great, I’ll see you at the house tomorrow!” Hannah pressed send. “Whoo! Get it girl!” Kelsey shouted. The other girls at the large round table laughed. Hannah and her friends were taking part in their usual Friday night routine which largely consisted of consuming copious amounts of alcohol, dancing, and flirting with guys at the club. Their usual group of seven was probably a bit intimidating and maybe a bit easy to judge. At first glance, they seemed like your attractive, but basic, sorority girls who only cared about partying and keeping up superficial appearances. However, once people got to know them, they found them to be a pretty down to earth group that knew how to have a good time. They fully embraced the “work hard, play hard” mentality, and at the moment they were playing hard, nursing their buzz at the bar while cheering their friend on for setting up a date with a hot guy from Tinder. “Stop you guys” Hannah said, though she had a smile on her gorgeous face. Hannah was probably the one in the group who looked most like a model. One look at her dating profile and everyone could see why. She had shoulder-length straight brown hair, the classic prominent cheek bones, and piercing blue eyes. She stood at 5’8, giving her enough height to have presence, but not enough to tower over people or scare men off. She was also very thin framed, weighing a thin 136 pounds, perky breasts, and a nice slightly rounded butt. At least, Hannah used to be thin framed. The nights of going out and mornings of taking pre-med courses had taken a bit of a toll on her figure. Her bikini picture on her dating profile might have displayed a perfect body, but Hannah had been putting on weight since the latter half of the past summer. Knowing she couldn’t afford to go abroad for a semester due to her course load, Hannah opted to spend 6 weeks in Italy through one of the university’s summer programs. The trip was one of the times of her life, but came at the cost of softening her a bit, having sampled many types of pasta, wine, and gelato. When she got back, she only had a few days of downtime before moving back into her sorority house for her junior year. The course load ended up being just as intense as she anticipated, and, while living in the sorority house was always entertaining, it wasn’t exactly the best influence. As a result, she hadn’t been able to dedicate much time to eating well or exercising and she was starting to feel the literal weight of her new lifestyle. Having good genetics and height on her side, Hannah wore her new weight well. Her belly might have just started to stick out slightly, but she still looked fantastic overall. Her butt and boobs received the brunt of the weight making her look curvier, and her upper arms, the area most people saw fat accumulate, had only thickened a little bit. Barring the opinions of the shallowest of people, Hannah still looked drop dead gorgeous, and Hannah still had a lot of success in her nighttime outings. That said, she was aware of the tightening of her clothes as of late and wore what was once a loose dress that night to draw attention away from the slight roll around her waist. “Besides, I think I might actually really like Mason” Hannah continued. “Who wouldn’t. He’s so hot!” said Jackie. Normally Jackie was a bit on the quieter side, but being the shortest in the group at 5’2 and weighing maybe 100 pounds, she was feeling her second drink. Hannah and the others always thought Jackie was very pretty, but could be stunning with a few adjustments. She had half Asian features with beautiful thick straight hair that fell at about shoulder length, and kind brown eyes. She didn’t have much trouble finding guys interested in her, but the girls thought if she filled out her waifish figure a bit more, she would have someone to go home with whenever she wanted. They didn’t vocalize this to her since they didn’t want to create body image issues for her, but they tried to subtly nudge food and other calories in her direction, often to little success. “Sshhh Jackie, quiet down a bit” said Amanda. The group of 7 lovingly referred to Amanda as the mom of the group. Amanda stood at 5’3 and was your typical blonde-haired blue-eyed sorority beauty who turned heads the last couple years. The group used to joke that Amanda and Kelsey were sisters, since they were both had similar features and voices. However, Kelsey was maybe an inch taller and these days she looked much slimmer than Amanda. If Hannah were to guess, Kelsey weighed maybe a trim 110-115 lbs. whereas Amanda had started to thicken. Unlike the rest of the girls, Amanda was in a relationship as of last year, and with it she had put on some comfort weight. She still looked great, but Hannah guessed she put