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  1. Really good work. Didn't realize this stuff was this advanced.
  2. Just please have her show us her bare belly at some point, even if its after the weight loss in a before-after collage, I'll take whatever at this point.
  3. But could you imagine her getting to that size? Or bigger? 10/10
  4. Anyone think they can make screenshots and/or gifs of the parts where michiko is going down the stairs and they're all running?
  5. You're probably more likely to have access to these resources anyway.
  6. Though in all seriousness, to be fair, who wouldn't like a scenario where a stereotypical thot twitch streamer girl starts to get her comeuppance by blowing up like a balloon?
  7. Surprised no ones really reacted to this one, its interesting she would legit do a full on eating challenge, not to mention near the beginning she shows footage from earlier of her downing a ton of cannabis gummies, and in the description she mentions she's still full as she's writing it.
  8. "I'm not bad, I just eat that way"
  9. She posted some quality stuff on her story, especially the first one I saw, I don't have screen capture or anything so I couldn't save any, but I hope someone does as its currently at 21 hours which means it's about gone.
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