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  1. $$$$$....1.00 sale video for over two minutes..simple, but hot n sloppy!$$$$$


  2. PUT A SALE VIDEO OUT! Just one dollar for over two minutes!

    Screenshot_20191018-134036_Video Player.jpg

  3. Just stuffing my face getting that belly bigger, bonus minutes!


  4. Thighs video for sure! 


  5. My video is about to be up! Thighs and a burp with pizza, pasta and pop! Thanks and enjoy!!


    1. regbill


      Your thigh's look freaking gorgeous!!!:wub:

    2. Lilly


      Thank you kindly!!

  6. Stuffing my happy face with all the cheesy goodness. This video you really get to see how large my thighs are!!


  7. 💋My biggest pig out is about to arrive! I let out a nice burrrrrp at thee end! Thighs forever!💋

  8. Just posted two videos this week! Take peeks at my sweet cheeks!! Thanks to all who will!!😘😍

  9. Eating pad thai late after a night on the town!


  10.  Posted the most revealing video yet! Check out my belly n cleavage all in your face! Sloppy eater I am!

  11. I just posted a lovely video of me what I do best, sloppy eating!  Plus giving you my boobs butt and belly to enjoy!! And pale me in pink is super adorable I think! 


  12. Showing off my thick chunky curves while stuffing my face with sloppy joe! Love showing as much as I can!


  13. For my next video, I am taking requests for what style and what you all want to see oh so bad from this beautiful..."flabious" girl! Most votes win...and....GO!!!!

    1. FeederDave


      You on all 4s eating a gallon pail of ice cream. 

    2. Nuo


      What to do:

      •stuff yourself with foods and drinks

      •mess around with your belly, ass, thighs, etc

      •tell us about more about yourself

      •showcase something whilst doing all this?

      So that's it

      Vote if you like it!

    3. Lilly


      Yes! All things I will want and love to do for you all

    4. foxmccloud1


      This is a really late suggestion so it probably won't get any votes, but something you could consider anyway. You might think it's a fun idea.

      A messy cake stuffing on all fours, like this


    5. Lilly


      What a way to celebrate! 😍 thank you!!! 

  14. I just posted a silly but hot video of me eating noodles with only my mouth! Playful, sexy,and so satisfying! Hope ya dig the pig in me!!🐽20190906_005321.thumb.jpg.f5cf93e1dfe2520637897cd46640d6e3.jpg

    1. SVegan


      I do❤❤❤🐽🐽 

  15. I've always enjoyed eating noodles with only my mouth. It feels good, it's silly and looks hot!


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