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  1. Got home from a night out with my cousin and she fell asleep before she could eat any of her food that I ordered for us, so I couldn’t let it go to waste right? So I ate hers and my meal and was left stuffed on the couch playing with my belly, I’m sorry for the lighting I didn’t want to wake her and ruin my chances of eating her food(; don’t worry I make sure my belly gets a close up 🥰


  2. as some of you asked me to do a video while trying tight and old bra here is it ! few months ago all this was good , now none of them are anymore . how satisfying is to see this , I’m so proud that I’m here and I feel better then ever . hope you like seeing me struggling with those bra !


  3. Fantastic video my guys ❤️ Most of you loved my last video with 110 trough the mirror, some of you said I’m not 110 but I just don’t listen what people say people who know me and talk with me receive pics in detail 😉 so please look at this lovely video with my sexy fat body trough the mirror and you will see how sexy and fat I am 😍


  4. who don’t love to see a big ass and a big belly ! 😍 after a hot day at work I deserve some belly touch !


  5. are you curious how my way to do shopping has changed from when I start gaining. Here is what I’m buying almost daily . I share with you personal details about my way to gain 😍 What I eat and drink and treat as a fat women ! my favourite sweets and drinks and alcohol too ! I know you love too see all those !


  6. Let’s have a look how 110kg looks trough the miror ! thas a beautiful way to see me , ready to go out I’ve prepared a new video for you . Enjoy !


  7. I get stuck under the chair while cleaning because of my big arms ! happy that faster I managed to get out , hehe then I show you my big body and good 😱 I look so fuc*** sexy bigger ! enjoy ! 😍


  8. hello guys !! I’m back with 17lbs gained in last 2 weeks ! Also asmr if you would like to relax yourself. Please be communicative and let me know if you like ! 😍


  9. honestly I had no idea this was going to be a video I’d post here, I thought it was just like a home video, so this is as real as POV as it gets haha, you surprise me with my fav foods, and you have me remove my restrictive clothing till my plumping body is exposed and I straddle you while I rub my belly And talk about how there should be dessert next 😋 $6.99 for over 23mins of raw chubby girlfriend time🥰


  10. Just your nerdy piggy enjoying some bacon. 🥓🥓Watch me stuff myself for 8 mins with delicious and greasy bacon nonstop. Always bloated and cute, just all natural in bed and stuffing. Wish you could join me and feed me. 🥺


  11. As I’ve start to gain much more then before and I’ve been really busy with work and study here is my update. I’m so fat I can’t believe how fast I gain and how big I am now . I know you’ll love seen me fatter enjoy my video ! #ifeelgoodtobefat #youfeelgoodtoseemefat! ❤️


  12. So I get asked a lot “how did you gain so much weight so quickly?!” and this is my answer I love FOOD 😋 I also have gotten used to eating a fourth meal at 11/12, usually when people get a bit peckish at that hour it’s called a midnight snack, but I prefer a midnight MEAL 🐷 this may not look like a lot of food to y’all but this time last year I could only eat HALF a 4 for 4 from Wendy’s before tapping out, now my orders grown to a 4 for 4(normally jr bacon cheeseburger, nuggets, small fries, sm drink) upsizing EVERYTHING to large, and adding a big chicken sandwich, the perfect “snack” for me now(: and after rounding my belly I love belly rubs even if I have to do them myself 😉


  13. As many of you text me about my waight goals I said to make a video 😋 I think is lovely watching my belly and my big bottom while I’ve talk about my waight goals !! Enjoy !!


  14. I am so proud today I waight myself and guess what in 5 weeks I gained 45 lbs . Thas a good result and I am so happy . Come and heave a look how beautiful I look now , my body is shining!! On the first part il show you how my diner look 😍 love junk food!! sarah red is back fatter then ever !! hope you all like how I look now !


  15. Pizza and Chill with me while I stuff myself. All natural - no glitz. Just watch this nerdy pig sweat as she packs down a whole pizza while watching TV. Belly bloating at the end.🍕🍕🍕 ❤️❤️❤️ Let me know if you enjoy it by leaving a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐!


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