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  1. Holy shit, When did Nightshade get so big!? 😍
  2. I know it's only an advert, but I wish Felicity got this big!
  3. WOW. That's probably the biggest I've ever seen it
  4. I'd ask if Sky Sports News would do a countdown timer, but I'm guessing they might put that on hold after the whole Bury FC/Bolton Wanderers debacle yesterday...
  5. Was it ever said here or anywhere whether her gain could have partly been down to her relationship with her now husband, or is it just purely for medical reasons? Nonetheless, I'm even more jealous of Bryan now 😄
  6. And some footage of her stand-up, perfectly shot so that you can see her beautiful body; belly & all; right in the middle. She also mentions her 6'1" height at the start
  7. By contrast, here's a photo of what she used to look like...
  8. Been following the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year, and one of the nominees for Best Newcomer in the Comedy Awards is Helen Bauer, a 28 year old comedian, who is not only very tall at 6'1", but is very, very curvy too. Tall, big, curvy, funny = pretty much my perfect woman! Found some great photos that prove my point, and she loves being in photos with people smaller than her in comparison
  9. Wow, she looks thicc! Has she been posted on here before, as I don't think I've seen her before! ❤️
  10. Anyone else agree that Charlotte Flair looks bigger in this commercial (see thumbnail)? Not sure if curves, muscle, or both, or the fact that a green CGI thingy would make her look bigger anyway. Woo.
  11. She'd make Nia Jax look like Alexa Bliss (if anyone gets the reference)
  12. Not the point, but has she had some work done on her face? It looks different from the last photo posted in December? 😄
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