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  1. Respect, need more people posting huge ssbbw piggies on this site!
  2. Ah excellent! The boys need to keep up with our expanding girls. It’s Sunday night here, we’ve already had two huge meals today & we are about to have our third.
  3. Amazing, the way her gut swings up under her pussy as she bounces her vast ass 😋
  4. How is your bf’s waistline getting along? Found out my girls packed on 14 lbs in the last 5 months, much more than me, so she’s stuffing me at the moment coz she’s determined I’ll catch up with her. Every night it’s takeout & beers 😋
  5. That last girl 100% wife material, get her pregnant as fast as possible.
  6. She looks pretty damn wide in that tv interview on her insta
  7. Awww she’s the best, and actually me watching my first goth gf get fatter was partly what made me an FA...
  8. Cuter (& hotter) with every fattening mouthful, but that double chin is the cherry on a very rich cake 🍰
  9. We ought to have a ‘gainer of the year’ award on here.
  10. Tim uk

    Pritti patel

    I may not like here politics but she’s hot. Reminds me of an ex gf of mine who was half Indian. Always a slim face but just a couple of big meals and her tits, hips, belly & butt would go womf lol
  11. Truly the stuff that dreams are made of 🍑
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