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Following on from the Feaster Bunny Challenge, Kitty has so much chocolate left to finish as per @ChubbyCupcake's challenge. 

She has a tactical plan though - melt it all into a shake and chug...

Kitty struggles to chug the rich chocolate shake but will she finish it? 

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Thanks again for the free vid kitty I really enjoyed this 2nd part, watching you melt down the chocolate in your kitchen 😍🐷. I felt like I put on a stone just looking at all that chocolate in the bowl 😋. That shake looked so thick and creamy, plus the burps it gave you as you drank it so hot 🥵. I like the fact that mentioned that you had already eaten pizza before you ate all this chocolate and then the shake 🐷 and that going to have dinner after this that’s so greedy kitty amazing 😍. No wonder your chair was making creaking sounds at the end I can only imagine how much you gained can’t wait for your next weigh in.





Response from the author:

As always Steven, thank you for your lovely review! I’m so glad you enjoyed the video! 

Yeah, there are a lot of parts and camera angles to this video. I start with melting the chocolate/making the shake, chugging the shake with closeups as well and then I show you how my chair is struggling with all my weight. The chair part wasn’t planned for the video but I couldn’t ignore the creaking 😏 

The free video feels like such a small thank you for all the support you have given me from the very start 💕🐷

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I love Kittypiggy's pink outfit and her hair. Preparing this caloric bomb while holding my hand is a delight.

I am glad she is so psyched up, it's like each video in this competitive eating series is a contest to see who can handle more food, and the different types allow me to play favorites.

This is an engaging meal prep and I feel it enables me to guess which curve will have the most to gain at the end of these edible/drinkable transactions.

A photobomb of all these luscious angles can easily be made. And to find new stretch marks are the best hidden treasure of all. Her nails are so beautiful too.



My heart melts alongside her chocolate as Kittypiggy plays peekaboobs with me, going into and outta view is so seductive. It's so exciting to see when those pop up next.


As time progresses this becomes a body tour view, with the thigh clapping and flaunting that booty to reward anyone who lasted that long.



To sum up, every step Kittypiggy takes is sexier than the last, and every calorie prepared and chugged went to fueling her maximum potential for this video. I'd give this as many stars as the thousands of calories she had if possible.

Response from the author:

Wow Chevalier, this was so lovely to read 😍 

I’m really glad you enjoyed the video and all the camera angles used throughout 😍

The end is definitely a bit of a body tour 😏 thank you so much for this review! 🥰♥️♥️

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This continuation of Kitty’s eating challenge opens with the sight of this lovely lady standing in her kitchen, smashing up chocolate to melt down into a super-shake. It’s a wonderful sight because we simultaneously get to see a) Kitty’s pillowy arms (god, I bet she gives fantastic hugs), b) her huge breasts spilling out of her teeny-weeny little top, and c) last, but definitely not least, her delicious, curved ass. 

Kitty is working hard here, and that chocolate must have taken a while to melt. The camera moves in close and we get to see how flawless KItty’s skin is on her shoulders and arms. It looks as smooth as satin. And Kitty’s chin... dayum. Curved female beauty at its absolute finest.

When the calorie-packed shake is ready, we see Kitty perched on a chair doing the three things she does best: showcasing her adorable personality, looking hot (like, seriously, hot enough to cause a fish at the bottom of the sea to spontaneously combust), and putting things in her mouth. If you’ve never seen Kitty lift a big jug of fattening liquid to her heart-achingly pretty face, fix her lovely lips to the edge, and start to chug, all the while making the cutest little sounds you can imagine – well, let’s just say that you are living what can only be described as a benighted existence. Such a heinous state of affairs should be rectified immediately by buying this video.

(I love, by the way, how Kitty doesn’t pour the super-shake into a dainty little cup or glass to drink from. No. This beauty is using a whacking great plastic measuring-jug. Like (I imagine) most people, I’ve never thought of a measuring-jug as sexy – but somehow it is when Kitty’s drinking from it.)

As she sits on the chair, there are some awesome views of her legs. They look so thick and curvy. The sight is breath-taking. I wish the camera-operator (who should be given a ton of praise for these videos) had taken a step back so we could have seen the full glory of Kitty’s legs. Just imagine if she’d been weating high-heels. Ooo-eee!

As usual, a comment needs to be made about KittyPiggy’s face. She is seriously super-cute – a real, genuine, proper beauty. Her face transcends anything to do with her being “plus-size.”

This is a huge challenge (set, incidentally, by another pulse-pounding Curvage stunner, ChubbyCupcake), and the way Kitty pushes through really highlights her utter determination. But is this a challenge too far? And, more importantly, is the chair she’s sitting on able to take all that beauty? You’ll have to buy the video to find out!

All in all, a truly amazing exhibition of feminine beauty, and an awesomely impressive display of will-power, physical ability, and commitment. Flat-out astonishing. Buy this one, people – you won’t be disappointed.

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