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  1. I recall seeing this girl before on insta, anyone mind sharing a link?
  2. Well, would just be lurking anyways. Anybody got something besides her twitter?
  3. Does anybdy have this girl's insta or other social media?
  4. I was wondering what the limits are for growth in a fairly short time period
  5. Did she really gain weight or is this fake?
  6. It's been 3 and a half days and I've decided to end this stupidity. I've gotten lots of swelling from eating too much for consecutive days, especially in the leg area and the pain is making it really difficult to walk. I don't know if this is a precursor to something bad but I want to stop putting my body at risk just for a silly fetish. It's ending now and I definitely don't need any extra weight on my body. I hope the pain and swelling will go down, do you know how I can get rid of water retention?
  7. No first time, and I've decided to stop gaining. It was a terrible idea to overeat so many days in a row. It's caused me nothing but pain and all for a fetish. I'm very concerned about this swelling in my legs, I find it difficult to walk because of the pain from it
  8. It's noticeable but not too significant, how do I make it go away?
  9. on avg. 3500 - 4000 cal, mostly sedentary 5 foot 7
  10. Is it normal to get thigh pain after 4 days of overeating? They've increased in size and hurt
  11. If I gain it in a week, would that be actual fat or just water weight?
  12. I'm a 5 foot 7 male with a sedentary lifestyle aiming to gain 10 lbs as quick as possible, currently at 140 lbs. What recommendations do you guys have for food/drink and how long do you assume it will take to gain?
  13. Would you say girls are generally heavier now or back then?
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