on about 30 lbs. and weighed between 140-150 lbs. She was definitely wider overall and looked “big boned” despite having a naturally thin frame, but she certainly wasn’t fat yet. However, Amanda’s body wasn’t the only thing that changed with her new relationship. No longer feeling the need to go out and meet people, Amanda had cut her alcohol consumption and assumed the role as the responsible person in the group. She still enjoyed the girls’ company though and was always down to grab a drink or two with them. “Anyways, what makes you think you like him?” said Morgan. Like the other girls, Morgan was also very pretty facially, with hazel eyes and wavy light brown hair. That said, she was definitely the chubby girl of the group. She wasn’t quite full-on fat yet, but Hannah estimated she was probably about 220 lbs. She didn’t carry the weight terribly. Her boobs carried a decent amount of the weight and her stomach stuck out, but not further than her boobs. She did have a double chin and her arms looked like they strained her sleeves a little more than Hannah remembered the last time she wore that shirt. Despite the weight, Morgan was still very pretty and managed to bring attractive guys home on occasion. “I mean, besides the fact that he’s really attractive, I just felt like I could really talk to him. He really related to my travels in Italy and he’s pretty funny,” Hannah responded. “Hannah, you went abroad for 6 weeks. You don’t need to make it a part of your personality,” Abby joked. The table laughed. That was Abby for sure, funny and direct as always. Abby was about 5’5 with a darker complexion due to being mixed race. If Morgan was the “fat one” in the group, then Abby was the next closest. Hannah estimated she weighed a thicc 180 lbs., but luckily Abby was blessed with the genetics that made it mainly go to her boobs and ass. She might have been an hourglass a few lbs. ago, but having put on a few recently, she was starting to look rounder. However, her charming personality and direct nature meant that her extra weight didn’t hurt her chances at all. In fact, Abby was probably the most successful at getting one night stands in the group, and she fully intended on doing so tonight. “Yeah guys I get it, but seriously I’m excited to meet him at the party tomorrow” said Hannah. “Well good luck. I meet nothing, but douchebags on Tinder” responded Sydney, the last of the group of seven. If there were another person in the group that looked like a model, it was Sydney. She stood at 5’10 and was a trim 135-140 lbs. by Hannah’s estimation. She had shoulder-length raven black colored hair that slightly curled at the bottom. Her eyes were a shade of deep green that made you feel like she could see right through you and she had nice full lips. Her legs were long and slender, making her look like a runway model. Hannah liked Sydney but wasn’t quite as close to her as she was with the rest of the group. She got along with her very well, but she always felt like there was a slight tension there. Hannah often chalked it up to feeling a bit threatened by her given her gorgeous looks. Sydney had never given Hannah any indication that there was a rivalry going on and had always been nice to her, but Hannah always worried Sydney secretly judged her. The feeling got worse when Hannah had started putting on a few and as she expanded, she couldn’t help but feel like she might be upstaged by Sydney somehow. Hannah was getting chubby. Sydney was stunning. “Wow way to kill the mood Sydney” said Kelsey, probably being the next most outgoing in the group. “I say we celebrate Hannah meeting Mason and then we try to find Mason’s of our own tonight.” Kelsey raised her drink and the girls clinked glasses before gulping down a big portion of their drinks. The group ended up getting a couple more drinks before heading to the club. Normally Hannah would try to get some action, but she had Mason on her mind and even in her drunken state kept her eyes on the prize. Still, that didn’t stop her from having a good time. She ended up getting a few too many drinks with the girls at the club and danced her ass off before heading home. ---------------------- The room was still spinning for Hannah when she got back. She had a lot of fun with her friends again, but she wanted to try to get some rest so she could be mentally sharp for the party the house was hosting, and more importantly, for meeting Mason. She kept picturing his 6’2 bodybuilder body and could feel herself getting a little wet. Her hand instinctually reached toward her crotch. Control yourself, Hannah she thought as she pulled away. She knew she had to make it to her room and didn’t want to embarrass herself or wake the other sleeping sorority girls who hadn’t