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    Chubbycupcake is so adorable and sexy in this video! It made me smile 😊. I really enjoyed watching her give him a diagnostics test by sitting on him while plopping her belly on him (and the sound it makes 🤤). Maybe I also need a fat woman to satisfy me, but first I'll need a diagnosis by a fat nurse. Pick me next! 😆😍💓
  1. It took some time, but I finally found the ad that confirmed my attraction to big, curvy women! And I'm excited to share with you all. I was around 13 when I discovered it in a video game magazine. I was in awe 😲😍! I'd never seen a naked female body with curves like that. I ripped that page out and kept it till I threw it away out of fear my mom would find it, 😆. Then today, I found this Bawls drink at a convenience store, thought it looked oddly familiar, Google searched and BAM! There it is. They don't make ads like they used to...  


    PrincessJules looks gorgeous with the weight she's gained in 2019 and it will be exciting to see what another 100lbs will do to her body as she fattens up even more throughout 2020. This video will be a great reference for comparison!
    I can't get enough of Big Belly Mama! In this hot video, she is very expressive in how much she loves being a fat piggy. As with the review before me, I feel for her genuine, intense love for feederism and weight gain, something that can feeling lacking or fake with other models with similar content. She shoves cake in her mouth, moaning in pleasure and jiggling her belly, grabbing her sizable love handles while talking in between bites about how much fatter she wants to get and how much she enjoys being humiliated for being a gluttonous fatty. This girl is quickly becoming one of my favorite Curvage models and I highly recommend purchasing this clip to find out for yourself what makes her stand out among the rest.
    Wow 😍! I was so turned on from beginning to end. I especially like watching BigBellyMama notice how turned on she is getting as she pours sauce on her round belly, jiggles it and stuffs yet another sauce-covered mcnugget into her greedy mouth. She is a fat greedy piggy and she (as well as a gazing bystander) acknowledges this thoroughly throughout the video. Stuffing away with absolute pleasure. And if you're wondering, she shows her face too. Must watch video!
    Yet another incredibly hot video from chubbychiquita. Watching this gorgeous girl stuff her face full like a chipmunk, getting food all over her while gently patting and squishing her big belly had me on edge from beginning to end 🤤💓 I could explain more, but better for you to see for yourself. Well worth $5!
    Something about the fact that you're stuffing your face like a piggy while risking getting caught at work is so hot! I love how fast you eat and love seeing your fat belly and muffin top spilling over your jeans 😍. Keep it up and eventually it will be impossible to hide your piggy ways ❤️
    What a delectable sight ❤️❤️❤️ So cute and sexy! Pumpkin pie is among my favorite kinds of pie. And watching her eat that pie with audible delight while giving us a tease of her belly is just as enjoyable as eating a slice myself. Which says alot because I absolutely LOVE pumpkin pie! Cheeseburgerlover, thank you for gracing us with your beauty and love for food. I'd love to see more content like this in the future!
    I love watching this girl eat! Watching her go for another drumstick, and then another after exclaiming how much she's about to pop is so hot. She's such a gluttonous piggy and I love it!
    Watch Prettypiggy moan in pleasure as she rubs her fat stuffed belly. It's a short clip, but HOT! Well worth a view.
    Wow, this video is so hot! Well worth the price! By far among the best I've seen on Curvage. I really enjoyed hearing you talk about your gain, especially hearing about how quickly you've gained since March. When you mentioned your lowest weight, I just had to check for photographic evidence and I am in AWE at the progress you've made 💓. And then on top of the talking, you scarf down a box full of donuts like they are nothing, all while admiring your own curves. It's abundantly clear in this video just how much you love your growing body and that makes it so enjoyable to watch you. I'm excited to watch your weight gain progress from here on out. I hope you get much bigger. And I know you will. It's inevitable!
    Another hot video! I loved how he was dropping the spaghetti into your mouth, with your head tilted up like you were a baby bird being fed. I wish I was the one doing the feeding and belly rubbing 💓 And the looks and gestures you gave into the camera made me think you wished the same 😍
    This video is so sexy! 😍 I love that massive belly! And I enjoyed hearing you talk. I'm honestly surprised you aren't at 400 lbs in this video. I hope since you posted this you have gained alot, and if not, I hope you gain alot more ❤
    WOW! 😍 You look incredible ❤ Loving that massive belly and also wishing you had a burger (or a few) to stuff into your fat face. You should make more videos. Esp. more belly stuffing videos!
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