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  1. first weight in video is now up🥰🥰❤️
  2. This is Lana2002’s first weigh in video! Watch now to see her weigh herself to see if she’s added anymore sexy pounds to her 75 pound in 6 month weight gain! She also takes her measurements of her arms, bust, waist, thighs and hips (which were too wide for the tape!😂)! She then discusses what changes have occurred during her gain such as new stretch marks and explains how she gained the weight and answers many other questions from followers such as ‘how did she get into gaining’. 15 MINUTES FOR 7.99!! In the video: -weigh in -belly play -discussion about weight gain -measuring -struggling -Q&A from followers -jiggling


  3. New video!🥰🥰🥰


    1. Carnivoresrule


      Love your commitment! You should blow past 350 if you haven’t already. At this rate 400 lbs by June is definitely possible.

    2. 1mini1


      Now that's gonna add some serious poundage to your incredible hips and belly....😍

    3. Lana2002


      @Carnivoresrule I’m still 325!😪 seem to be stuck at this weight but I’m hoping these shakes get me past it and I can hit 350 before June as that would be 100 pounds in a year!!

    4. Carnivoresrule


      Ok makes sense. I know these plateaus are supposed to happen from time to time. So sexy that you want to push through it by doubling your gluttony 😍

  5. Hi✌🏼




    1. jj22


      Woah.  That outfit REALLY suits you.  You look fabulous!

    2. Bomb_Destroyer


      When is the video gonna be posted?

    3. Lana2002


      @Bomb_Destroyer weight gain chugging video is in the process of being uploaded and my February weigh in will be posted tomorrow xox

    4. Bomb_Destroyer


      Thank you 

    5. Carnivoresrule


      If you gained 75 lbs to 325 between last July and January then you should be hitting 350 already about now 😍

  6. Today Lana2002 decides to try funnel feeding for the first time! She wants to gain as much weight as possible and really wants to hit 350lbs before June (as that will be a year since she began gaining) so she has decided to start drinking weight gain shakes! In this video she chugs an impressive 2.5 litres of chocolate weight gain shake through a funnel! For her first time it’s quite impressive. Watch as this dedicated feedee pushes herself to the limit as she quickly chugs the shakes. She gets so full and her belly becomes so bloated and round as she struggles to finish the drink. Come join her on her first funnel chugging journey! 16 MINUTES FOR 9.99!! In the video: -funnel feeding - quick chugging -belly play -messy drink spilling -burping -struggling -moaning -bloating -casual conversation about weight gain -jiggling


  7. Been thinking about purchasing one of my videos but just couldn’t justify the spend?? All my popular videos are now on sale for today only for $6!! 🥰🥰

    1. Carnivoresrule


      Mmm just feel like a little snack rn ;)

  9. New video! Burger King stuffing! 16 minutes for $8.99!
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