gone out that night. Carefully, Hannah made her way to her room, thankful her roommate Courtney was abroad this semester so she wouldn’t be waking anyone up. She passed the mirror and noticed that the dress, the one she purposely picked out because of it being looser, was grabbing a bit more at her belly. Ugh I really need to lose some of these pounds. I know some of it is just bloat from the drinks, but I’m feeling like a whale lately. She took her clothes off and noticed her belly sticking out a bit more. She then made her way to the bathroom on her side of the hall. While wiping her face off, she noticed the electronic scale in the mirror ominously waiting for her. Hannah hadn’t weighed herself in a while. Last time was a little bit after her trip to Italy, which was when she resolved to lose the extra 11 lbs. That had been before the whirlwind of a school year began, and before she knew it her clothes were starting to feel very tight on her, sometimes exposing her slightly flabby midsection. She had been avoiding the scale at all costs, but in her drunken state, Hannah didn’t find it as foreboding. I guess I might as well see the damage Hannah thought. She completely removed her clothes, powered the scale on and stepped on it. 180 lbs?! I’m closer to 200 than I am to 100 at this rate. I have to get this under control! Hannah tried to think about how much weight she gained. She remembered when she went to Italy she weighed almost 62 kilograms. Hannah remembered that because she thought it was funny to see such a small number from the weird European system. That put her at how much? Hannah couldn’t handle the mental math, so she pulled out her phone. 62 multiplied by 2.2 made her about 136 lbs. Yeah that sounded about right. So she put on-- “44 pounds?!” she gasped quietly to herself. It was even worse than she thought, and Hannah began to feel a bit self-conscious. Despite her looks, Hannah was never super vain, but it still hurt to not be in her prime. Fully naked, she examined herself in the mirror. She could have sworn her face looked a little softer and her belly had a thicker roll. What is Mason going to think when he sees me like this? She closed her eyes and breathed for a bit. When she reopened them, she eyed her naked self in the mirror again with a fresh perspective. Sure, she was softer, but she still looked very good overall. She was sure Mason would still find her very attractive, especially since they shared such a connection. Don’t panic Hannah. It’s just 44 lbs, and you’re 5’8. The pounds don’t show THAT much and you still look pretty good. After some rationalizing, Hannah felt a bit better about the situation. Maybe it was the alcohol in her blood, but it only was bothering her a little bit now. She knew that she would be getting it under control soon. Hannah stared down at the display again and noticed the number had gone away. While looking down, she saw that there was an option on the display to toggle the units of measurement to kg. Hmm, maybe I should check my weight in kilograms again. For old time’s sake. She pressed the button to toggle the settings and stepped on the scale. 82 kgs. That number didn’t sound so bad. By European standards, she hadn’t even broken into triple digits. Compared to her old weight, she had only put on, what, 20 kilograms? That sounded much better. 20 sounded like a much more manageable number. She knew it was kind of silly because it was all the same amount of weight, but something about the smaller number just made it easier to accept for her. “I wish we all weighed kilograms instead of pounds” said Hannah thinking out loud a bit **. She stepped off the scale and resumed wiping off her makeup. Sure, she might be chubby by her high standards, but when she thought about it, the looks and the flirts from guys hadn’t really slowed down. She was sure she could handle a number as small as “20 kilograms”. She smiled to herself after finding her confidence again and turned her thoughts away from her weight to her big day tomorrow. She had to set up for the party they were hosting at the sorority house tomorrow, the party she invited Mason to. Tomorrow should be a lot of fun she thought as she drifted off for the night. ----- Hannah yawned loudly as she woke up the next morning. She must have had way too much to drink last night because she still felt off. Her head was in moderate pain and she just felt a little disoriented. Was she still **? Hannah saw the early morning light beginning to filter into her room, making the outlines of her furniture lightly visible. Perhaps it was the dim lighting or the leftover alcohol in her system, but Hannah couldn’t help but feel like the room felt a bit different. Did she move some things in her drunken