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  1. I am not surprised either. Same for JLH.
  2. Papercut

    Mandy Moore

    I bet she keeps most of the bavy weight.
  3. What celebrity gains surprised you?
  4. Nicole Papay seems to be keeping her baby weight.
  5. Papercut

    Sarah Snook

    Shiv! She is really hot. Reminds me of Lauren Ambrose.
  6. Still plump and beautiful. https://www.twitter.com/CNNnewsroom/status/1303486743342182407
  7. I’m watching Doubt, the short lived series she made while pregnant. She was thicc atvthe start and is getting bigger in each episode. Here is a clip of an interview with her from that time.
  8. Papercut

    Amber Tamblyn

    She got really chunky.
  9. Papercut

    Norah Jones

    She is beautiful.
  10. Nicole Papay is still thick and has a noticeable belly.
  11. Probably best to stay out of politics. I suggest Yvonne Strahovski to play Brianna, after Yvonne gains a lot of weight.
  12. Two years after she had a kid & it looks like the baby weight is permanent.
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