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  1. I don't believe they intentionally start with the tight clothing to show off their soft bodies, rather I believe they gained weight over the years and the clothes became exceptionally tight and now look painted on ! It's said that for about every 8 lbs you gain, your waistline goes up an inch ! so now a gal gains 30-50 lbs, her waist is now 4-6 inches larger ! take an already chubby chick with a 41" waist, bring it up to 45-47", and you've a belly spilling over the waistband and a shirt so tight that can about see a birthmark on her belly, the kind of shirt that rides up and exposes a slice of blubber and probably her bellybutton ? either way it's an enjoyable sight ! most women try not to gain weight and get fat on purpose, they just let it happen, resistance is futile ! they are in denial and think they will lose that weight which rarely happens, fortunately
  2. I like this look with the thin T- Shirt that has become so tight it looks painted on ! Where you can clearly see every roll and bulge through the shirt, even the shape of her navel ! you can also clearly see her breast shape and nipples, as they often go braless
  3. There is no point in having one if you're not going to show it off ! So that means an exposed midriff which is exactly what I want to see, particularly on an overweight gal The tummy is my favorite part of a woman's body. Once you're there and she enjoys being fondled there all other parts are next ! I don't actually like the ring, I prefer it gone when sex begins , I like to lick her navel and don't want a piece of metal in the way, however they are great to see more bare bellies. I think all women should be required by law to have a bare midsection
  4. Fat chicks are great but only if they allow you to feel all that glorious blubber and play with it all night long !
  5. There actually is a forum for people into burping ?
  6. that is one Bilgistic pile of Love Meat!
  7. Great muffin top, I'd kill to grab onto her Luvvies, I like em mature and flabby !
  8. I love it when a clearly fat,plump, chubby chick wears tight jeans and a slice of her blubbery tummy, even better is when they show the bellybutton and lower belly, she's gorgeous
  9. A little bit of a pooched out lower tummy in particular is extremely common and it's actually rare to not have at least a bit of a pooch. It's preferred by many men, especially here and at other similar sites. A woman can easily find a lover if overweight/ obese, no need to be slim unless you want to be a tight tummy/ body sort. 50-100 lbs overweight is desired by many and not enough for many dudes here. There is no problem for a woman finding a man when she's got a significant gut
  10. Both of these chicks are great ! I really like the first one, looks possibly Prego but I think she's just fat ? Either way is fine with me ! I like women with large breasts and an a belly that is even bigger than her boobs, great thread !
  11. I really that last one in wickedly too small string bikini that you call a BC/D
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