stupor last night? She then noticed a big outline under her covers. She must have forgotten the clothes she left on her bed last night and covered them last night when she pulled the covers up. She’d done that a few times when she’d gotten blackout **, but while the details of the night before were a bit fuzzy, she seemed to have at least some recollection of the events, so she couldn’t have blacked out. Suddenly it hit her that she really had to pee. She flung the covers off feeling a strange resistance in her arms and squinted her eyes toward the bedroom door. She then tilted her body towards the side of the bed, eyes half shut, and began to push herself up from the bed, noticing it felt oddly laborious to do so. She felt like there was someone pushing down on her as she struggled to stand up, but she got on her feet. She took a few steps then accidentally bumped her hip into her dresser. Since when was that so close to the wall? She must still be **. Why else would she still be this uncoordinated? She kept her eyes narrowed to filter as much light out as possible and walked towards her bedroom door, noticing it was difficult to move her legs. It felt like they were fighting each other, but Hannah did spend a lot of last night dancing and standing so perhaps they were fatigued. Accepting the explanation of drunkenness and fatigue, Hannah did her best to ignore the resistance of her body and walked out of her room into the hallway, then into the bathroom. Due to it still being early morning and the bathroom facing away from the morning sun, the bathroom was nearly pitch black. Reluctantly, Hannah went to flick the lights on, bracing her drunken sensitive eyes for adjusting to the brightness. She blinked a few times and turned around towards the bathroom mirror, before gasping loudly. What Hannah saw was inexplicable to her. It wore her maroon nightgown and it looked like it had her hair and eyes, but was much wider than her. At first, she thought the girls were playing a prank on her by replacing her bathroom mirror with a fun-house mirror, but on second glance it looked too realistic to be some sort of distorting. Suddenly feeling alert and sober, Hannah looked at her body for the first time this morning. The first thing Hannah noticed in the mirror when looking down was a huge pair of boobs covering herself. The nightgown was pretty loose on her, but she noticed they were sticking out much further and sagging much lower than she remembered. Upon closer inspection, she noticed another thing sticking out of her gown. It was her belly. What the FUCK is going on? Hannah thought, before realizing once again she really had to pee and walked to the toilet. She sat down on the toilet with a grunt, realizing she seemed to be higher up on the seat. Once she was finished, she got up with another grunt. As she washed her hands, she took the time to fully examine herself in the mirror. Yep, that was definitely her. Hannah noticed she still had her piercing blue eyes and well-groomed straight brown hair. However, her prominent cheekbones were all but gone at this point, as her face had widened and sprouted a double chin. Being morbidly curious about her sudden morbid obesity, Hannah decided to examine her new strange body. Her nightgown, which had been loose on her normal self, seemed to have grown with her, so she decided to slide it off as she backed up from the mirror, now noticing it might have also grown slightly larger with her. Hannah took a long hard look at her new body. Despite being way fatter than she ever pictured being, Hannah was weirdly relieved that her good genetics seemed to still have worked out for her. Well, as much as they could for someone of her gigantic new size. Like before, her boobs and ass seemed to carry most of the weight, with her ass being almost as wide as the doorway to her room. Her massive boobs sagged heavily, but this time they rested on a new belly that expanded outwards. The belly was very large and formed one huge roll rather than a double belly. Her belly expanded width-wise to attempt to meet her hips, but her hips had also expanded outwards to accommodate for it, as well her new tree trunk thighs and round calves. Hannah rotated to her side to view her profile and noticed that her belly was sticking out quite a bit, but was overshadowed by the depth of her massive boobs, boobs which she wasn’t even sure how to measure. What are they, L cups? Maybe even M cups? She also noticed she had gained in more unflattering places than before. Examining her profile some more, she first noticed that her arms were extremely thick now, fat accumulating above and even slightly below the elbow. They looked like they were as thick as her legs the night before if not