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  1. Wow, she looks thicc! Has she been posted on here before, as I don't think I've seen her before! ❤️
  2. Anyone else agree that Charlotte Flair looks bigger in this commercial (see thumbnail)? Not sure if curves, muscle, or both, or the fact that a green CGI thingy would make her look bigger anyway. Woo.
  3. She'd make Nia Jax look like Alexa Bliss (if anyone gets the reference)
  4. Not the point, but has she had some work done on her face? It looks different from the last photo posted in December? 😄
  5. She's at a food festival? I wonder if there'll be anything left 😊
  6. Welcome to my world!
  7. Saw some lovely new photos recently...
  8. Can't tell if there's any photoshopping in those pics, but she looks stunning nonetheless!
  9. She'll probably grow into it soon
  10. I wonder if there's any food associated with Hamburg she could eat... 😉
  11. Just saw this episode. Not a wrestler now, but the ref Jessika Carr also looked soft 😍
  12. That's Jordynne Grace
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