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  1. So the other night we went to have sex and my dick was dead. Never had that problem before and as soon as i noticed i got stressed which made the problem worse. My wife assured me it was ok and tried to make me not feel so bad about it. Semi-serious she said it must be because she has gotten so fat. Perk! I told her that wasn't the case and she started going on about how i dont like her because she is a big fatty. Needless to say i was back in the game and pulled her on top of me for some very spirited love making. The kimd where she doesnt move and i just go to town. Afterwards we were both catching our breath and she said "where did that come from?" Itold her it was what she was saying beforehand. She acts confused and with some prompting i explain it was her comment about her weight that got me going. Big mistake! She starts crying and wont talk to me. Eventually she says that i dont like her i just like her being fat. She is upset with me all weekend. I appologize, ignore her shitty comments and in general take my licks for making her feel less than. She still isn't over it and keeps talking about losing weight. I'm trying to be supportive. Saying if she lost 25 pounds she would still be sexy but its killing me. We were at the point where she seemed to accept being this size. She was even fine with me declaring that i want her to stay this big. I misread her signals and now i feel like i have undone years worth of progress.
  2. Quick update: since she didint have anything to wear she went to Target and bought a new dress. Had to buy from the maturnity section to find something that fit right. The dress doesnt look like a maturnity dress at all but several of my relatives at the funeral asked if she was pregnant. Granted all three were distant family memebers who hadn't seen her post kids but its still funny. I mean its been 2.5 years and she is still getting the dreaded post baby "when are you due" question. I was just glad they asked me out of ear shot. She would not have been happy.
  3. Wife has been eating like crazy. Seconds on pasta at dinner time and eating until she complains about being too full. On New Years' eve i had to make a second trip to Whatabuger to get her another order of chicken strips. Unfortunately, her New Year's resolution is to lose 20 pounds. However she never lost the weight in 2019 or any year previous so I'm not super worried. We have to attend at funeral this week so my wife tried on a black dress she wore to a wedding last year. The dress didnt fit at all. Her arms practically ripped the sleeves, belly was clearly visible, and she couldnt get the zipper even half way up. I had to help her out of it.
  4. My wife and everybody i know gained around 10 pounds when starting birth control. However its kind of a one time event, my wife didnt see the same kind of gain getting back on after we had kids.
  5. Yeah i do my best to keep her cup full in the evening but it would be nice if she would indulge in more snacking durring the day. She hates breakfast food so eats minimally in the morning. I try to pack a solid serving of leftovers for her lunch but IDK how much she actually eats. Sometimes she gets fast food in addition to what i send but no idea what actually makes its way into her tummy. She eats more than i do at dinner and tends to load up on carbs. If i could get her back in the habit of eating another small meal before bed i would be in business as she must be eating at least her maintenance calories already. The problem is that when i bring up eating after dinner she gets suspicious. She makes comments about me fattening her up and it's not productive. However if im not watching she will sometimes sneak into the kitchen and eat more pasta or rice if i leave it out. Its just difficult to always make it available as getting two kids to bed is unpredictable. I'm planning on making New Year's eve and day really indulgent. Lots of food and booze all day long. In the past a couple of days of overeating has reignited her appetite and might be just the thing to encourage her to keep over eating during the last few days of her vacation.
