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  1. Weightwatcher

    Hayley Mcqueen

    Hint of a double chin in that last picture. And I love those soft arms. Beautiful.
  2. And we didn't even get to see a swimsuit clad before picture of her at her fattest.
  3. More junk food tonight followed by a visibly panting and out of breath Ellie as she had run after an ice cream van and failed to catch it and then a lengthy discussion about trying to squeeze herself into an outfit using "slimming knickers" (it's not your belly that's the problem it's your thighs chipped in Izzy!) and then bursting the zip in the process. Sadly we didn't get to see this but thought it would appeal to some as a concept.
  4. Boyfriend looks pissed off with her. I'll have her if you don't want her, mate!
  5. Far hotter in the after pic. Big boobs, full soft thighs and a bit of a belly.
  6. She's just not got any make up on. Glams up pretty well still when she wants to.
  7. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-6927579/Kelly-Brook-embraces-spring-vibrant-floral-print-jumpsuit-canary-yellow-jacket.htm Either off the diet or using slimfast as a snack between her regular sizeable meals. You can see she hasn't lost weight when the unflattering gym wear comes out. Sexy.
  8. She isn't even skinny. Just too slim for the taste of most of us on here.
  9. You have to mentally add about two stone for any instagram pics she has posted herself to get the true picture. Looks voluptuous even with the photoshopping. She's still hefty that's for sure.
  10. Her Celebrity Slim sponsors must cringe every time they see her latest batch of bikini photos!
  11. Hopefully she has a healthy pregnancy and birth, stays plump and returns to our TV screens looking gorgeous.
  12. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-6834817/Chanelle-Hayes-PICTURE-EXCLUSIVE-Reality-star-sports-painful-looking-sunburn.htm Still hefty and another bikini clad display of flab to enjoy.
  13. The weight she lost on the Cambridge diet has gone back on. Lovely!
  14. Don't know if it is just the pose but her belly looks massive in that photo.
  15. If you think your family is likely to comment on her weight, it might be worth just having a quiet word and mentioning she is a larger girl beforehand so they are prepared and don't display visible shock when they see her.
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