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  1. Somaiscool1000

    Gainingpear thread?

    Not that I'm aware, that's what I am asking
  2. Somaiscool1000

    Gainingpear thread?

    By gainingpear, is this the persian girl from a while back? Does she look like this
  3. Somaiscool1000

    Selena Gomez

    here's some new pictures
  4. Somaiscool1000

    Birthday Workout

    Looks like you struggled a bit more on the stairs when compared to the last time. Looking forward to future updates as the stairs get more and more difficult, especially if you manage to get to 250 Great clip by the way
  5. Somaiscool1000

    Working out at the beach

    Great clip, and well worth the money Looking forward to future videos
  6. Somaiscool1000

    Too Fat for My Family

    Great clip! Looking forward to future updates
  7. Somaiscool1000

    Clothes from my first videos

    Really nice clip! Looking forward for more
  8. Somaiscool1000

    Taylor Swift

    here's a recent one
  9. Somaiscool1000

    Public stuffing (part 1)

    Amazing clip, can't wait to buy more!
  10. Somaiscool1000

    Public stuffing (part 1)

    I'll be buying this one! Please ignore the comment about file size, the less compressed the file is, the better!
  11. Somaiscool1000

    Who is this?

    here's the only new one I can find
  12. Somaiscool1000

    Who is this

    If there is anyone who knows, it would be highly appreciated
  13. Somaiscool1000

    Taylor Swift

    here's a drive folder I found with many videos from her new tour in high resolution. They are massive files, but if your willing to dl them, you may find some good videos https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1dPovgGRPV7Y8RbwC_1adwNztAMdsJBDG
  14. Somaiscool1000

    Demi Lovato

  15. Somaiscool1000

    Who is this

    I am wondering who she is? I hope it isn't one of those reversed before and afters