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  1. Xfinity92

    Hayley Mcqueen

    We still have this month and all of June/July/August. Shes already the biggest news reporter Ive ever seen at just 6 months. Hayley cant even hide how wide and round her belly is in black. With the way McQueen been eating and having a whole summer, shes going to blow up to the likes we've never seen before. Let this sink in, we still have a potential 3 months or 14 more weeks of Hayley on stage. This is the pregnacy we've been waiting for. She. going to be so Heavily Pregnant and unrecognizable by the end of this, just watch.
  2. Heres an update of Kat Von D and she is looking quite thick post-baby. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-6974195/Kat-Von-D-Rafael-Reyes-hands-pack-PDA-lunch-date.html Heres a before to show you just how much shes grown since December 17 And these photos are after the baby
  3. Xfinity92

    Gia Paige

    Its safe to say her Ass is growing out of control. My gawd, that white girl got Cakez for dayz
  4. Goddess Shar, just keep getting fat, Ok.  Dont stop, por favor !!!


    1. jarhead78


      It is mind-bending that this once-slender (and already stunning “conventionally attractive”) lady appeared on the scene so recently, with the singleminded mission to purposefully grow into a BBW goddess has now reached a huge 17-Stone and is still bingeing to grow ever curvier! 😍

    2. degek2001


      Wow, your curves are so sexy! ❤️ Henk

  5. I think shes the type to be screaming and talking dirty in the bedroom. Rachel Niks just has that look about her that when the doors are closed, anything goes. Thats just my opinion of course and is subject to be challenged. Good day mates
  6. Something that happens to alot of women who dont have a personal trainer/nutrionist or the will power to quit eating for two after they had the baby.
  7. Hey um um um how hows it going.  You know Spring is here which means its Suns out Buns out.  Ill bring the sunscreen along with some margaritas and plenty of food.  Have yourself a holiday babe

    1. Blossom


      Suns out buns out in a couple months for me 😁 there will be plenty pics to come of that! Margs and food in the sun sounds amazing! X

  8. Xfinity92

    Hayley Mcqueen

    Yea into a blimp. Like shes not even 5 months and look how much she showing. Hayley has gained this pregnancy weight so fast that her belly beat her to announcing the news. Just this time in mid February, Hayley wasnt showing any signs of pregnancy then March rolls around and we have the best profile/belly shots that we have ever seen from a sports news anchor chick. And from what McQueen been posting on her gram I wouldnt be surprised if Hayley is as Big as a House by the end of this month; as in April with how rapidly shes piling on the stones
  9. Xfinity92

    Hayley Mcqueen

    Skysports has become must watch TV
  10. Xfinity92

    Hayley Mcqueen

    Only a month ago she was barely showing. She is gaining weight at an rapid weight. This is truly the pregnancy this community has been waiting for. I have a feeling we're gonna be seeing a heavier Haley Mcqueen in the future. Ps: I do not think shes going to recover from the 5 Stone shes going to gain from this pregnancy judging from how much she has already gained from Feb-Mar. This will be the QUEEN of all celebrity weight gains
  11. Dayuuum this girl BAD and Fat as hell.  Blossom definitely gets my vote for new comer of the year.  I jist wanna rib and worship her bwlly and every curve on that body

    1. Blossom


      Omg thank you so so much! 😍🥰🥰

  12. Lucy can take my seed anytime !!!
  13. Today is a perfect say because we get to see the luscious Lauren squeeze into tight white pants.  

    Ps:  i still cant over how Lauren broke that couch when she sat on her man.  Money

  14. May I just say that I love whats happening to your body atm.  You are steadily leaving the realm of skinny/fat and entering chubby tub tub territory.  You need a feede to help you reach all your gaining goal.  Keep eating my dear.  

  15. I wanna make this girls belly jiggle so bad

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