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  1. Jenna Van Muscles was on AEW Dark last night, but now competes as Jennacide. Came across this comparison photo which I don't think has been shared before. Whoa...
  2. Shame they didn't repeat this on this week's episode. Guessing someone who works on the show may have seen this & ruined it for us. Who was it!? 😂
  3. Pretty sure I spotted her chin looking bigger. Not quite double, but still lovely!
  4. Either that or the mannequins lost some weight... (Probably the former)
  5. Beat me to it! Kenzie Page AND Skyler Moore 😍
  6. My god, this is probably the biggest I've ever seen of her. Get bigger!
  7. As a general lover of big women overall (whether it be curves, weight gain, muscle, height, or all of them!), I found this clip of NXT very arousing. The tiny men struggled to stop the big, strong women of Rhea & Raquel going at it!
  8. Kudos to the cameraperson/director for this being the first camera angle of Toni's entrance...
  9. Can't find the video for the match itself, but Kenzie Paige looked pretty big in this week's AEW Dark (from 1:06)
  10. Don't think I ever saw her mentioned here, but does anyone else think Skyler Moore from AEW is pretty thicc herself?
  11. Either Red Velvet is that small, or Britt Baker looks huge/thicc in comparison...
  12. I completely missed that reference. D'oh!
  13. Hunter as a giantess? Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
  14. Did anyone see the new NXT UK? I'm sure Piper Niven looked pretty big in that too!
  15. I'm a regular Liv Morgan fan. But yes, I'm also a fan of huge Liv Morgan
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