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  1. Giantess Lover

    Bebe Rexha

    A clip of Bebe Rexha on this week's episode of Celebrity Juice here in the UK. Video added below as well as screenshot
  2. Awesome! Hopefully the ring won't have to be reinforced 😃
  3. And she has the great advantage of not being an in-ring competitor, so can probably eat what she wants?
  4. I was exactly the same!
  5. Some of her more recent posts...
  6. Lana's done a lot of galleries since the last post here. I won't post all the photos, however she's still looking well (fed)
  7. Found out that Tiff is on Instagram where there are a lot of photos of herself looking curvy/big boobs, and even some throwback photos of her from years ago when she was thinner!
  8. Damn, that's epic! Where was this then,; this definitely isn't NXT UK?
  9. This is great stuff! Although I do believe that they've finished filming the series before it was announced it would be cancelled. It'll still air later in the year
  10. Look at that butt. Sorry, couldn't resist 😥
  11. I'm sure I've read on a few pages that she's 5'9" or 5'10", which is another reason why I'm in love with her
  12. So...it appears she's pretty much lost all the extra weight, but still wants the big boobs...
  13. If she's trying to be like Rikishi, I hope she starts wearing a thong and doing the stinkface too. Yumyum
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