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    Looks like Cheezeburgerlover has gone up a few sizes since last year. Great video of her struggling to fit into last years shorts and pants. She speaks, squishes, jumps, and jiggles until finally finding a pair that will fit....but for how long?
  1. Another option would be to continue what you are doing for a week and then Stop for a week and see how you feel. If you can't stop for a week then you have confirmation its out of control and you should seek help. If you can then it could mean you have gained control of your eatting habits.
  2. Well this is some bummer news. Here i was bitching about my wife losing 5 pounds and then @allgrownup drops the WLS bomb. Really puts things in perspective. Im sure everyone here isnt in favor of WLS due to aesthetic reasons but having watched a coworker change throughout the process its pretty terrible. Thining hair, vomitting, bad skin and an incredibly un earned sense of superiority. Of the eight or so women i know who have had WLS all of them are now very smug about the overweight despite having previously been obese and requiring life threatening surgury. WLS is bad and i really hope for your sake she reconsiders, time to hit those weights!
  3. Wife is still "dieting" and claims to be down to 192. However the fitbit scale tells another story showing that she is holding steady at 195ish. Im not really pushing her. The longer she stays this size the more it becomes normal and sooner or later those bad habbits of late night eatting and never exersizing will return. She really is very sedintary. Last sunday, mothers day, her big old booty was glued to the couch or bed all day long. She didnt lift a finger and just sat watching TV all day while i brought her breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She watched a whole season on Netflix and had a bottle and a half of wine. I think if it was up to her she would just sit watching tv and her phone all day everyday. When i take the kids to the park she just sits at home. While im busy doing the household chores she is looking at her phone. She just doesnt move that much so all those calories she eats end up as soft sweet flab. I love it, just wish she would put in as much effort stuffing her face as i do talking care of the house and kids. I mean i would happliy take care of everything if she would waddle into bed every night stuffer to the gills and begging for a belly rub.
  4. Any status updates? I really want to know how much the fenugreek is affecting her eating.
  5. Good job @TaterTot thats thinking outside the box. Not much news to report on my end. She is officially on a diet but seems to have normalized her current size. Buys bigger clothes without complaint. Doesnt look into the mirror with disgust. She recently bought some high waisted tummy control underwear and shapewear to "limit her tummy jiggle". I would much rather her squeeze her body into some elastic to look smaller then actually lose that lovely belly. She asked me to help her stick with her diet and i in no uncertain terms told her that i liked her body now and if she was going to diet it was on her. I havent been sabatoging her, maybe tempting a bit, but have been trying to drive home how much i appreciate her body. Not just the obvious parts like her ass but the parts she is insecure about, "gosh your legs are so soft and smooth, i love em" "your arms look so cute in that shirt". Hopefully this will help further establish a floor weight and expedite an end to the cursed diet.
  6. Wife is looking too skinny these days. I picked her up to give her a hug last night and she felt too light. She needs another 25 pounds or so in my opinion. The five pounds she lost being sick havent shown back up and i miss them. I also miss making her 4th meal before bed. I am not really sure what to do. She seems happy and really proud of her small weight loss. If shes happy i am happy but ive done my best to let her know that i like how she looks now and dont think she should lose any more weight. She seems ok with her current weight and has clearly addapted to being this size. She buys XL clothes and doesnt stress as much about going to work in outfits where her chub is on display. I guess i should just stop focusing on the small loss but i was so excited to see her over 200. I think the 200 threshold is what made her worry about her weight so maybe i should just give up on that goal and enjoy her curvy 195 body. Idk maybe she will put on some summer weight.
  7. Let us know how it goes. I thought about doing that too but couldnt work out the logistics of getting her to take it. When she was taking it aftet our first kid it made her really hungry.
  8. Yeah she is better now thankfully. She was coughing so much she tore a muscle in her rib. She has been Weighing herself daily and varries between 195 -198. Its disheartening to see the lower numbers but she still looks great and since her grandma is here visiting she hasnt been missing any meals. Im just glad she is back to normal as keeping the house together ans taking care of her and the kids was running me ragged.
  9. @Fletcher thats super funny. At least she is getting some use out of the maturnity clothes. My wife wears her maturnity stuff alot of the time. The other day she complained about her pants being too tight and leaving red marks on her tummy. They were maturnity slacks.
  10. Experiancing this first hand right now. Wifes weight is down about five pounds. She doesnt look any different and is still very attractive but the number on the scale still frustrates me to no end. Its completly irrational but i cant help it. It stinks even more because she was so close to 200.
    She chugs a glass of heavy cream like she has done it before, lots of times. Great view of her butt, belly and beautiful face. Loved the wink at the end.
  11. Fingers crossed🤞 Yeah best case senario would be that its water weight and not eating will mess her metabolism up for a little while afterwards. However ill just be happy when she feels better.
  12. Sad news. Wife has lost five pounds and is still sick. I'm not sure how much of it is real weight loss / fat burned, but it still disapoints me. The Fitbit scale says that she has only lost a pound of body fat but idk how accurate it is. I mean i know she hasnt burned enough calories to lose that much weight in a week, especially since she has been sitting or sleeping almost thr whole time, but her appetite has been terrible. I'm trying to stay positive and focus on getting her well but seeing the daily decline hurts. I feel like she is wasting away before my eyes.
    Short and too the point. Her smile is sweet yet seductive.
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