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  1. GODDESS! PERFECTION! Here in Brazil we would call her a "GATONA LINDA", which means "big beautiful kitten". 💖
  2. I joked about spending summer with Autumn, but the truth is that she is so lovely that any man would like to spend a lifetime by her side...😻💖👍
  3. Seriously now: she is my type of girl. I admire her beauty, her awesome curves and gorgeous face with cute eyes. She seems to be very intelligent too, which is FANTASTIC. 💜👍
  4. I'd love to spend summer with Autumn... 👅💙💛 I'm just kidding of course because she must have a lucky bf. 👍
  5. No, you are NOT a cow, dear young lady. You are a fine, intelligent and great girl. We like you specially for your great sense of humor and because you are a great person. You are a complete woman: intelligent, cute, refined and with a great personality. We feel blessed for all the great girls who grace Curvage.💙
  6. She is very pretty indeed, but what I most appreciate in her is her great personality. She is Golden and seems to have a heart of Gold, too! 💙💚💛 Enfin, she is a complete woman! The guy who marries her will do a great move in his life. I hope she finds a great man to match her greatness. She deserves.
  7. You are a GODDESS! 💙 Why american girls are so cute? What do they put in the water in the US? 💜
  8. This thread is one of the finest here in curvage. 😃👍💜
  9. I wish I could have someone special like her in my lonely life. It is very tough to be a single ugly nerd guy suffering with autism and chronic depression. My thoughts are so sui generis that I am unable to make friends, unfortunately. Ellana is like a fresh hot summer breeze to me. 💜💜💜 A lovely girl, a classy gorgeous woman.👍👍👍
  10. Yes, indeed, PRETTY sure! Haha She really is a goddess, a new paradigm of feminine beauty. She can have any guy she wants. She is living proof that a girl can be curvy and drop dead gorgeous at the same time. I do hope she inspires other young girls, it is so much better than starving or having anorexia. Ellana is my type of woman. 💙💙💙
  11. Looking guapisima, Nicole!💙💙💙
  12. You are SOOOOOOO cute and with a great personality to match your beauty. 💙💙💙
  13. I could easily marry someone like you. 👍👍👍💙💙💙
  14. You are a great girl bc you are so much than just a pretty face and fancy body. We see that you have a great personality too and a nice brain as well. You are very funny and interesting. 👍👍👍💖💖💖
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