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  1. Saw some lovely new photos recently...
  2. Can't tell if there's any photoshopping in those pics, but she looks stunning nonetheless!
  3. She'll probably grow into it soon
  4. I wonder if there's any food associated with Hamburg she could eat... 😉
  5. Just saw this episode. Not a wrestler now, but the ref Jessika Carr also looked soft 😍
  6. That's Jordynne Grace
  7. Is this just a camera angle, or is Anastasia actually that tall!?
  8. Yeah, I'm 5'7" IRL, which makes appreciating bigger/taller women better for me
  9. I'm quite the opposite. I'd like to think I feel more like a man if I was with her
  10. If it helps, here is the photo that accompanied that post...
  11. Not sure if she's referring to here or not... 😐
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