thicker. Her ass also exploded outwards, blemished with slight cellulite, and they were topped with a belly and love handles that separated her legs from her torso. Despite her panic, Hannah counted her blessings. She wasn’t quite as belly heavy as many girls she had seen that were her size. She almost had an hourglass figure, if that hourglass had two massive watermelon sized bulbs filled to the brim with sand, and a neck that that was more sphere-like than cylindrical. She then started feeling her body up and down, realizing it was a bit tougher to move her arms. First, she grabbed her belly, feeling its soft flesh ripple with the resistance of her fleshier hand. She then grabbed her boobs, realizing her pudgy hands could no longer entirely hold them. She turned around and craned her neck to look at herself as she grabbed her huge ass. She could see it jiggle with the light touch of her hands. She then turned to her profile again and took a few steps forward and back, realizing just how much of her body seemed to bounce with her heavy footfalls. Her boobs, multiple back rolls, butt, even her arms seemed to move with the excess adipose. Hannah would have been weirdly fascinated if it weren’t her body, but she was still shocked looking at her transformation. After a while of examining and feeling her new body, Hannah noticed the bathroom scale in the mirror’s reflection once again. Hannah’s heart was pounding. She already felt anxiety stepping on the scale last night, and that was before her sudden expansion. Did she really want to know just how big she was now in this foreign body of hers? Hannah still wasn’t even sure if this was all real, and having a definitive number telling her she was heavier would make things seem more official to her. No, she had to know. The more information she had, the more she might be able to find out what happened. Plus she might know what she had to do to lose the weight. She braced herself and stepped on the scale 396 lbs? What the fuck?! She was nearly 400 lbs. Hannah didn’t know how to react besides with overwhelming shock. Before she could ponder it more, she heard a knocking on the bathroom door. “Hey are you almost done in there?”. It was Jackie’s voice. Hannah couldn’t let her see her like this. How would she react to her sudden expansion? Would Jackie even know it was her? There was nobody in the house as big as her, and even though Jackie wasn’t the type of person to rat out guests, she knew she was bad at keeping secrets. If the others found out, she might get kicked out of the house. Or worse, they might realize it’s her and then who knows what would happen to her reputation. Regardless, it couldn’t be good and Hannah was not ready to face it. “Hey I’m almost done, but I realize I forgot my towel. Can you close your eyes so I can leave?” “Hannah is that you? Uhh sure I can do that” Jackie responded a bit perplexed, knowing they had seen each other naked a few times. “Thanks, I’m coming out” Hannah slowly opened the door, peaking her head out through the opening to make sure Jackie was respecting her request. Hannah couldn’t help but gasp when she saw her. Jackie, petite 5'2 Jackie was fat. Hannah couldn’t help but gawk for a moment. Jackie was by no means huge, but she certainly had put on a lot of weight. Her face looked softer and wide, accentuating her Asian features, but she had yet to develop a double chin. Unlike her flat appearance before, Jackie now had some breasts to grab. Unfortunately, the belly they rested on stuck out a little bit further. However, both new features were overshadowed by the complete change in Jackie’s lower half. Jackie had developed a pear figure, and her hips and butt expanded outwards. Sure, Jackie was beyond the point where she should have gained to fill out her figure, but Hannah had to admit it was at least an improvement over her previous stick-like appearance. “Hannah, are you alright? Are you coming out soon?” Jackie said, her eyes still closed. “Oh, uh yeah I’m coming sorry”. Hannah awkwardly shuffled her way out of the door. She tried sneaking out by slightly cracking the door, but realized her massive body wouldn’t fit through the doorway unless the door was all the way open. She opened the door all the way and then waddled her way back to her room. Hannah collapsed on her bed. It had maybe been only a 20 to 30 minute bathroom trip, but Hannah felt exhausted, both mentally from what she had experienced and physically from standing for a prolonged period of time. She lied down in her bed, noticing her boobs were close to her face, and tried to digest what had happened. So she was almost 400 pounds. Jackie was fat too, but hadn’t seen her so she never really saw a reaction. The only thing Hannah had to go on then