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  1. I am so sorry she lost the extra weight... She carried it really well.
  2. Once I read in her instagram that she has a severe allergy and, because of this, she usually has to be medicated with corticoids which make her gain oodles of weight. So this is factor (4), I think. Hope this info helps.
  3. Who is the chubby gorgeous blonde in this video, please? GREAT VIDEO, btw. Her belly is so sensual...
  4. Wow, looking VERY beautiful and sexy. You really are a princess. I like your curves and your gorgeous face. Sensual photos!!!! What a cute bunny you are!!!! Really cute.
  5. renatobrazil

    Hayley Mcqueen

    God gave us a beautiful goddess...
  6. Simply AMAZING!!!! Wow, I have just one word for you, dear Kitty: PERFECTION!!!! Looking very hot and beautiful and plushy. I love your curves and also your gorgeous face.
  7. Adorable girl, very healthy and good looking!!!
  8. Nice job!!! Great video, btw. Many thanks for posting it.
  9. Well, who knows? She has a lovely bit of moon face...
  10. Maybe she is taking cortisone??
  11. Looking very very very gorgeous, Nicole. Awesome curves. Getting more and more beautiful.
  12. Goddess!!!! You are SO beautiful, curvy and plushy!!!! You are the dream girl of many guys.
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