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  1. Lots of wine and late night eating fueled my wifes gain. I try to get her drinking as early in the evening as seems reasonable hoping that it will lead to more wine and sometimes 4th meal.
  2. The gym i go to durring lunch is staffed by two cute 23 year old girls. I typically just keep my head down and put in the work but i have noticed that one of the girls has thickened up nicely over the past two months. When she first started she was very fit, thin arms, flat stomach, small shapely butt. She looked to be about 5 ft. 3 and maybe 130 lbs as she had some muscle. Pretty much your standard gym girl. She stayed fit for months until this summer when she seems to have gained at least 20 lbs. Gym staff are required to wear leggings as pants, or at least every female does, and at first her butt was'nt anything to write home about. However, about a month ago she wore new legging with a very bright pattern and i noticed her butt looked much better than i remembered. I didnt think much of it but today she was moping the floor in front of the bench i was using and i got a pretty good view without being too much of a creep. Her butt is alot bigger and I'm guessing it's not from squats as her entire legs are significantly thicker and jigglyier. Her shirt was more loose fitting than the pants but i could make out a little starter belly. Her face has gained noticeably and her arms, previously gym girl toned, are much softer and starting to get that nice soft wing look. Because i go durring lunch i am usually there when she eats her lunch and its all over the board. Somedays she is eating a basic salad or meal prep looking food. Somedays the gym office, where i hang my dress clothes, smells like fast food or pizza. I have witnessed the two girls split a large pizza for lunch but the other girl doesn't seem to have added any poundage. She is a tall red head with a surprisingly nice butt for a skinny girl. Anyway i cant imagine this will keep going but its nice while it lasts.
  3. It's hot as hell outside so my wife is doing her best to stay inside and wear as little as possible, not that i am complaining. She is on a mashed potatoes kick and has gobbled up a big serving covered in butter practically every other day since getting the first package. She hasn't stepped on a scale since the beginning of July but looks a bit heavier. When she lays down her thighs and hips spread out like a bean bag chair. You can see that despite their size her legs have very little muscle anymore. It's like she melts into whatever she is sitting on. Belly is starting to hang ever so slightly too. Quote of the week "Atleast I'm getting good use of my maternity stuff. Two pregnancies and now its my everyday wear" she also kept complaining she is too fat for several of her maternity dresses. "My arms dont fit in that dress. My hips stick out too far in that one." She always wears maternity tank tops to bed. Funny thing is now they ride up frequently exposing her soft pale little belly. Its kind of a game for me watching her belly peak out and seeing how long before she notices.
  4. Jessica yesterday on the life feeds, "I hope i dont lose my love handles, my husband likes something to squeeze"
  5. Well because thats too simple and effective. Im looking for crazy and over the top! Jk I guess this is just kind of a mental sounding board for me. I cant talk about this with anybody in my life so my thoughts just kind of spiral until i process them or write them down. Anyway, looks like i got the best of both worlds. She ate the entire container of mashed potatoes and spent the rest of the evening complaining about being full and bloated. However she also suggested we make the potatoes a weekly thing as she raved about how good they were.
  6. I think my wife is toying with me. This morning she keeps texting me complaining about how hungry she is. I tell her to eat something and she keeps going on about being ravenous. Then she says shr needs new jeans because she just rubbed a hole between her thighs. I called her at lunch and she was super excited about eating mashed potatoes tonight. Mashed potatoes are like weight gain fuel for her body. Whenever she eats potatoes it seems like the next morning every single calorire was converted into new fat. I not really sure if i should strike while the iron is hot and maximize this opportunity or play it cool and try to think of the long game. I mean her eating the entire portion of mashed potatoes, ment for a family of four, would be hot but going to fast too soon might not translate to the scale.
  7. Had a funny conversation Sunday. I was picking a rotisserie chicken and my wife was eatting bits of the dark/thigh meat as i picked. She commented how good it was and said she loved thigh meat because it was fattier and tastier. Then she gave me a look and said, i bet you love it. I wasnt sure how to react so i just kept picking the chicken while she ate bite after bite. She was moving around the kitchen in a sultry manor and the asked, you're not going to own up to liking the fatty meat? I looked her in the eyes and said, oh i absolutly love it! She gave ne a big kiss and we had several minutes of thinly vailed innuendo relating to her being meaty and my preference for meatiness. It was strange and flirtatious. It was like she was daring me to call her fat and state that i want her because she is fat. Honestly not sure if i missed an opportunity for some sexy fat talk or sucessfully navigated a mine field. I mean she knows what i like but most of the time that makes her feel bad about herself. Yesterday though, she was, through innuendo, stating that she is fat (you're white meat I'm dark meat), that fat is better, (why would anyone be white meat when dark meat is so much better), and that i really like her fat (you like dark meat because it's so fatty and juicy). She also mentioned not minding being meaty. For clarity: this post has nothing to do with race or ethnicity.
  8. She hasnt weighed in since early this month but it would surprise me if she was above 195. She has always had thick thighs and they only seem to get bigger and flabbier. Back in highschool she was in dance team and had very muscular but flexable legs. She is still quite flexable but that muscle mass has melted away only to be replaced with soft jiggly fat. Her thighs jiggle and quake with every step. I love them because they are so soft and squishy. Hard to keep my hands off, i just want to shake'em. I'm still in normalise mode. I want to make sure she settles into this size so that it becomes the new floor. She has been eating normally so I'm hopeful that she picks up a couple of pounds before the holidays. Once cool weather comes around and swimsuits have been put away i plan on attempting to feed her over 200. If she knows that she spent a year without losing any weight and ended up even bigger she might just settle in to being a chubby mom.
  9. Welcome to 2019. Where everything you do or say is wrong and the internet is perpetually offended. The number of topics that have become radioactive have reached an unsustainable level. I mean the lady was trying to make a point but once again nobody bothers to listen to her reasons, they just react and claim agrevement.
  10. Cheers to another 15 this year! What type of body shape is your wife? Pear, apple, etc..
  11. Jessica is super hot but an absolute garbage game player. I was hoping she would make it far as a floater but she is just playing a super bad social game and has no idea about the various house alliances. Ill enjoy the view while she is still around.
  12. She mentions being fat and out of shape fairly often but not in a negative way, more a statement of fact. Like she is realizing she just cant do certain things and thats ok. She did 20 lunges the other night and was completly out of breath and sore for the next few days. When she complained about being sore she didnt say she needed to lose weight, she just said she shouldnt do those exercises again. Last night when being intimate I was removing her underwear and she said "hold on i cant do that I'm too...." Too what? "Dont make me say it" Too what? " Too fat, just. Give me a minute". She was on top of me and needed to roll on her side so i could take her panties off as they were very tight and she couldnt easily support herself. Needless to sat that was a huge turn on for me.
  13. Yeah pregnancy booty is awesome. Not sure if its the added weight, baby bump stretching clothes tighter over the booty, or something hormonal but most pregnant women i see have nice looking butts. My wife had a big butt before getting pregnant and its only gotten bigger since. Durring the first one the shape changed from very pronounced to flatter and wider then before. After the baby it gradually went back to the original shape. After the second pregnancy her butt is both wider and more pronounced. Really her butt is just over all bigger but sometimes its not as noticable as her hips and thighs grew too.
  14. oatmeal

    Anne Hathaway

    From what i understand she was cast in the Barbie movie. Her character was supposed to be chubby and not like the other perfect Barbies. Due to "creative differences" she left the film and was replaced my Margot Robie who will not be gaining weight for the film.
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