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  1. I've won :) While we were eating we discussed how we feel about our bodies. When it came to her I asked "now that you feel you fit better in your clothes is that weight loss surgery still on the table?" and she said "I don't think so" Of course the real win will have to come once the papers come in, and she has to make her final decision, but so far I've moved her from "I'm getting surgery" to "I'm not sure" to "I don't think so" The coming weeks and months I'll regularly get back to this to reinforce her answer in her own mind. So it looks like I have a nice fat wife who's used to having her fat rolls squeezed and her belly caressed who's going to stay big all her life, possibly eventually a bit bigger. The internalization of being fat and adorable is ongoing. Today she put on a summer dress that's kind of tight around the belly; it really shows her fatness instead of those tent-like clothes many big women wear. She said "this is about as tight as I can wear a dress." Naturally I rewarded her with a lot of compliments; "that dress really looks good on you and I love how it shows your body" And while I haven't made a direct comment yet I've been caressing her double chin these past 2 days. Just caressing her face, running my hand over her cheeks, and then going under her chin and running my hand over her fat-flabby double chin. "You're beautiful." She's made no counter comments and hasn't complained about being touched this way. My goal is to make this a verbal thing too - "I love your double chin" or "your neck is gorgeous" - so that that's another piece of her fat body she feels a bit bad about where she has to accept compliments until she herself can't distinguish anymore whether she finds it bad or not. I'm leaving her free in her food choices at the moment. Yesterday evening that resulted in her asking for some pastry I had brought for her (6 portions, of course, instead of 1). She had refused it in the morning. Then for a sandwich. Today she finished her supper, then asked for another pastry, then for a bowl of cereal. Food-wise the goal is to have her feel comfortable, to have the impression she isn't eating herself fat. At minimum she maintains; her body's setpoint has definitely gone up and this is her new normal weight. Of course now the wait is for when she asks for a huge portion of junk food or a big amount of snacks :) The transformation is very satisfying. From self-criticizing fatty to successful weight loss, fed back to the upper range of Class I obesity but this time with a larger amount of acceptance. When she's out in public view it's not like a woman with a belly; she's fat. Big neck, very fat double chin now, round fatty face, real big extending belly with overhang, huge upper arms, fat starting to form around the wrists. Good heavy breasts. The only thing that looks regular are her legs; no gains are going into her legs so far. They're a bit thicker than before but nothing massive, nothing fat.
  2. Thanks @CherryPi Good tips. I have to see how I can pass those tips along
  3. The article covers athletes and how their base calorie needs go down after 2 weeks of intense workout
  4. “The researchers also examined past studies of overeating, in which people gorged on food to see how much weight they gained and how quickly, and found that most of them added pounds at a rate that suggested they could absorb about two and a half times their basic caloric needs. That is, participants might swallow more calories, but their bodies could not process anything beyond that limit.” Pushing the Limits of Human Endurance https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/12/well/move/pushing-the-limits-of-human-endurance.html
  5. Finally back with the wife. She’s very proud her belly got smaller, that she fits into her clothes better. She said her belly overhang was causing smelly problems etc. I complimented her on how she looks, caressed her double chin (new thing I’m doing) and said ‘very nice’, squeezed her back fat as usual, and ran my hands over her belly saying "that’s still a very cute belly", which she was happy with. It’s honestly hard to say if her belly is smaller or not. It seems to although that could be the power of suggestion. Sure is that when you look you see a fat blubber belly that really hangs over. She is nowhere near being thin. Her eating pattern certainly doesn’t seem to have changed; 2 croissants with butter and with peanut butter, followed by 1/3 to 1/2 a bag of chips. Also her double chin has gotten really massively fat. I’ll be caressing that at least one more time today, complimenting her on it. Going to see if I can bring up the weight loss surgery in a "now that your belly is smaller we can drop this" kind of way
  6. Reality check for myself. Although I love the idea of her being bigger and bigger I should remember I already have a nice, fat woman with a big belly. At 5'7" and 220-ish lbs she's at a BMI of 34.4, just within the Class I obesity range. My frame of reference shouldn't be how heavy she can be but how light she would have to be; at 159 lbs she would be at the upper range of "normal" weight. She would ave to lose over 60 lbs to get there.