  6. Thanks for the tips @allgrownup. The problem is getting her started. Ive tried the candy bowl trick and offering her snacks. She hasnt taken the bait but i will keep trying. Really the only thing she accepts with calories at non meal times is wine. I wish i could get her snacking but its just not her thing. She is looking very chubby thesedays. Bought her new XL leggings, sweaters and jeans for Christmas. She even asked specifically for XXL underwear. They are just for lounging around the house but it's pretty exciting seeing her wear somthing with that second X. She has three weeks off and has been living in leggings and big shirts, nothing constricting.thefew times she has had to look nice she complains about her belly sticking out, it is getting pretty noticeable. Before she always dressed to minimize her hips but recently she abandoned that charade and is more concerned with hiding her belly. Its kind of a milestone, she is fat enough now that despite her pear / hourglass shape, her belly still sticks out prominently making it clear she is a fat women. She doesnt have a single item of clothing from two years ago that fits her, besides maturnity stuff. I had her try on a sweater she used to wear all the time and it was almost skin tight. Even some of her new XL tops fit too snuggly. Not really sure about her weight but i feel like her bodys has firmly established a set weight. I imagine it would be very difficult for her to get back to her prepregnancy weight as her body is used to this size now. I feel confident she will stay a nice fat mom for years to come and it makes me so happy. Maybe if I'm lucky she will pack on some more holiday weight and start really filling out those XXLs.
  7. I hate to speculate given the deep level of grief you have expressed but judging your comments it sounds like the loss of a child. That's a pain no one should have to endurr and you have my deepest condolences. All grief is unique and you should process it as best you can. If coming here helps, know you are valued. I'll spare you the overused platitudes but i find this quote useful, "in the end? Nothing ends, Adrian. Nothing ever ends."
    @Cheeseburgerlover dons a bikini and takes bite after hungry bite of a rich chocolate cake. You can tell she really enjoys the cake. In addition to devouring the cake, we get a great look at her hungry belly and growing backside. Her personality really shines through in this video.
    Enjoy some great belly views while @Cheeseburgerlover enjoys a well-deserved cookie. She is looking positively wonderful and seems to relish putting those calories she just burned back into her tummy. Her parents must be confused why she isnt losing weight. Video is short, sweet, and at a price you can't beat.
  8. Anyone have any gift ideas that will help add some pounds to the special women in you life. I'm not talking obvious things like, buy her a box of chocolate or bigger clothes to grow into, i'm talking subtle things. For example last year i bought a Roomba. Now that little robot does the sweeping which is one less chore / activity my wife does. Year before that it was a fitbit which makes her feel active without actually having to be active.
  9. I saw Lizzo at Austin City Limts this year and her set was fun as hell. Only knew one or two of her songs but the crowd had great energy and she put on a great show. Lots of her songs mentioned big girls
  10. I dont even want to know how many times the guy that opened that loeylame insta has hate masterbated about Loey. People are complicated i suppose
  11. How long have y'all been together? Are you planning on sticking around long term?
  12. Well i dont know if this is good advice but it got results. My wife lost the baby weight pretty fast with our first kid. It was disapointing. Then we got pregnant again seven months later. She didnt lose much after the second birth and is bigger now than she has ever been. If you admit you like her bigger she is more likely to feel comfortable at a higher weight. Now if you have some sort of catalyst like a pregnancy or honeymoon period after marrage then maybe she might grow some of those curves back and keep them.
  13. Thanks for the detailed post @JohnnyX. Yeah to be perfectly clear, i would never encourage her to start working out to regain those glutes. #1 telling a women to workout is rude #2 I love the jiggle #3 I'm actively trying to keep her as sedentary as possible. When i take the kids to the pool or the dogs on a walk i make her excuses for her so she doesnt feel bad staying home relaxing on the couch. I do almost all the housework and try my best to keep her sitting. Note: need to figure out how to condition her to snack when reality TV is on because she is always watching something terrible on TLC or Bravo. Her ass when it still had muscle was a thing of beauty, 8th wonder of the world. Sometimes i do miss how it felt to give it a little squeez but her bigger and softer butt drives me crazy too. I love how her thighs and hips have spillage, how when she sits down on the couch they spread out like butter. Also that ripple effect when hitting it from the back. I guess my post was more about noticing how the muscle is gone and has been replaced with fat. If i was going to ask her to do anything to but. Some morr oomph in that caboose it would be to pick up a fork and eat until she had gone up a few pant sizes. With the holidays coming maybe she will.
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