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  1. Bringing a girl food while her and her partner laugh about how much of a pathetic simp I am. Her partner rubbing her belly and taunting me while they both bully and degrade me 😍

  2. "you aren't a man you're a simp" 😍

  3. The single finger trace of the belly is one of THE most seductive things I've ever seen 

  4. One time a mutual friend had done that "I'm sooo hungry 😢" post on social media hoping to get some simp to bring her food...and I did! It was so hot she didn't even thank me just grabbed the bag and walked back into her job 😍

  5. I have actually considered becoming a dietician but It would be such a struggle between both sides of me 😂

  6. Belly drops on the counter 👌 absolutely love that sound of a feedees belly smacking down 😍

  7. Can you tell us how you talked your friends into letting you take pics of their bellies? 

    1. Bellygazerpics


      For Victoria, it was a work in progress. Long story short, I met her when she worked at Walgreens. I was buying something and she was behind the register. I noticed she was pretty cute and that her belly was resting on the counter (that was hot). 

      We became friends after a few interactions, I took her to lunch on her breaks and she always wanted fast food. So she would stuff her belly each time and complain shortly after about being full and fat (jokingly). I always complimented her and her belly, and asked if it was ok if I rubbed it. She was actually fine with it. A few lunches later, she allowed me to begin lifting her shirt up to rub her full belly. 

      I candidly began snapping shots of her belly while we sat in the car as she ate. I later asked if she minded if I took modeling pics of her belly, to which she didn’t understand the attraction and was apprehensive. About a week later, she brought it up to me and said we could try it. From then on, she loved the idea of it and the attention😊

  8. Several of my friends know about my belly kink and wear crop tops around me. I swear they just like teasing lol.

    1. Bella Abbondanza

      Bella Abbondanza

      I certainly would 😘

  9. Glad to see posting things as topics in forums got you more views btw dude. Your work was going underappreciated
  10. Y'all really let me comment "420 is tomorrow" all day yesterday and no one corrected me lol 

    1. CurvyCannabisCat


      I didn’t know you had posted that ... 4/20 is on Tuesday 👀 don’t worry 4/20 is everyday for me 🤣🤣🤣

  11. Ok can they stop painting feeders as creepy murderers on TV...

  12. Hope everyone is having an extra fattening weekend 😃

    1. Bella Abbondanza

      Bella Abbondanza

      Working on it. There’s a real lack of bakeries with the variety and quality I crave that are open to deliver me a 12 piece dessert sampler past 6 pm 🤣🤣🤣 

    2. Submissivefeeder


      Shoot after seeing some of your content and how much you pack away I think that sampler would be exactly that!  a SAMPLE lol 

    3. Bella Abbondanza

      Bella Abbondanza

      Exactly. A delectable little snack ☺️☺️

  13. @CouchQueens latest photo 👀


    The belly peeking out the bottom and the grease spots on the shirt. Wonderful slob content 😍


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