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  1. Looking better and better and more radiant and confident than ever.
  2. I'm counting down the days until you can finally stuff yourself silly Jai... So excited!
  3. I hate to necropost but... I believe I saw Bella in the flesh on a night out in Liverpool tonight and, my God, it was amazing and also a bit crazy to see a Curvage model in the flesh and in real life. She looked even more beautiful in person. I hope she comes back to this forum!
  4. Random request but... would you ever consider a "slob/messy" style stuffing session? Like, completely shovelling food into your mouth and eating rapidly, burping; getting sauce and/or chocolate around your mouth and on your finger tips and clothing, and then waddling around or lazily sitting around all bloated afterwards? A bit like the type of videos that BBW Layla sometimes does.
  5. You're starting to look really big... and you're more beautiful than ever, of course.
  6. I'm so glad you're back! I was gutted when you left. Getting too far ahead of myself already but... any chance you could do a collab with Fat Ass Ruby in the future? That would be the stuff of dreams! And what size bridesmaid dress do you have to wear? Any chance you can request a few sizes up?
  7. Ruby, you are too beautiful! We do not deserve you. May I ask: What was your earliest memory that made you realise you were into feederism/fat fetishism? (Mine was seeing Geri Halliwell after she had gained weight in the Union Jack dress during the famous Spice Girls performance waaaay back in the 90s!) Did you ever used to "pretend" you were fatter, by putting pillows under your clothes or something like that? Have you ever fantasied about being immobile? Hope you don't mind me asking these.
  8. I just wanted to say I can't believe it's taken this long for me to "discover" you on here. You are gorgeous and it's always hot to see a British feedee "girl next door" on here. Keep up the good work!
  9. This woman is my dream woman. I am in love.
  10. She really does radiate confidence and that's what makes her so sexy.
  11. Welcome to the site! You have an amazing body and I can already tell you're going to be very popular around here. Look forward to seeing more photos! May I ask: do you have a goal weight, and what was it that made you decide to join the community?
  12. Some more beautiful pictures -- shame they aren't the other way round! But she lost the weight very quickly, so it's doubtful she will be able to keep it off for so long. And she's definitely breathing in, in all of the images.
  13. Looks like she lost the weight very quickly. Still hot that she gained so much without realising though. I bet it will come back.
  14. Stunning progression, though she literally looks like a completely different person. You would not recognise her, if the last time you saw her was two years ago.
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