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  1. I hadn't seen that one. Is it from P*****n?
  2. Anyone seen her custom videos by chance?
  3. More from her pre-reddit gaining journey, from her boyfriend's deviantart: He's got others, mostly morphs of her as a blueberry girl. And then, you just have to appreciate dat ass:
  4. Kinda surprised she hasn't been posted here... I mean, just, damn! https://www.reddit.com/user/candii_kayn She's working towards 200-250 lbs, (personally I'd love to see her stay in the 150-180 region, but I know I'm in the minority). She's been stuffing and drinking gainer shakes daily and posting fairly frequently. And she seems immune to creepy comments thus far (but don't push your luck, creeps).
  5. Maybe. That said, she walked away from a 10 year relationship for someone else, presumably over "courting." I don't know exactly what "courting" means in 2018, and perhaps I wrongfully assumed the more outdated, materialistic and patriarchal definition of courtship. If by "courting" she simply meant that she wanted to see that he was serious about taking their relationship to the "next level" (marriage, domestic partnership, children, etc.), then I don't know. Either it never came up, in which case the blame is on both parties, or it did come up and he wasn't able to give her what she wanted.
  6. I have a difficult time imagining a relationship that drags on for 10 years but ends because you didn't "court her," but whatever. How did things even last that long? Did she "court" you, or was this a one-sided expectation? Relationships are a two-way street, and it's 2018 for spaghetti's sake. Courting can be fun, but it has to be mutual and free of the constant superficial bullshit (like spending lots of money on gifts, dinners, vacations, etc.). For my money, being comfortable around your partner to where you're not constantly trying to "win" them is the WHOLE FRICKIN' POINT of a long-term relationship. Lasting relationships are built on a mutual desire to do/build things together and to take care of one another. If you have good "chemistry", have fun together, take care of one another, and make long-term plans together, I really don't know what else a partner could want. Courting... feh. Also, don't waste time on people who want you to be something your not. That doesn't mean you don't constantly strive to improve yourself; if you're a shit person, work on that before getting into a serious relationship. But self improvement should be on your terms, based on what you value. Find someone who helps you be better, rather than someone who criticizes you for things that you suck at, especially if those are things you don't even value.
  7. The singularity has arrived, in this thread.
  8. Sure, but that's more of an issue with dating in general.
  9. I met my fiancé on Tinder, so it definitely works if you give it a proper try (though that was over 2 years ago, no idea if people still use it). I'll 2nd what people are saying about confidence. The idea of someone being "out of your league" is kinda nuts, and people who think this way are probably not worth your time/effort. If you have sufficient mutual attraction, good chemistry, similar values/interests, complementary strengths/weakness, and you're both all around decent people, then you should get on fine. However, sometimes even that's not enough, and in those cases, its out of your hands.
  10. ^^^ Yeah, if you're in to it, a stuffing video would be awesome. What's the most you think you could eat in a sitting?
  11. The more I think about it, I think I felt compelled to share with my friend that I have this fetish because it is exclusive and takes the place of any normal sexual desire. I don't care about vanilla sex at all, and don't seek it, which is weird if you're a guy. I've always felt that it set me apart from others, not desiring sex, so I guess I thought it would be good to explain to others why I am the way I am, rather than just going, "Heh, yeah..." whenever people talk about sex. As for my new girlfriend, she actually lets me feed her (I fed her a whole pumpkin pie with ice cream the other night), and was pretty understanding about things.
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