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  1. So my sweet frie fans! 🥰 @extra_m13 commented on my fast eddies video with a great suggestion of doing a burger review series!!! I think this would be so fun!! What do you all think?! Which places should I try first? P.s. @olazabul I like your milkshake idea too! So where possible I'll do a cheeseburger and shake review!! 😘
  2. Here's the Fast Eddies food critic video lol I always thought being a food critic would be such a fun job!! Or a professional ice cream taster!! Hope you enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends lol Much love xo
  3. Tried Fast Eddies for the first time!! Their crazy fries were amazing!!! but their cheeseburger didn't meet this connoisseurs standards lol My belly makes an appearance and I burp, this video is full of surprises lol Hangout in the car with me as I lose my fast eddies virginity 😮 Hope you enjoy! xo😘


  4. Feelin myself in this flowy skirt 🥰 Hope everyone is doing well! My ankle is healing up and I filmed a video yesterday! So stay tuned for a weekend treat 💗 Much love xo
  5. Thank you so much that's very sweet xo🥰 I did sprain it and my foot! I rolled my ankle and fell hard, skinned my knee and everything!
  6. I am! Till December 12th! I've plateaued though! I need some encouragement and support! It's been ahrd to get enough calories to ofset the ones I'm burning organizing after my move!
  7. *sing to the tune of my favourite things from the Sound of Music* Doughnuts and Dachshunds and icing on brownies! Bright coloured sprinkles and big juicy burgers! When my ankle sprains, and my head hurts and I'm feeling sad, I simply eat all of my favourite things and then I don't feeeeeell sooo baaaddd!
  8. Grabbed a poutine in between running around yesterday and it looks like my favourite workout pants are struggling! 😉
  9. Absolutely not getting old lol I take it as a challenge! I actually thought about you while taking this pic and hoping you'd say that it was now on the list lol xo You can also see the top of the straw from my chocolate milk I had with this, I've been SUPER into chocolate milk lately?!
  10. Tried out a local sub shop while in Fort Erie and it was delicious! I LOVE a Reuben sandwich! Xo
  11. Dunno why but I love the jbc at Wendy's! There's something about the ratio of ingredients I like better... plus they're so cheap!!!! Lol they're tasty, cute and thrifty ... like me! 😘
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