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  1. Guess what’s coming soon!!!!! A weigh in video! You can finally see my progress😍🥵 DID YOU MISS ME? ❤️ I missed you!
  2. Hi love, This is my 2nd weigh in❤️ Im excited for you to see my gain! If you want to know my before weight there is a 1st weigh in video.😍At first I was very shocked at how much I’d put on as I’ve been poorly with covid-19, but you’ll soon understand why Ive put so much weight on in the video, disclaimer ITS ALL THE CHOCOLATE IVE BEEN EATING😂🙈 you really don’t want to miss this video! I’ve done myself so proud letting myself go and making my stomach so soft! ❤️


  3. Unfortunately I’ve been struck down my covid😂 I will be back to posting my videos soon and chatting to everyone
  4. I mean if you don’t like it that’s okay. But please come off my thread if you think I’ve ruined myself❤️
  5. Hope you’re not missing me too much, I’m just taking a few days off to focus on my studies. ❤️❤️
  6. How old are you you stunner?

  7. Watch me stuff nearly 3000 calories into my sexy body! ❤️ My legs are spread open in order to sit comfortably with my belly hanging over. I’ve expanded so much that it’s impossible so fasten my tight jeans, 15 minutes worth of fat stuffing, sexy bouncing, belly play, fizzy drink chugging and fat chat! This is one you are don’t want to miss🥵 and when did my belly button get deeper??😱 I feel so hot when I watch my body expand💦❤️


  8. Haha! In my head I thought I was fat. But looking back now I was never fat! I’m so glad I took a step Back from the gym because I could have made myself poorly
  9. Many people wanted to see more before photos so I’m going to post some here ❤️❤️ What video would you like to see next😱❤️
  10. Guess what’s coming soon!!!😱 a well requested try on for my old clothes! Do you want to see me bulge out of them?? 😏❤️
  11. Watch me strip off and try my old ‘skinny’ clothes on again🤤🤤🤤 I love you watching me play with my belly 💦💦❤️Multiple outfits are tried on. This shows just how much weight I have gained😱🥵


  12. Absolutely! I will be sure to get these out as soon as I’m free
  13. They still tell me I’m getting fat, but this doesn’t bother me as much as it used to x
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