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  1. 😮 Hmm. Ok, what hasn't happened to you between these photos? You haven’t been to the gym. Not for months. Yeah – maybe it’s struggling to open in the circumstances. But you haven’t been making up for it. The yoga mat’s gathering dust. The trainers have fallen off your shoe rack. There’s an empty pizza box propped on your home workout DVDs, and there’s hours of unwatched videos from a fitness channel you haven’t unsubscribed from yet, because you’ve just grown that lazy, and distracted... You haven’t let up at work. The hours are long – the days are a grind, and the lunches? They’re a necessity. Two plates are a must. Thirds, if they’re offering. Fourths? The literal dream. You’ve gotten so hungry all of a sudden. It’s good food, but it’s baffling how much you’re ploughing through, every day. All that energy intake – just to sit dormant at your desk, in your car – then home to lie down, relax, only lifting a finger to get up and get more food. Then more. And more... You haven’t worn jeans in a while. You’ve retreated from things that aren’t feeling so comfortable to wear these days. It’s so hot out – the last thing you want is to feel cramped and sweaty. Tight, rigid denim? That’s out. Stretchy shorts, loose tops, and flowy dresses? They’re in. But the upshot is you’ve only muffled the warning bells. You’re putting on weight. Loads of it, rapidly, and you haven’t had those whining seams to tell you so. You haven’t applied that surefire means of knowing exactly where all those extra calories have been heading... You haven’t swapped out your whole wardrobe yet, though. You’re squishing up your back rolls, trying to squeeze back into those same jeans, forcing the button beyond its limits from the edge of your bed. Hot girl summer, right? Now you’re sitting up, watching your big belly roll around your lap, wondering what’s happened to the girl who could slide her fingers round the inside of that same waistband two months before. You look in the mirror. You’ve filled out your skinny body with swelling fat. And anticipation. Two more months. One more picture in those same jeans. What can’t you do to yourself?
    It's hard to know what to write when words like 'quintessential' don't feel strong enough, but I think I can compromise when I say that this clip was transcendent. What you're getting here is effectively, three videos. She's so naturally sexy in the befores that it's hard to quantify how hot and heavy she's looking in the afters - and these are so action packed it's little wonder there's a lie-down pause where she's almost too horny to continue. Her seams split, her buttons pop, and she can barely get a grip on her zippers. So you're already on two for the price of one - yet this video is a trip within itself. True to form, it's clear GGG has spent a lot of time sourcing the exact snippets needed to make all her comparisons mirror and match - but the hottest thing is, a lot of this effort probably goes to waste. From the moment she steps into her jeans, she's struggling to keep up with her skinnier self. While the girl on the left is smiling and posing, the girl on the right is slipping further and further behind, sweating (yes really) and straining to squeeze into the same pair from just a couple months before. It's a new dawn of video comparisons in one of the hottest days this site has seen. It's a pity there's an Oscar for editing; I don't know how five stars can suffice by comparison! Rock on, GGG!
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . Oh, so you were looking for a rating on this? Really? Okay... here’s your options: 1) Scroll back to where you came from. Forget everything you’re reading right now, just head on up the page, play the video she sent you. Your gorgeous girlfriend needs your advice! On swimwear! Geez, what are you waiting for? 2) Huh? Didn’t you read Option 1? 3) GO HELP HER CHOOSE. 4) Scroll down. Suspend alternate universe (not recommended). Read review. . . . . . . . I loved it. Her dialogue feels so natural and the denial filters in so subtly that there were moments where I genuinely forgot this was a clip and not a video message. Even if it were it’s still hard for me to pick a favourite bikini - all I can say is the stars and stripes have never shined so brightly. 😍😁 The little breakaway to the pool provides a hot contrast - and only the most recent paving stone on a road to what has been the most documented journey on the history of this site. 5 stars are all yours, GGG!
    I read that description, and I watched this video, and I’m still stuck here in disbelief. Pushing the seams of a pair of trousers is one thing, pushing the bounds of what I didn’t think was humanly possible is definitely another. Trust GGG to do both 😉 And damn - she looks good in high def!
    😍 Enjoy as GGG shows and tells exactly why her clothes are shrinking, her body is jiggling, and her belly is starting to precede her. Yet another quarantine quintessential; the scale is going only one way from here!
  2. You write the hottest fantasies - I can't believe the pixels of this forum haven't disintegrated already...
    It could be a year from now, it could be Christmas. At rate she’s going, it could even be the middle of summer. I can’t tell when, but what I know for sure is that you’ll be back on this page, making a comparison in your head. You’ll be reading these words in the future sometime, wondering how the hell she got so big, so quickly. Your answer’s right above. There are so few models so much more singularly dedicated to blowing themselves so completely out of the shape they were in...as GGG. The genuine passion on show in this video is all the proof you need. Five stars. Absolutely incredible.
    If we had to choose between what looks good on you - burger juice, your sexy blue shirt, or just the sunshine - it'd be a really tough choice. Thankfully, this had it all 😉 Five stars - the way you get intimate with the camera is stratospheric! xo
  3. Just watched the entirety of the Umbrella Academy, it’s fantastic 😁 Writing some stories and kitting up for my one government prescribed daily run lol 😅
    Losing restraint, losing clothes, and losing all inhibition over twenty hot and heavy minutes of gluttony and gorgeousness, Kitty raises her own bar on the stuffing clip yet again. She’s cemented ‘Insatiable’ as a brand in itself - decadence, luxury, überindulgence and beauty wrapped in a package that’s bursting at the seams. I struggle to type at the thought of how much she could be packing into the next instalment. Her stool is on the verge - but it sure coped better than I ever could 😅 Five stars.
    A wide variety of summerwear, that's simply no longer wide enough. CBL's collection from yesteryear accentuates her gorgeous figure in so many different ways! 😍 Sexy though it is to see someone so at ease with their new size, I'm left dearly hoping these dresses haven't all been given away...
  4. Soft blue eyes - the rush lies there from the first shot to the last. So little differs - allure for miles, a sense of style, a decadent mouthful to savour - and yet, so much changes. When you were that slim-faced brunette, looking into the lense, balancing the first bite of that chocolate bar on your smile, did you ever see the silhouette of the beauty you'd become today?
    Hot. In so many ways. When public snacking is made to look this sensual, it’s hard not to melt into a puddle of bliss. And to think what must be happening, if this is happening every day... CheeseBurgerLover lays down a five star proof that the best way to eat ice cream is through a moan. And that wink at the end - good god 😍😍😍...
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