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  1. Happy gluttonous Feasts Day! ❤️

  2. When people know you're a sub so they try to punk you Infront of others. Friends boyfriend tried this shit. Shut that down fast lol. We don't got that relationship, buddy.

    Hate that alpha dog macho attitude. I know it's ironic considering I love when women do it 😂 



  3. Crop top season is over ☹️ hopefully it being the most fattening time of the year, there will still be shirts riding up and fat hanging out 🙏

    1. NikkiMaialina


      It’s bulking season lol 🐷

    2. babyph4t


      I don’t think u need to worry too much about that 😈

    3. Jersey Ghoul 666

      Jersey Ghoul 666

      Crop top season has just begun on the Southern Hemisphere though 😉

  4. Yesterday sucked all day but at the store a womans belly was sticking out the bottom of her shirt so that made it all better. Absolutely love public bellies 😍

  5. We doing no nut November? Lol 

    1. Jersey Ghoul 666

      Jersey Ghoul 666

      I’ve already tapped out 🤩

  6. Nothing I love more than a fat girls belly hanging out in public 🥵

  7. Imagine how hot it would be for one of my female friends to just text me a food order out of the blue. No hello just the order and then expect me to show up 🥵

    Closest this has happened is the " I'm so hungry 🥲" social media messages. 

  8. We are about to have a ton of leftover discount candy on sale. The mom's usually end up putting on weight from their kids Halloween candy too. Love this time of year 😍

  9. Imagine paying for her meal and rubbing that huge belly
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