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    cheerleader to fatty 🐷
    130+ gain | 2019 feedee of the year (BBW Awards)
    feed me til i cant take it anymore 🧁🍔🍟🍕🌮
    my wishlist to help me gain is located on my profile <3

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  1. Always eager to eat, I sit down in my tight jean shorts and a top. In the beginning of the video my top fits fine although the shorts are tight they fit...sorta. I dig into my extra meat, double bacon sandwich already squirting mayo onto my voluptuous tits. Its so good and Im really enjoying myself so the fact the Im making a mess doesn't bother me because i sure look hot doing it. The more my belly swells from the family size extra cheddar cheese & broccoli soup the tighter my shorts become. its not long before i have to unzip my pants and let my beautiful belly flop into my lap. I continuously show the progress of my belly through out the video by trying to rezip my shorts and even stuff in a brownie!
  2. You love a big fat heavy 300 pound babe sitting right on top of you. You love it even more when she is stuffing her beautiful fat face while doing so. Im eager to get on top and start squishing you. I know how much feeling my excessive body weight on top of you really turns you on. Im making a complete mess shoving a foot long meatball sub into my mouth over and over again. The tighter my belly becomes from being full the more turned on i get. i begin riding and grinding myself as i eat. It’s so arousing the way I slap my belly on your dick. Pleasuring the both of us with my blob of a body. i feel how hard you are and it only makes me want to grind faster. I look like such a pig on top of you, you cant help but to get off. Your fat feedee girlfriend is everything you have always wanted and more. reading your reviews always make me super happy and definitely helps others by too ❤️ i appreciate the feedback!
  3. Nothing makes a fat girl happier then a box of tasty cakes and milk. The smile as i shove another cake into my beautiful mouth says it all. a true feedee/gainer at heart
  4. My weight gain is out of control. I have plans today and nothing in my closet fits. my fat blubbery belly spills out of very item i put on. you can hear seams ripping as i pull up my pants. i moan and groan as i struggle to find something to fit my body. im so unhealthy and so overweight. Im so out of breath just from trying the clothes on that i dont even want to go. All i want to do now is sit home and snack. 🐷
  5. Your massive girlfriend wants to workout and you love how out of breath she gets when she tries. you decide to challenge her to do 20 squats standing above your face. She stands above you and begins and by the third squat you can tell she is already wobbling and out of breath. Her glowing growing belly smacking your face every time she bends down and you are loving every pudge filled moment of it. Get upclose and personal with every dimple and stretch mark on my belly thighs and ass. Download this file Watch Now
  6. i am constantly thinking about what i can eat next. i love admiring how far my body has came. i use to be so fit when i was a cheerleader. now im nothing but a fat blob! as i eat my lunch i talk about how fat ive gotten. i suck in my massive gut and let it flop back out over and over again showing you how big its really gotten. i give you quite a few angles to admire my greedy fat face and belly as i shove more food in my mouth its as if im right on top of you 😋
  7. i clean my belly button and ring to get ready to put new jewelry in. i talk about how big and deep its gotten and how badly i want you to worship it. you get to see how deep it is compared to the q-tip and my finger! the more i tell you how deep its gotten the hornier i become. I need your hands all over my growing gut.
  8. its my day off and all i want to do is smoke and binge out too lazy to get myself dressed 🐷 i order take out, milkshakes, cakes, quesadillas, loaded fries and more. i eat and eat til im about to pass out. showing off every angle, im about to burst. my belly is beyond swollen by the end of this video im aching and whining for a belly rub. ive never seen my gut this big before. Reviews are always appreciated and make me so happy to read ❤️
  9. im starving and all i want to do is continuously shove more and more food in my mouth. new gains have happened over the past few months! watch til the very end to see that new number!
  10. after a 6,000 calorie stuff i feel swollen as ever. im excited to show off my bulging belly from all angles. i pull down my red thong to show you the marks it left from being way too tight. i poke and slap my belly making it shake and jiggle. i turn around giving you a view of my perfectly plump booty giving you the perfect angles to worship my new gains.
  11. no makeup and an absolute mess, i stuff myself with a giant double meat sub from Jersey Mikes. The fuller I get the more I rub my swollen gut. Download this file Watch Now
  12. im a greedy pig that loves to let her belly hang and shove food in my fat mouth! Lots of belly jiggling and facestuffing!
  13. im always down to get a quick stuff in at all times possible. i sit down before family comes over and devour a full extra cheese pizza while i rub my fat gut.
  14. BEER FUNNEL CHALLENGE: requested by you guys i funnel beers and play with my very swollen and bloated belly! leave a review! it helps my gains and means the absolute most to me.
  15. CUSTOM VIDEO * This pig doesn’t even want to get ready. I smell the burgers and fries have arrived so I rush down stairs to dig in. I stuff myself with a large fry and 2 triple cheeseburgers. The grease makes this piggy so damn happy! I wash it down chugging 2 beers and finish off with 2 cigarettes! My belly is so swollen from the grease and beers that I can’t help but breathe really heavy. It’s getting so hot in here. Is it me or am I just sweating from the grease?
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