  7. allgrownup


    Often a curry. Curries are a great way to eat more vegetables. At the same time the more liquid consistency makes it go through your system a bit faster, like eating soup, and you’re more likely to eat something else after. If i want her to enjoy the taste but not the rich calories I do cauliflower mashed potatoes or cauliflower rice. They make her feel very healthy too. If needed I can always add back a few calories. Almost anything with chicken can be tuned up and down in calories. Butter chicken using coconut milk, to name one. Shawarma is an essential one. Can be added to a meal, can be used in wraps. Add a bit more veggies to the wrap than chicken; there you go. I tend to stay away from any "lite" recipe. They substitute too much, often aren’t that healthy, and the end effect is eating more. I tend to take a recipe, look where the big calories come from and then tune that down or substitute. Sauces, like curries, are excellent for veggies too, making the plate much more interesting. Get a basic sweet & sour recipe and use it on veggies. Bit of shawarma on the side, maybe a potato; satisfying volume, satisfying taste, but not stomach exploding
  8. I’ve seen mine at 250 lbs, found her very beautiful then. 250 looked different than I thought it would. I like her face to get fatter, that’s a huge turn on. So I guess I like her over 250. 250-350 lbs, somewhere there. I’m Less of an FA in a way. I like the process of making her fatter, guiding her weight up and having her accept it. Let’s just say she’s still going to grow for a long time, if it’s up to me
  9. I first love my wife. That’s just a given. ‘Then some guys like big boobs or are into lingerie; I like it when she gains weight and when she’s big. It’s less of a pure fetish thing to me
  10. allgrownup


    I really enjoy cooking and the quality that comes with it. With 15-30 minutes on your hand you can have a really good meal, better than what you buy in a supermarket and often better than what you buy in a basic restaurant. The money vs value is incomparable. It’s so easy to make a pizza, so cheap, it blows your take out pizza out of the water. Or a nice butter chicken. Home cooking can also help make foods acceptable. Over the past year I’ve gotten my wife used to the rule that we can have anything as long as we make it. ‘Besides liking the taste, the value, and just the way of relaxing, I also enjoy being the one who makes all my wife’s meals, from breakfast to lunch to supper to snacks. Sometimes a bit more butter, sometimes a richer mashed potatoes; sometimes a bit less filling so she’ll ask for snacks again. I love that.
  11. Trust? No. But as long as it is a more or less accepted headline out there it serves me as a tool to ease my wife.
  12. I think it helps when I can point our other larger women, and their positive reception, to my wife. The more used she is to changed goal posts the better The new that Rihanna is over 200 lbs is very useful in that regard. https://www.aceshowbiz.com/news/view/00135207.html https://mtonews.com/200-lb-rihanna-hides-weight-gain-under-baggy-clothes of course the way she is photographed and the fact she is 5’8" means she doesn’t look fat (yet) but believe me, if you have a woman around 200 lbs and she has doubts, telling her Rihanna is 200 lbs (and sharing some of the positive reactions) will help
  13. Good prints @Bubblegump: it has to stay sustainable. When you’re not just an FA but also a feeder, that can be hard. The process and progress itself are part of the fun. Having grown mine quickly from 195-ish to 220-ish in a year, and now waiting to see if I can stave off a weight loss surgery, I’m counting on the long game again. The position she’s in weight gain is inevitable. The longer I can make it last, the more years of feeding and weight gain I have ahead of me.
  14. Good idea. For things mine eats regularly I keep a good supply in the house so she never runs out. Then, when she does want to cut down, there's always just a little bit to finish first :) That's definitely our role in this. I get food, make food, bring food. I take care of a lot/most of the household so she doesn't have to move. I want her to be used to a pampered lifestyle where she only has to chew and swallow, not much else.
  15. Make sure she feels treated like a queen when it comes to clothes. Whenever clothes come up, encourage her to buy something. "I don't fit in these anymore either!" "That's OK hun, just buy something you like" Gaining is already a problem in many ways for a woman; clothes shouldn't be one of them
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