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  1. This is my first time seeing you! You are gorgeous!!!! Keep posting status updates!!! You need to be seen!!!

  2. This is the first set I've ever done with my big "fancy" camera! The quality is so much better than my old content, I'm so in love with it! I really love caramel, as you can see >:3


  3. I haven't worn this shirt in YEARS I'm really pushing every single button to its absolute limit! Do you think any buttons will pop off?


  4. HUGE FULL LENGTH Monday Mukbang: Taco Bell! This is the super long full length video, (over 20 minutes long!) of me stuffing my face with Taco Bell! Theres belly play, stuffing food into my face, and just overall goofiness! Grab a snack and come eat with me


  5. Place your bets now! Do you think this chair will break?? Come watch me test out the weight limit on this tiny little chair!


  6. Better_With_Salt is an amazing artist who draws so many beautiful plus size people! I couldn't help myself but to recreate one of their great pieces; a cute cubby girl sitting in front of the fridge just helping herself! be warned, a ton of belly play is in this video!


  7. Look at me, a StrawBerry Cow! I can't believe the mess I made during this video, but it was so worth it! I smelled so good afterwards, just like strawberries! The strawberry milk came right out of the fridge, it was so cold on my belly!


  8. Dexter's Mom has got it goin on! Dexter's Mom gets really wet, slippery, and soapy while cleaning the kitchen! Will you stay and watch? She really wants you to!


  9. I was just scrolling through curvage when I came across your page. Honestly I didn't know you were on here since I've been on twitter and follow you lol glad to see ya' satanpanties🥰

  10. Satanpanties666

    Some Older Pictures <3

    Here's some random lewds from a hot minute ago :3
  11. I uh... Have no idea how this works 😅 so please be patient with me!

    Do I upload ALL of my previous content or do I just post the cute stuff I like 🤔 

    I dunno so we'll just start here!💕


    1. Submissivefeeder


      Omg it's her! Definitely upload your fosters home cosplay! 

    2. CarlGnarl


      I'm sorry, I didn't hear what you said, I was too busy being hypnotized by this incredible bikini pic!! 🥰

    3. Bigbobsbeepers


      Do whatever you want. You are Killin it already!

    4. CarlGnarl


      Damn, I just drove past Waco last week, too, not that that means anything. But they sure grow 'em BIG in Texas!

    5. drpop


      This is nice full body picture  of you showing off your great body, like the purple wig suits you. thanks and take care.

    6. Danument


      You absolutely should. ESPECIALLY if you have any burping clips 👀

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