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  1. Someone at work just told me they bet I'm an Alpha lmao I almost spit out my drink! 

    Its so fascinating how different we come off IRL to people who don't know us well. 

  2. Another fun simp memory I have before covid was buying 2 girls with bloated beer bellies some shots and then being like " well I got to go.enjoy the drinks!" 

    I had to be sure to not make it like I was hitting on them because I just wanted to simp so my line was " oh wow these shots are amazing y'all want some?!" I'm a light weight so Im sure I was slurring my words.😂

  3. Paying for a girls meal and then being told to go away so she can enjoy belly rubs from her man😍 

    What a wonderful first clip. Totally hyped for future releases! This video has the answers to questions I've personally been wondering like why she got started gaining? When did she start gaining? As well as details of how much she can eat currently ( it's pretty damn impressive) it's got some wonderful clips and close ups of belly play ( so jiggly 😍) stuffing, belly play, LOUD burps( would love to hear more of those!) and she goes into detail about her plans for future videos! 2.99 for almost 8 minutes of belly goodness! Absolute steal! 🥵
  4. When I click the link it says it's not there. It may need to be approved first
  5. When your friend with a wonderful little pudgy belly asks you to help her lose weight. Gah the struggle!...but I must be a good friend 🥲

    1. Bellygazerpics


      Kudos to you, my good man. If she only knew that a pudgy belly is a wonderful thing.

  6. This brought back memories of...well of being a little pervert and looking at fat bellies under water 😅 And I gurantee people knew what I was doing because there's no way I was incognito wearing this as a kid 😂
  7. Love the overhang pictures!

  8. Man am I glad I live in the internet age. Imagine having my kink and not being on the internet. 

    Me: hey can I buy you food while you play with your belly and degrade me?

    Animated GIF

    1. Madilyn Mars

      Madilyn Mars

      That made me laugh. Omg.

    2. Submissivefeeder


      I'm glad this made so many people laugh 😂

    3. Bellygazerpics


      Ain't that the truth!

    4. Submissivefeeder


      @Bellygazerpics bro...you literally approach women about your kink irl and are successful at having them pose for your pics 😂

  9. " leave me and my boyfriend to belly rubs" 


    Loved hearing this as a way to end a conversation after paying for a meal. Such dominance! 😍

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