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  1. Amazing figure!!….though most of us would like to watch it grow again to 200......215.....235.....260.....300....or more ....still you will look gorgeous!!!
  2. Nice job...keep up the good work 😎 and keep us updated more often 😊
  3. Welcome back NiKi, i'm glad you are ok and hope to see from you more often in the future
  4. No need to apologize about your weight Jenny....you still look stuning and for sure you are getting hotter by each and every Kg .....Keep treating yourself with loads of your favourite food and chocolate!!! …..You Rock!!!
  5. Welcome back...and I hope you'll not ever hide yourself in a closet again.... ...No need your this at all!!! ….you should keep going until the closet is not big enough for your curves instead!!!!
  6. Always a beauty...but now in the "After" pics, a Goddess for sure!!!
  7. You both are gorgeous!!! You are both welcome :)
  8. Very classy and gorgeous lady!!! You can improvise any photoshoot you like...either way, we are glad to have such a beauty around.
  9. You look very beautiful and I think your belly looks fantastic from any angle ...I think it's about time to put on some extra pounds though and make it gorgeous!!!
  10. ...simply gorgeous...in every way!!!.....take care!
  11. ....Keep up the good work!!!! .....you may also try youtube for your videos if you like
  12. ....compairing before and after pics, I guess, getting fatter, was the best decision she ever made!!!!!.....Very beutyful lady an I hope she has a great appetite tooooo..!!!!
  13. ...Amazing pics, and certainly you have a very beautiful wife !!!!!....I guess you now enjoy to play with her tummy, especialy the lower part
  14. ....So much beauty for a silly chair to contain ....Awsome!!!!
  15. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: So beautiful!!!!!....help her to add more beauty on that body!!!!!!........feed and treat her right!!!!!.....best of luck to both of you!!!!
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