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  1. Come get stretched out with your favorite fatty😽



  2. some pretty hot fat struggle going on in this video, come check it out! You won’t regret it🥰




  3. Awwww did somebody get too fat to do yoga?




  4. THIS VIDEO GOT HOT QUICK! Kristina had a mission to get as sweaty as she could, challenging her former fit self to some tedious tasks for a FATTY. In this video Kristina starts off by talking to you about her plans as she deep throat’s two ice pops to cool down before she really pushes her body. It’s obvious that Kristina is out of shape, she struggles to do the tasks she set for herself, she does them so minimally because again… she is out of SHAPE! Kristina goes on to show you how much she struggles when she works out, she shows you how hard it is to bend with a ginormous bulging belly, she lets out moans and groans because she knows she’s getting turned on because of how unhealthy and fat she’s become. Kristina and yoga are no longer good friends, she struggles so much with holding poses, holding her body weight up, she is just TOO fat to do yoga! As the video goes on you can see how glossy and sweaty Kristina gets from working out, she mentions that she doesn’t want to do it for long because it’s just burning calories (don’t worry she’s made up for those lost calories since then). Kristina moans and groans and huffs and puffs through out the video and her little yoga workout but she does it and she looks SO HOT doing it. this was a super fun video to film, I get so sexy and big through out it and I hope you enjoy it ❤️


  5. Oh to be fatter ....😍


    1. Residentsteven


      Oh yes kristina, even fatter 😍 I can see another pair of pants ripping very soon 🥵.

    2. lilboy2900


      so jiggly 💓

    3. Mskristinaxo


      They are definitely about to BURST! Thank you both 🥰

  6. F is for make me FATTER


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Mskristinaxo


      Thank you so much!

    3. Residentsteven


      Wow kristina 😍 those pants look like they are painted on 🥵.

    4. ExponentialGrowth
    5. jacksprat


      Heads Up Skinnies! Try and hang on to your boyfriends with your weak thin arms because... FAT Summer is a-coming. 

    6. youreblowingupp


      Ooof and you’ve been really blowing up lately!

    7. Mskristinaxo


      Thank you all!!! I feel massive and would love to continue blowing up 🥰

  7. I love being filled up with cream..



  8. WHAT A REVIEW FROM @Residentsteven I feel so lucky having such passionate supporters 🥺


  9. Just a fatty trying to keep cool by eating a can of whipped cream 🥵🧊



  10. Getting so full that you end up moaning... I love that shit.. come join me and see me enjoy myself 


  11. NEW NEW NEW!!! Get messy and creamy with yours truly ❤️


  12. Get creamy with Kristina! Whip cream + Kristina is a MESS! In the best way possible of course, come watch Kristina get her hands on a large whip cream bottle, she talks to you about her fantasies about public stuffing and how she wishes you were playing with her belly as she downs mouthfuls of whip cream, she gets really down and dirty with the cream. Eventually the cream gets on her big round belly, watch Kristina moan and groan from being so full. this video includes fat chat, navel fingering, messy eating, body fat shaking and jumping, moaning, groaning, uncomfortably full, plus more!


  13. This but let’s add another 30 pounds 🤲🏼


    1. CarlGnarl


      I hope this isn't too personal, but you have the cutest FUPA! :) As well as everything else. Hot tomato! Be well. 

    2. Mskristinaxo


      Not too personal at all! Thank you so much for the compliment 🥰

    3. Residentsteven


      Another 30 pounds would be amazing 😍🥵 kristina.

    4. Mskristinaxo


      30 minimum 🥰

  14. Xxxtra large after my McDonald’s stuffing, come see how tight and rotund my belly becomes after it!



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