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  1. Back to eating chips during the day when she feels "hungry" And...she wanted we take the car to go to a destination 400 meters (quarter mile) away
  2. @Russian Troll I'm not sure at all what you're meaning to convey with your reply
  3. If anything feeder relations must be the best out there. I know my wife and I have only grown more close together during this feeding journey, and that she's happier than ever before.
  4. None of her 1XL autumn/spring coats fit her anymore :) One of the coats she tried today she wore last at the end of May, this year, so that's a significant change in 5 months. Her reaction to clothes not fitting is markedly different from the ones in 2018. Instead of being slightly pissed off, or discouraged, she simply remarks "that one doesn't fit anymore" And yesterday in bed she used a cute fat-related adjective for herself. It's very sweet and to many may not have anything to do with size or fat, but to us it's a couple code word for a comfortable woman. As always, good fat acceptance behavior is immediately rewarded so we went shopping for her this afternoon. Chips are still nibbled on, quarter of a bag maybe, then she stops. But she does ask for fries, KFC, desserts, etc.
  5. We visited friends, one of which gained a bit of weight last winter, kept it on, and says she's not planning to diet this winter either. It's a very modest gain, she doesn't look fat, but apparently when shopping for clothes the dress chooses her instead of her picking the dress. My wife added to the conversation: "I'm done dieting; it's tiring" It's the 2nd time she talks about her weight in public without defending it, without making excuses. First time was when in response to a husband being proud his wife has gotten so much lighter she said "well, I'm fat" My overall impression is that instead of experiencing "I'm getting fatter" and sort of resisting that she is settling in an acceptance of "I'm fat" and a knowledge of "and that's how it's going to be and stay" She used to get quite upset when clothes didn't fit anymore. She still has a big part of her wardrobe that won't fit or won't fit nicely: this time last year she was around 210 lbs while now she's around 220 lbs. But now when something doesn't fit she just says "well, that doesn't fit me anymore either" and that's the end of it. Not going ahead with the very invasive weight loss surgery was a big step into accepting that this is how it is too. While being on the waiting list she would try to lose some weight through dieting; instead she gained. So that surgery was her last chance at losing considerable weight. She does seem to feel most comfortable with the idea of staying at this weight. Often she will eat just half or a quarter of a bag of chips and then resolutely close the bag and not touch it anymore that evening. Twice I've had to through away cinnamon buns (previously a sure shot snack) because she consistently refuses them. But a steady growth will do the job too. It will also give her a chance to gradually get used to being bigger still. Instead of overeating on snacks I'll make some solid meals this winter and help her along. I think the next bumps in the road will be some medical appointments. Weight is often the first thing they bring up and it often gets her thinking.
  6. It makes a person feel insecure, even in a relation, when your partner says "I really love you but I wish you would look like this" or "I find you beautiful but I would feel more excited when you look like that" It makes you wonder why you're not good enough, why you're not accepted as you are, and how come you're not exciting enough. Making her feel super secure in the knowledge that she is beautiful and exciting is the base. On top of that you can build positive reinforcement if things are going the way you like.
  7. An idea I picked up elsewhere is to take instant mashed potatoes or those SideKicks meal and replace the milk with cream. If the recipe also calls for water, don't replace that with cream too or it becomes inedible. Plated right she can eat most or all of one of those even though it's meant for 2 or more people My wife likes to have a piece of cake every now and then. For most of 2018 I would buy complete cakes and serve her a piece every day. I handle all the groceries, all the food prep, and handle her food, so one rule I follow is to always add something. If she wants a toast with peanut butter, add honey too. If she wants a cheese sandwich, add Cheez Whiz too. Haagen Dazs is a goto for me as well. She eats the same amount of icecream, about 1 cup, but it contains twice the calories. A small cup of icecream clocks in at 600 calories that way. Chicken Parmesan is a good rich food too. Butter chicken made with butter, no diet-replacement recipe, is a big hit.
