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  1. Mmm doughnut😂


    1. bigirlover


      That’s one of 12, right? 😏

  2. I think this is my favourite stuffing 🥰 such a cosy but sexy video💕


    1. overkill


      It's a good choice of favourite :)

    2. Bomb_Destroyer


      Very good choice. You shoul another one like this. In fact, new idea you drink weight gain shakes on all fours

    3. Residentsteven


      Definitely my favourite stuffing of yours so far 🥵 plus that hiccup 😍. Can’t wait to see your next big stuffing.

  3. Don’t forget to check out my latest video💕 


  4. New desert stuffing video!💕💕 brownies, chocolate cake, chocolate milk, donuts and chocolate mousse
  5. New video! 😋



    1. Bomb_Destroyer


      Truly a dedicated feedee. For your next video you should eat a whole tray of pasta with a litre of sprite 

  6. Lana2002 decides to stuff her face with chocolate deserts until she feels sick! She’s a dedicated feedee who stuffs her face with doughnuts, brownies, chocolate cake, chocolate mousse and chocolate milk without using any utensils! Things get a little messy but living out her wildest piggy fantasy just stuffing her face without a care in the world turns her on. She even decides to get on all floors and eat the cake with only her face!😍😍 18 MINUTES FOR 8.99!! included in the video: -messy eating -chugging milk -eating on all 4’s -casual fat chat -belly play -close up eating


  7. Welcome to Lana2002’s second weigh in! She has been stuck at 326lbs for a month or so now and she has been determined to get out of the plaeto she was in! She steps on the scale and has she made it out? Has she gained anything or is she still stuck at 326 and needs to go hard in April to make sure that in her next weigh in the number is way higher? You’ll have to purchase the video to find out 😉 she then takes her measurements and to her surprise more luscious inches of fat have been added to her curvaceous body! She then talks about all the new changes she’s noticed about her body including a tour of her fresh, red/purple stretch marks and shared her story of the first time she got stuck in public!!🙈🙈 (at her school😯). To end the video she answers some frequently asked questions from her Instagram such as ‘why did you start gaining’ and ‘what do your friends and family say about your gain’. 25 MINUTES FOR $8.99!! included in the video: -weigh in -measurements -fat chat (changes, struggles, favourite things about gaining etc) -Q&A about my gain


  8. I have a video called February 2021 weigh in on here where I answer all about it ❤️❤️
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