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    Absolute hottest button pop video I’ve seen. The way her huge gut just destroys that shirt and jiggles is simply mesmerizing. She also sucks in her belly a few times and lets it out and it just moves like jello, masterpiece of a body. Chubbycupcake also talks during the video with that hot voice and accent of hers. 5/5
    Great video, those t-shirts are so incredibly tight you can see her every roll and curve and the way she struggles to put on the smallest ones is just amazing. Her voice and accent are really hot and her huge gut is just mesmerizing especially when she laughs as her belly jiggles beautifully every time.
    Great little video! Not so little girl tho, thinking how skinny she was and how she fills this dress now with her huge body is so fucking hot. 5/5 as usual, hottest girl on Curvage
    Amazingly hot video, she just keeps eating and eating while showing off her huge body and belly. The public part where she lets her belly hang out freely while in her car really pushes all the right buttons. 5/5 great video as always
    Amazing pics showing off her fatness. She's really photogenic!
    Extremely hot video and girl, her on screen charisma is amazing! Great voice, face, body and she's really into distenting her huge jiggly gut and playing with it (the jigglines is top tier). Also, the bloat is really visible and you can see that soft stomach get harder and bigger by the end. Don't want to spoil too much, but the way she accidentaly lets out these huge burps and then acts dumbstruck and apologetic pushed just the right buttons for me. 5/5 😩
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