was that Jackie seemed to be act like her normal self, so evidently she didn’t notice she had also gained weight or she didn’t care. Hannah had a tough time believing she didn’t care, so maybe she had also spontaneously gained weight, but didn’t have the awareness that Hannah did? Or maybe she had always been that way? Did that mean there were others? How did this happen then? Hannah was beginning to question her sanity. Then Hannah saw her phone. Of course, maybe she could search it somehow… But what would she search? She pulled up Safari and searched “spontaneous weight gain” hoping to find a news article about a disease or maybe chemical outbreak that caused this. However, all she found were articles of what you might expect: a healthline article mentioning “Unintentional Weight Gain: Clauses, Symptoms, and Diagnosis”, a WedMD article talking about reasons for weight gain, a health.com article mentioning what might cause sudden weight gain, etc.” She sighed, right as she received an Instagram notification of someone liking her photo. Instinctually she clicked on it, her phone taking her to the photo in question. It was the bikini photo that she also had on her Tinder. The photo featured her posed on a beach during golden hour, one of her legs bent with her other outstretched, leaning on her left arm. Except this time she was fat. Hannah looked it over in detail. That photo had been taken at her thinnest, so she should not have been nearly as big as what she was looking at. However, there she was, confidently showing off her curves. Hannah did notice that, while way heavier than the original, she didn’t look as fat in that photo as she did in the mirror moments ago. Her boobs were still big, but not nearly the size of her head like they were now, and while the pose did not do her stomach any favors, she could tell it wasn’t sticking out as much. Her legs also looked a bit slimmer and her double chin was not as pronounced. Despite her looking smaller, Hannah was still wondering why she ever had the confidence to post this in the first place, when she then realized that she still had a little over 600 likes on the post, just like she had the night before. She scrolled down the comments, noticing they were completely the same, filled with praise and creepy comments from men. She scrolled back to the top comment from Courtney that said “Beautiful😍😍” and noticed her profile picture looked a bit different. Hannah clicked on her username. She was initially greeted by pictures of London from Courtney’s semester abroad, but as she scrolled down she noticed something: Courtney was also fat. She still had her blonde curly hair, but there was no question she was obese. She scrolled down further to rush week last semester where Courtney had a photo of the whole sorority in front of the sorority house. Hannah remembered it well, as all of the higher ups in the sorority posted it for good publicity and she had to like the same photo multiple times. However, this time the photo was slightly different. It looked almost identical, except it was taken from slightly further back to fit all of the girls in frame, because all of the girls were fat. Hannah pinched herself to make sure she wasn’t dreaming, noticing she grabbed more of her doughy skin. She was awake alright, despite being in some big nightmare. So was everyone fat now? That would explain the thirsty comments and likes on her bikini photo despite her size. By this new world’s standards, she was thin in that photo. It would also explain why Jackie, while much larger than before, was still not obese the way that Hannah currently was. Jackie was overly skinny in their normal life, so it would make sense that she was fat, but not overly fat, in this world. Similarly, Hannah had put on weight recently, so it would explain why she was bigger now than in her bikini photo. But just how much weight had she put on? Hannah began to question it when she heard a knock on her door. “Hey Hannah it’s Jackie again. Can I come in?” Hannah thought about it for a second, but then realized she didn’t really have to keep her weight a secret anymore. “Sure, come in” Jackie walked in the door, and Hannah once again got to examine her inflated figure. Yes, Jackie was definitely still fat, though not quite the blob that Hannah felt she was. “Hey so I just wanted to make sure you’re feeling okay. You seemed a little off at the bathroom, and plus I’ve never known you to ask me to close my eyes when you leave the bathroom before. I mean, we skinny dipped together during rush week. Did I do something?” Hannah felt a bit put on the spot, trying to come up with an explanation other than being put off over her sudden obesity. “Yeah, I don’t know. I guess I’m feeling a little