  8. Just checked and you're right: aspartame. I didn't realize they changed it back. She's not a big sugary person. Some ice crea, some cake or pie. But chips and other salty stuff is right up her alley. She usually has a can in the evening. I'll have to experiment with her to see if I can get her started earlier in the afternoon so she might have 2 cans.
  9. Good points. And the luck of the draw is part genetics, part eating pattern, part random, it seems. MIne was eventually 250 lbs before she dropped to 185. She started to overeat again and after about 6-12 months of that I came out as liking her bigger, and the feeding and growing her bigger started. From the moment I really started to promote and push weight gain, when she was 195 lbs, to now, 220 lbs, is about 2 years with most of the gains in the previous year (2018). Where she first, back then, had a big round belly she now has a fat roll under her breasts, then a protruding belly of soft fat that falls down in a fat apron. Different shape altogether but different consistency too. Her fat is softer, fluffier this time around. More of her gains have gone to her breasts and fat on her sides and back as well. And previously she had a pronounced double chin but with her current gain she has a real nice fat blob hanging under her chin. Depending on how she sits and holds her head she has the chin followed immediately by the neck fat. Apart from that, if you look at her butt and legs....it's hard to imagine she's 220 lbs.
  10. That sounds like a good idea. Usually I ask her in the evening if she wants a diet pepsi but I'll switch to just bringing it. Pepsi is sweetened with sucralose so I'll do some reading up on that as well, but once this case is finished will see if I can switch her to diet coke instead
  11. A memory that just popped up. Twice, once when the journey really started in 2017 and once this summer, she's said "I'm never going back to being that big again" The first time she had eaten herself from 185 lbs (her lowest ever) to 195 lbs, and I told her how I liked her with a "bit of meat" on her. The second time I'd worked on her and she's grown to 220 lbs but felt worried I might change my mind, and I told her how I had enjoyed her when she was 250 lbs. The next 2-3 years will tell
  12. Between health issues (not weight related) and her weight gain her activity level and mobility have severely dropped in the past 24 months. She likes to think of herself as a go-getter, or presents herself like that, but her active years where her late teens. Since then shortcuts are her middle name. So she's always been more of a burst of activity/days of inactivity kind of person. But now... On one hand there's me treating her like a goddess, on the other hand there's her herself already moving less. Immobility was never really my thing but I've grown to like the idea of keeping her as inactive as possible while feeding her steadily. She's gotten quite used to that. She walks to the bathroom, she walks from the bed to her chair, from the chair to the bed. That's about it. I should time it once but all in all I'd say on a regular day she gets about 10-15 minutes of movement. The rest of the time she either sits in her comfy chair or sits or lays in bed, often during the day. She calls me if she wants something to drink or eat, but at times also to give her something that's just out of reach for her. This summer a short walk, less than half a mile I would guess, had her stop midway to lean her head against me to catch her breath. I kind of enjoyed that moment. The idea that's she's not doing much more than eating is appetizing. Of course there is the health question. So far her bloodwork is excellent. But also, whether I promote and enable this lifestyle or not, she will not exercise. She doesn't like to walk, swim, dance, etc. A bag of chips, a can of cola (she wants diet cola 😀), and het ipad; that's how she lives. Her last activity in the household is doing the laundry but I'm halfway at taking that over too. "No, I'll do the laundry babe, you deserve some rest" works very well. As I wrote earlier, I don't mind to have her function like a food processor. Eat, don't move, gain. As she's already 220 lbs (regular weight should be around 140 lbs) her BMR is between 1600-1800 calories a day, and she doesn't get that every day, so every movement avoided is a calorie saved :) I know some of our members/readers can be concerned about health or care. As I said, she doesn't want to be active. She enjoys the pleasure I derive from how her body looks and feels, and she certainly likes the lifestlye where everything is done for her and brought to her. She's living a very good, loving, rich life; it's just one where she also gets fattened up as often as possible.
