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  1. Well, time for an update. we've had some rough times and the lady hasn't eaten too much. She's now 195 lbs and I plan to keep her around that. It's under 200, her mental barrier. Meanwhile thanks to the ballooning she has a wonderful fat skirt she can't get rid of, so even at her lower weight she has a nice fat profile. Good round belly; you wouldn't mistake her for a thin person. When she lays on her side it blobs around nicely. When she gets too thin in the face, or her neck or double chin is not pronounced enough, I usually put her on a butter diet. Double butter on toast, and every meal has butter added to her portion. About 1 lbs of butter in a week. Obviously I'm not that into everything at the moment, but I like to keep her looking and feeling fat. With a bit of the weight loss she feels softer, more blubbery. Her fat skirt has a wonderful "I'm fat" effect on her, something I encourage and compliment her on of course. Still grab it often from behind, weighing it in my hands, and letting her know how nice it is.
  2. when you increase your food intake like that you still want to be aware of the distribution of your macronutrients. Usually when people overeat like this it's aimed squarely at fat and carbs only. What are you trying to accomplish?
  3. I like what it says about the place where a woman is when she doesn't goes for oversized clothes but reveals her body like that instead. That's one that's not going to lose weight any time soon
  4. Thanks @WatermelonMan that gives a good idea of how that would be I find taking my wife on all fours good for this. I can see her backfat, but I can also hold on to her side belly
  5. So, having come full circle, would you say the advice to be honest was spot on? And thanks for coming back to update. That's solid.
  6. Baby steps. You can step forward and you can step back. I find your additions to the forum tremendously helpful in the subjects you put out there and the open honesty you discuss them with. Something tells me you're saying things a significant number of lurkers are happy or relieved to hear about. I'd love to "like" more of your posts but there isn't always an appropriate reaction; we should have a "courage!" reaction
  7. 1. Reasoning back from evolution, a person with a fat reserve has a better chance of survival in the wild than one without or with less. So natural selection would disfavor very skinny people, and every trait favoring fat accumulation would be increasingly selected. Wanting more fat, and making a partner more fat, makes sense in that context. To this day we can see how extreme nature optimized for fat; the body's defenese mechanisms against weight loss are phenomenal. The selection for heavier is still ongoing, with men and women weighing 20 lbs more than we used to in the 1960's https://www.livescience.com/49-decade-study-americans-taller-fatter.html 2. The 1950's themselves are an outlier with men and women weighing less than they did earlier or later (https://naldc.nal.usda.gov/download/IND43861419/PDF). Since then the trend has been going up (see 1), so basically because you say "go back in time" we already know how this scenario plays out. We optimize for fat. 3. I think that as something becomes more common, it becomes less of a "hang up." Back in the beginning of the 1980's it was not common for women to shave their sex; seeing a shaven sex really was something. Now it's the other way around. You see more obese women (and men) because of 1 & 2: evolution (still) optimizes for it. These obese people have partners BECAUSE that is why evoltuion optimized for it: more fat = better chance of long term survival = a good thing = desirable. Male attraction to breasts basically falls in the very same fat/fertility/survival camp. 4. Fantasy <> real life. That simple. Example, women search for violent porn at twice the rate men do (https://www.vice.com/en_ca/article/bm9w7v/why-are-so-many-women-searching-for-ultra-violent-porn), but in real life these women wouldn't want to be violated.
  8. As a male I can only imagine -- with some trepidation -- what kind of messages you must be getting. Thanks for the compliment.
  9. Not necessarily. Your abs weaken from not really using them, from a lack of physical exercise. You can be fat and have very strong abs.
  10. Not a lot feeding done. I'm a bit all over the place and not really motivated to bulk her up. I'm at a comfortable place though where I can just hang back and enjoy the view as she's obese enough that she can't lose weight. She eats much more mindful; snacking on chips is a rare event these days. But when she's cut calories for a day or 2 she gets carb cravings and asks for french fries, poutine (fries with cheese and gravy), cookies, cupcakes, etc. She had a friend over recently, the same age she is, and it was a pleasure to compare the photo of that visit with one from about 10 years ago. Neither of them have a jawline or visible cheekbones anymore, and the bellies are prominently visible. Very good! What else? She needs regular belly and FUPA care. The fold of her overhang needs that care, and the crease between her thighs and FUPA need it to. She accepts the care without complaining about how she has to lose weight. The self identification as fat is complete, I would say. She told her friend that she is fat, she told the doctor that she is fat. Again, without complaining. I think I really have her in a new stage of life now where being fat is just what she is.
  11. I'm so proud of you. A 13 lbs gain in 5-6 months; getting him to eat 2000 calories dinners -- you do really good. Very nice stats on his waist too. And I know what you're thinking; 256 lbs looks nice but he can have much more And you know what? I bet he can. Keep feeding or, as you say so nicely, keep promoting his obesity. Love these updates.
  12. In the same way I slowly got her used to me touching her fat all over, I did with her double chin. Delicious. But it is maybe the weakest point for her. She's asked me not to do it, it makes her very self aware. I'm thinking that a woman who doesn't gain because she has the kink but just because it happens remains between "I don't care anymore", "at least he finds me pretty", and "I wish I was thin" forever. You seem to never come to the place where you go "well, that was that, I'm done; she feels good about being fat now"
  13. Drooling on... She's 23 lbs heavier today than she was in 2018. But more promising is that looking at her clothes, as recent as August last year she was buying 1X tunic; since end of November she's ordering 2X 💖
  14. She has such a delicious big fat belly 🤤 My favorite is when she sit on the side of the bed, naked. The sitting pushes the normally hanging fat up, and the fat under her breasts down, and you can really see that way how large of a fat mass she has accumulated. Seeing her round and fat like that I can hardly believe it was so short ago that she had an almost flat belly,.Then she started to gain under my encouragement and you'd see a little bump appear after a while; the mere hint of a belly. We're far past that now. Her belly has become a prominent, defining feature of her. To infinity and beyond!
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