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  1. I got offered a position as a weight loss coach 😂

    That would be the most ironic job I could take and I don't think I could do it. Tho it would be pretty funny taking the money I make and using it to feed feedees. 

  2. Ok I'll say it since we are all thinking it. I can't wait to see Fat/Feedee Wednesday cosplay 😍

  3. I do not understand how you all eat so much! I had a burrito bowl from chipotle, a large sprite and a small fry and I feel like I'm going to explode. Uncomfortably full and that's like a snack to some of y'all 😂

  4. Local radio station is doing a " vote for the biggest freak of 2022"  someone into feederism and someone into vore were the options to vote for. I really hate when my fetishes are spoke about publicly and made fun of it also makes it super awkward if someone who knows what I'm into is listening to that station too 

  5. Got a friend who recently discovered her new favorite snack is Nutella by the spoonfuls. She's gonna get faaaat 😍 Nutella is like 300 calories a spoonful 🥵

    1. Wishuwerebigger


      Nutella is wicked, it’s so fattening and decadent and irresistible. I LOVE Nutella, so I truly understand. Enjoy the show, if she’s snacking on it a few times a day, she’s gonna get BIG. 

  6. Can you do a video where you treat the miniature like it's the viewer? Would much rather pretend it's me in your navel 😁 That being said love your content. Loved every video I've bought from you!
  7. 🌿 truly is a magic plant. It makes people absolutely ravenous and gluttonous 😍 I absolutely lose it when I see girls smoke 🌿 because I know it's gonna lead to so much snacking ❤️

    1. Miss Naomi

      Miss Naomi

      This is 100% me 😁

  8. Remember weather you celebrate this holiday or not it's an excuse to be an absolute glutton and eat a ton of food. Happy feastings to you All. Can't wait to see the aftermath 😄

  9. Freaking targeted ads keep showing me big figs mattresses which is like a mattresses for +300 gonna assume it's because I'm constantly looking up fat women😂

    1. Wishuwerebigger


      My wife is close to 300 and I’m around 350, and we just bought a mattress! I feel this in my soul.

  10. Keep seeing anime fat girl drawings and wow it's really making me wish there was a fat girls anime 😍 or maybe one similar to shuffle 

  11. Just a post begging for more snack cake eating content Thank you for your time 🙏

    1. bigbellynova


      message me , i might be able to arrange a custom for you (;

  12. Post is not fat or belly related but omg Batman is dead 😭 RIP Kevin Conroy 

    1. Cytorah


      I know!! 😭😭😭 I just woke up and saw this!! Huge fan of the animated series and literally devastated!!

    2. Guest


      Mr. Conroy is a legend and I'm, at least, glad to see the outpour of love for his legacy. 

    3. Wishuwerebigger
  13. Still waiting for someone to make a feedee school bully or coworker who takes lunch from her victim and flaunts her belly around while teasing the viewer for getting skinny because she took all the food and demands more and better in the future 🙏

    1. empresskatana


      I have a similar one coming out in a few weeks. As a Domina I think you would enjoy my profile. 😊

  14. Noooooooooo 


    1. Wishuwerebigger


      But Henry Cavill is amazing! Why can’t he do this and Superman?

    2. thickgirlenergy


      Henry has some other projects to complete . The Witcher might be taking up too much of his time for less pay than the other Up coming projects 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

    3. Submissivefeeder


      @thickgirlenergybut he committed to 7 seasons 😭 like warner Bros is going to ruin Superman like they ruin everything 

    4. Submissivefeeder


      He wanted this role so bad he offered to do it for free originally so I really want to know what happened 

  15. When I was younger I would get the sports illustrated swimsuit posters from Walmart. I would get the " fattest" woman I could find and only stare at the belly. Got me wondering if they make Fat/ BBW wall posters but it doesn't seem they do 

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