  13. Not being able to weight her for a while I've instead taken her measurements today, under the guise that Christmas is coming up and I might want to buy her clothes. Bust (measured over the bust): 48.8"/124cm (up +0.8"/1cm since last year; up +5.9"/15cm in 3 year) Waste (measured over the belly button): 47.3"/121cm (up +2.3"/6cm since last year; up +5.5"/14cm in 3 year) Hips (measured over the hip bone & her fat apron): 47.3"/121cm (up +2.3"/6cm since last year; up +2.3"/6 cm in 3 year) I think those are very nice growth numbers. To compare: 35" is considered the upper limit for the waste for a "healthy" woman. Her bust seems to be close to being maxed out for now. Her waste is still growing very good, especially as since last year's measurement there were some feeding breaks, when she considered weight loss surgery, and when she was watching her weight. Much of the growth of her hips comes from the considerable fat apron she has hanging now. I knew it would feel too self-concious for her if I would lift it up to measure under it, even though on an almost daily basis I'll grab that mass from behind to lift it and feel its weight in my hands. She has a somewhat rectangular shape now, with equal measurements, making shopping for clothes a bit hard. If it fits nice on her waste it's too wide on her hips. Many things don't fit her because it doesn't pass over her bust. In general you can say she's a 2X for "relaxed fit" clothes, or about a size 20W-22W (plus sizes). (Sizing info) http://www.sizecharter.com/clothing-fit-and-measurement/plus-size-clothing-sizing-works Sitting she now has a very large appearance. Square, large, big upper arms, big belly, good fat hanging double chin. The obese look is slowly but surely taking over from the overweight look.
  14. Looking in from the outside it's hard to say of course. Maybe she likes a bit of dirty talk about her "ass" but "big ass" isn't fun to her. I know for mine everything that is about weight is off limits. "I love your fat ass" is a no-no. "I love your big belly" is a no-no. Touching her belly and having her feel how I get excited, moaning, or saying "God I love how you look", that works, with mine. Your task as a feeder is to make it easy for her to gain weight, and to remove all obstacles along that gaining route. Her role is to gain, and to show you her (current) limits. If today she felt like wanting to be desired for her thighs instead of her belly fat, that's it. Accept it. In my opinion pushing it and going the "I love your fat belly" route just is counterproductive. For most people bellies and especially belly fat aren't secondary sexual features; for her to hear "you have amazing breasts" is one thing -- "you have a delicious fat belly" is something totally different. My favorite way of making another man "see" it is to think for a moment that your wife is really turned on by *tiny* penises. And now she pulls your undies down and coos "I love how sexy your tiny, tiny penis is." Great. It's fun your wife is excited about you but...erm...this? Maybe she wants you to use toys to make it look smaller. Maybe you indulge her but at one point all the talk about your tiny penis, how small it is, etc. is going to get you fed up. Fat is like that for most women. Like most men don't desire to have a tiny, tiny penis, most women don't desire to be fat. Now that she is, and now that's either going to stay fat or going to grow even fatter due to you, your task is to make her feel like a godess. If on day X she let's you caress her belly and enjoys feeling your excitement; fine. If on day Y she indicats she wants you to fondle her breasts and kiss her in the neck instead; fine. Follow her needs, make sure her needs are met. Again: your task, your responsibility, as a feeder is to make this journey as pleasant and comfortable *for her* As for eating in company, I've responded to a similar situation like this to my wife; "I think it has nothing to do with how you or I eat; it's just normal in a social situation to adapt to each other. At work XYZ doesn't drink at all, so I'm not going to drink in his face either, you know" So, stay the course, serve your wife, worship her, and make it so her girlfriends would say to their husbands "see how HE treats her? That is how I would want to be treated"
  15. Thank you It's a delicate mental game we're playing. Having her ask for high calorie food is a turn on, but so is feeding her a high calorie meal she thinks is just average.
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