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  1. Enjoying a big slice of pumpkin pie in my vintage lingerie before bed and of course covering it in whip cream! Hope you enjoy xo


  2. All ready for bed and I decided I needed another snack, and what's better than cookies for some sweet dreams! Wearing nothing but my short black robe and a thong (which is more than what I usually sleep in 😘) I sit on the bed and savour some cookies while I rub my nice full and happy belly xo Hope you enjoy! xo


  3. Now that I've embraced it and have been getting softer on purpose... I love it! The support from this community has been amazing! The best part though is now that my booty, boobs and belly are bigger...they're way more ...sensitive... if you know what I mean 😘
  4. Finally took a moment after a busy day to give my belly some love and snack on some cookies! Felt like a curvy sexy lady James Dean leaning against the wall with my belly on full glorious display! Oh and another bonus, I slowly take off my bottom layers so you can see what the public sees, and then what one the lucky ones get to see 😘 Hope you enjoy! Much love xo


  5. Hello , I love Burgers, 

    and I was a Salesman Burger's

    😁Let It Go Laughing GIF by Cheezburger

  6. Mmmm I would love that! My poor belly has never gotten any love from anyone but me
  7. I broke my parents golden rule of no food in bed 😛 Tried out a new angle, kneeling on my bed which gives a really hot close up of my ultra soft belly while I devour a giant double chocolate muffin! Hope you enjoy! xo


  8. Stripped down and devoured my favourite chocolate bar while giving my hungry belly some much needed love. I long for the day when I can be with a man who rubs my belly and feeds me chocolate while I sit on his... lap 😘 Hope you enjoy! xo


  9. New Bikini! I love a bargain and this bikini was too cute to pass up...don't you agree? Plus the corset sides and back mean it might still fit next summer...maybe 😘 As I'm sure you've realized by now I am a retro girl and I loved the 70s bohemian vibes of this bikini so I thought I'd model it for you with my crown and au naturelle 😛 Hope you like it! xo


  10. I've never been on an all inclusive or tropical type vacation! You wanna take me stud? 😉😋
  11. Bought this fabulous swim suit on clearance and wanted to show it off! Also wanted to show off how it makes my belly look 😘 Hope you enjoy! xo


  12. Hi loves! Someone posted a sweet compilation of 6 photos of me eating on my thread and I was inspired so I thought I'd share a collection of my favorite pictures of me eating since the start of my journey! The first few I was just experimenting and didn't even know what the fetish was I've just always loved food! Hope you enjoy xo


  13. Did a little workout and worked on my place all day today, so I needed to have a break and have a KitKat 😘 Hope you enjoy my little pocket of pleasure from today xo


  14. Went and had a picnic in the park today with a poutine from my favourite place! I couldn't resist filming something for you all because it tasted SO good and rich covered in gravy...it made me want to be bad! Hope you enjoy! xo p.s. that's the Wonder Woman symbol on my panties for those who are wondering 😘


  15. Finally went for a swim this summer and was feelin myself and my curves after being in the water 😘 Hope you enjoy! xo


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