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  1. Thanks babe! I’ve been walking a lot everyday think that’s been helping me legs get bigger. Of course I’ve been eating loads as well 😂
  2. Idk what’s happened but I’ve gotten hella thicc since being in Brussels for a month 😳🙈 what do you guys think 👀💕
  3. It’s true this has been a recurring issue 😳🤣
  4. Bbz! Leave a review on my new video and grab yourself a bonus clip for free ‼️💕💯 promo is running until the end of this month 🌹😁 don’t miss out!! xoxoxo




  5. 💯‼️⚠️2 4 1 OFFER IS BACK BBY ❤️❤️❣️

    leave a review on any video for the remainder of the month and receive a bonus clip of your choice from my selection 💟💕💝💯

  6. Hello my loves I’ve got a cheeky new video up that you’re gonna want to see ❣️🔥


  7. Another day in Brussels aka me being a fat piggy and stuffing myself with beer crisps and chocolate 😛🤪 burps included 🐷


  8. Been a naughty girl again 😔❣️🤤😳my new video is pending 🔥 ft beer, chocolates and chips 😍😍💖




    1. Cody2421


      La gordita más perra de todas 🔥

  9. check out my new video below loves 💖🥰💖 being a greedy sexy piggie and eating chocolate on all fours 🐷 in my friends bed as well 🤣🥵


  10. Check out my new video my loves 🥰 it’s really naughty! I was home alone scoffing loads of chocolate and treats in my friends bed 🥵🤤😈 eating on all fours like a real piggy 🐷 




  11. I keep buying this brand Jupiler cus it’s like one euro a bottle 🤣 dangerous tbh
  12. Im so glad you appreciate 🥳 beer is life
  13. Thanks for the support guys 🥰❣️Just checking in with y’all from Brussels! Sun is shining and baby’s got her kit off and cracked open the beers 😂typical British behaviour
  14. check out my new video it’s a steal at the price‼️ Enjoying lots of Belgian chocolate and eating on all fours like a piggy 🥵 treat yourself today 🎥💋


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