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    Best video yet. Loved the angles. Loved the dialogue. You look absolutely stunning from the standing position. I wish I could rate it higher.
    wouldve been better if the view was from the front like the original youtube video
  1. Came across her on Tumblr awhile ago. I think her profile was deleted during the Tumblr purge. Just wondering if she is active in the WG community/
  2. Just figured it out by the coat! Nevermind
  3. Thank you, I'm trying to figure out what set of hers it's from now. She looks absolutely drop dead gorgeous
  4. I've looked on the bigcuties site but can't tell who she is. Also sorry if I'm putting this in the wrong thread. I don't post often.
  5. That's dissapointing. Hopefully she's making someone happy
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