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  1. New review from @Mattlovescurves on my latest video 🥰💕:

    Baby P, squeezes her soft tummy and slaps it hard, love that sound 💥😳 Pushing her belly out hard it gets so HUGE, thank you BP 🥰

    you’d better check it out my loves the shot of me sucking in and pushing my big fat gut is soooo worth it 😍😳🥵👀



  2. Hey make sure you’ve seen my new video loves 💕👀 Pov: your on the sofa with me playing with my belly like we do every night 😘💕


    1. Fantasyfeeder86


      Your baby fat is so sexy....

  3. There’s a really good shot of me sucking in and then pushing out all my fluffy belly phat in my new video 👀😍💘 and it’s only 1.99$ !!
  4. Pov: your on the sofa with me playing with my belly like we do every night 🥰 you love slapping and jiggling my chub and watching me suck it in and push it out 😆😚


  5. Getting tan and bloated drinking in the sun 🥰🌞🍺
  6. Make sure you’ve got my new videos guys 🥰 you don’t wanna miss how round and plump I’ve been getting in lockdown 👀
  7. Thank you guys 🥰🥰 feeling very thicc 🥵 remember thicc thighs save lives 💕
  8. Check out my new video loves 💕 I can’t believe how tight this outfit is now 😳 my belly is srsly chunking up 🥵


  9. Im looking soooo potbellied at the moment 😂🐷 my boobs and belly are busting out this fit! It used to be baggy on me can you believe 😳 



  10. A short belly update 🧁 was feeling cute in full glam 2day 💋can’t believe how much size my belly takes up and how much it jiggles 😭 thank god I can hide in baggy t shirts ♥️


  11. Got no money haven’t eaten anything for two days :D flashback to my childhood!!!! WOOOO


    *anyways* ppl on here that have a heart. Y’all know I pay my fathers bills and food costs while he gets on his feet (he is a widower and unemployed) 🤪 buying my vids and showing a bit of love and cash that you get from ur two parent household would really help me TF out right now otherwise idk what the Fuck I’m gonna do 🤪

  12. Curvy qween 👸🏼


    1. Mattlovescurves


      Voluptuous, enjoy your weekend love, would love to see you drinking a pint in that dress, bloating your tummy 😳😍🍺

    2. Synthesis


      Queen Rihanna GIF

  13. Actually got high and ate SO MUCH with my friend today 😊 y’all can’t believe how round my belly was looking 👀


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