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  1. @gorJESSis interested to see who else would be into a dominant feedee video. Head over and leave a comment and let her know if you would like to see it please

  2. Degrade me while talking about how my money will go to making you fatter. I'm a pathetic simp who should be used by a superior goddess. Laugh at me taunt me please 😍🙏 Oh please let other people be into this!
  3. An office job will make you huge 😍 do you still have a YouTube?
  4. So you have a couple options. Depending on if you like sweets starting with something like cookies or snack cakes not only has a ton of calories in a tiny packaging but also makes you more hungry so start your meal with desert basically. Another thing I see people with difficulty gaining do is liquid calories like a boost shake or mass gainer. Sodas are also full of calories in small servings. Gaining is all a matter of more calories in than you burn.
  5. Got offered a team lead position at work. On one hand I thought more money on the other i really don't like management and team lead basically just does the work others don't lol 

    1. wdyw


      Get your foot in the door - suck it up - you will be surprised how fast regimes and organisations morph 

    2. fatadmirer386


      But you will have more money to feed others!

    3. Submissivefeeder


      Interesting inputs thanks!

    4. Submissivefeeder


      It's not alot more money but I get your thinking @fatadmirer386 😂

  6. LMAO because I'm watching motivational workout videos about being a beast and dominant while simultaneously scrolling curvage feeling weak In the knees from all the gorgeous dominant fat women. 😂

  7. Hey can't comment on your page. Just wondering if you still plan to do the Frankie foster cosplay stuffing?
  8. Me to My brain waking me up at 6AM knowing full well I work  night shiftNgapa GIF

  9. So I've mostly been programmed this way with stupid work meetings. " We need to move the time for the meeting forward. You need to come in earlier" So many dumb meetings that could have been emails 😂
  10. " what are you going to buy my next time?" Absolutely love the greedy nature of that sentence
  11. Sad she didn't enjoy the stuffing choice. Excited for the next one tho hopefully she enjoys the food next time!
  12. Wanted to give y'all a heads up seeing as I had to go searching for it. JIF has recalled peanut butter. Throw yours out or try to get a refund. Stay safe and happy stuffings. 

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