self-conscious lately. I just feel kind of…fat. And I’m a little nervous to meet Mason tonight when I’m not looking my best”. “Oh please, Hannah. It’s just a few kilos. You still look amazing. So many girls would kill for your body. If Mason isn’t head over heels in love with you by the end of the night, then something is wrong with him” Despite her enlarged state, Jackie’s words meant a lot to Hannah. It was nice to know that in this strange universe, people still saw her as attractive, and it made her a little less nervous to meet Mason tonight. Even though it was a much different Jackie than what she was used to, Hannah was happy she was just as supportive as ever. “Thanks Jackie, you’re making me feel a lot better”. “You should feel better, you’re gorgeous. Plus, we need you at your best to help set up the party in a few hours”. Hannah chuckled. “Don’t worry, I’ll be there.” “Great, then I’ll see you later.” Jackie smiled and exited Hannah’s room. Like most good social interactions, Hannah replayed the recent conversation she had with Jackie in her mind a few times. She was already feeling more relaxed knowing how she was viewed in this bizarre world. But something that Jackie said was a little bit strange to her. What did Jackie say again? “It’s just a few kilos.” Kilos as in kilograms? Why would Jackie be referring to kilograms as an American? Was she poking fun at her time in Italy? Hannah didn’t think so. It wasn’t like Jackie to joke around when people were feeling vulnerable, and it seemed to slip out of her mouth so naturally, as if it were a word she was used to. Then Hannah remembered her weigh-in today. Why did it default to pounds? Didn’t she switch it to kilograms last night? Something was fishy. Hannah, grunted again as she forced herself to get out of bed, this time minding her larger hips’ tendency to bump into things. She made her way back to the scale in the bathroom, which she could now confirm was larger than she remembered. The units were at the toggled setting which should have been kilograms based on placement, but when Hannah turned on the screen it read “lbs.” on the righthand side. Hannah toggled the switch to the opposite selection, and sure enough it switched back to kilograms. She pondered why kilograms was the new normal and had a theory, but she needed to confirm. She stepped on the scale. 180 kgs. Hannah recognized that number immediately. She had weighed in at 180 lbs. last night. Now she weighed the exact same number, except it was in kilograms. Hannah thought back to her drunken wish last night. It couldn’t be a coincidence. Somehow, whatever magical forces there were misinterpreted her request out loud and had made everyone weigh kilograms instead of pounds. It would explain why everyone in this world had ballooned overnight, and why someone as skinny as Jackie hadn’t become a complete butterball. In this universe, Jackie was still rail thin, crazy as that might seem. Hannah was confused and frustrated. Why, out of all the prayers the universe could have listened to it chose this one, which wasn’t even a real one? And clearly this wasn’t what she meant. Whatever power answered this request had to be a malevolent one. She tried to digest this information, then came to the realization that she had recently put on 44 lbs. At the time, she was happy that it was only 20 kgs., but if the world had replaced kilograms with pounds that would mean she put on 44 kgs, which would mean she put on… “96.8 pounds. Almost 100 pounds” she whispered to herself. Hannah was kicking herself. It was one thing to put on 44 lbs., but in this universe she had put on 44 kgs. There was no way she would have ever been skinny if this transformation had occurred, but knowing she was lugging around an extra 100 lbs. due to her indulgence made her regret her past decisions even more. Ugh it is what is I guess. I just would have liked to be a smaller blob. Hannah walked back to her room, already noticing her heart rate beginning to climb. She pulled up her bikini picture again. She would have killed to be “just” 300 lbs. like she was there. Sure, 400 lbs. in this universe might not be viewed the same way as in her old universe, but it didn’t stop her from feeling the physical effects. She got back to her room and plopped herself on her bed again, noticing her belly and boobs jiggle.
  25. Hey pretty people 🐷 Since my last video Im completely obsessed with how HUGE I look! When I started I had no idea that I would grow so much in such a short period of time! I have a question for my gainers and feedees: what turns you on the most about your weight gain? You guys feel free to ask anything! Lets chat! Picture: 2018 versus january 2021
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