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  1. I prefer this to a girl who is thicker but works out. The thicker girl who works out tends to not be a soft and have smaller boobs. They're not as curvy. My girlfriend has huge boobs, so by comparison her soft starter belly looks very flat.
  2. No training at all. She walks around sometimes, but nothing more. She limits the number of calories she eats and tries to get enough fiber, but nothing more. She's started to get a bit of a belly over the past few months, but I'd say it's still in starter belly territory.
  3. My girlfriend is totally skinny fat. A BMI of 20 and looks slim, but she is complete mush. She has no stamina and acts like a fat person. Looks slim in her clothes and looks slim in a string bikini, but also looks very soft. Kind of the best of both worlds, because I can show off a skinny girlfriend, but she's got plenty of fat in bed.
  4. That sounds amazing! It's always great when a girl who's around 200 pounds wears a bikini. Were the bottoms high-waisted or the regular kind that sit under the belly?
  5. My girlfriend is skinny fat as well and is jigglier than ever now. It has to do with having a lot of fat and very little muscle. She's the same size as she was 5 years ago, but back then she was only squishy. Now she's squishy and jiggly. This change has to do with her getting older as well as losing both fat and muscle over that time and then gaining back only fat. Thanks to Covid, she has hardly been moving.
  6. Here's a sad story. My girlfriend's sister's boyfriend revealed to her that he prefers skinny girls. They have been together quite a while now, but I guess he never warmed up to her body. Her weight means that she doesn't satisfy him sexually. She's gained about 15-20 pounds during their time together, and though I think she was heavier than he would have liked when they first me, that must have put him over the edge. He said that he prefers skinny girls, but he's a somewhat husky guy himself. I feel really awful for her to hear this. She's going to lose a lot of self confidence over this, when she shouldn't be. I wonder if he saw her in a bikini like I did, if he would find her sexier (like I would) or if it would disgust him? I always thought that most people find someone more attractive over time. Is there any fix for this guy? There's nothing wrong with her.
  7. Wow. Those high-waisted pants really emphasize her growing gut.
  8. I don't have photos, but she let her mother take photos of her in her bikini. What's weird about it?
  9. People will like you exactly the way you are. We love all body types around here, and there are people all over the world who like your body. If you really don't like your body, it can be difficult for others to like it. There are some tricks that can help. If you can afford to, buy clothes you like. Wearing the right clothes can help you feel better about yourself. Wear a supportive bra. Get underwear that makes you feel sexy (it comes in all sizes). Wear fitted clothes, not baggy clothes. Wear your favorite colors and designs. Don't be afraid to go swimming in a real bikini that lets your belly hang out. Let your hair down. Having good posture is key. And if you can't love your body after all that, try to forget about your body. I find that wearing clothes that I love or clothes that my girlfriend finds sexy makes me feel a lot better about myself. If you want to feel sexy, clothes that are sexy help even if you don't think your body is sexy. I understand how it can be difficult to find old clothes online that fit you. My girlfriend likes vintage clothes too, and she's only just skinny fat. But she's just a little too tall and a little too thick for most of the old clothes. There were clothes for heavier people back then, but they seem to have been worn more and got worn out.
  10. I spent the weekend with my girlfriend's sister. She was always chubby, but she's a proper fatty now. She doesn't watch what she eats, and she eats big portions. She said that thanks to her boyfriend she's been eating a lot of pizza and sweets. She's about a size 12-14 now, and carries almost all her weight in her belly. We went to the beach and she's still wearing the same skimpy bikini she bought when she was about 30 pounds smaller. Because she gains all her weight in her belly, the bikini still fits well because the top is adjustable and her hips didn't gain any weight. It's a real bikini, not the high-waisted kind, so her full belly and back fat rolls were on display. Her belly was bulging out and hanging over the bottoms just a little. She said she wants to lose a little weight, but she seems to have no problem being fat. Considering how big her belly is, she is obese, and she'd still have a big gut after loosing 10 pounds. She either isn't aware that she is fat, or she doesn't mind.
  11. My girlfriend's sister spent the weekend with us. She had lost some weight last year after suffering from covid, but thanks to a new boyfriend she has gained it all back, and maybe more. When I first met her a few years ago she was a chubby size 10. She has always carried most of her weight in her stomach, and all of her weight gain this time was in her stomach. She arrived wearing a dress that flared out around the stomach. It was obvious she had a lot of belly under the dress, and she looked pregnant, particularly because her arms and legs aren't fat, and she has practically not ass. I had to take my girlfriend and her sister clothes shopping. She was looking for size 12 dresses on the larger side of size 12. Her hips haven't gotten any larger, only her stomach. So she kind of has a size 14 stomach on a size 10 body. The next day we went to the beach. Both my girlfriend and her sister wore their bikinis. My girlfriend looked better than ever in hers, having gained almost 10 pounds from last summer and has a nice starter belly. I got her to wear her oldest bikini, which sits the lowest on her hips. She looked amazing, but still slim by the standards around here. She thinks she's getting too fat to wear bikinis, but I do my best to boost her confidence. The sister wore the same bikini I saw her wearing a few years ago when she was a size 10. Back then She had a large belly bulge and back fat rolls, and now her belly and back fat have gotten more extreme. She now has the start of a belly hang. There was some belly jiggle. She bought this bikini about 6-7 years ago, when most millennial girls like her no matter their size were only wearing bikinis and the high-waisted trend hadn't taken off yet. Most people in her situation these days would have bought a swimsuit that holds in their stomach, but I was expecting her to wear her old bikini because she tends to wear her clothes until they wear out. She frequently wears clothes that, for all intents and purposes, she grew out of. I would imagine she'd like a high-waisted bikini if she were to buy a new bikini. The bikini still fit well, since the top was adjustable and all her gain was in the belly. The low-cut bottoms were being pushed down a little lower than they were designed to be worn because of her big belly. She admitted to gaining weight and thinks she should lose a few pounds, but she never gives off the impression that she thinks she's fat. She's very comfortable in her body and I saw no hint of embarrassment about showing off her fat mid-section in the bikini. The bikini looked better on her than anything else would have. I think she would have just looked like a blob in a one-piece. A high-waisted bikini would have only made her belly look bigger and her flat ass look flatter, and it wouldn't hide her back fat. The bikini made her belly look smaller than her skirts and dresses did. Definitely the best bikini body on the beach that day, since all the other fat girls were wearing one-piece suits and high-waisted bikinis.
  12. Do you think she would genuinely be happier if she lost weight? Is it getting the the way of her being able to do what she wants? Or does she just want to lose weight for the number on the scale? In my experience, people who simply want to weigh less for the sake of an arbitrary number aren't happy when they lose weight. If they got too fat that they're out of breath climbing the stairs, losing weight may make them happier.
  13. For me it's girls who are fatter than they think. Realistically it manifests itself when girls wear clothes that are too tight for them or show off more than girls of their size usually would. The ultimate thing for me is when a girl with a belly shows it off in a bikini and doesn't think she's too fat to wear it. I like how it shows that the girl is comfortable in her body.
  14. I'd tease her by telling her she still has a flat stomach. Either it will get her to talk about how fat she got or she'll believe you and gain more confidence. Either way it's a win.
  15. Her body isn't that big, but those arms are giving her the vibe of someone much fatter. The bikini being a size too small is also making her look bigger, which isn't a bad thing...
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