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  1. Just admiring before getting in the shower and thought I'd share the view 😚
  2. Keeping the love theme going for Family Day in Canada today! Xo
  3. Happy Valentine's Day my beautiful fan fries 😚 Sending you love and gratitude today and always xo
  4. It's finally edited and uploaded just in time for love day tomorrow! It's just waiting on approval right now! It's a few seconds shy of 30 mins and officially my longest video ever!!!!!!!!! I'm really excited about this one loves! I don't know why but it feels more personal? Maybe because its been hard to open myself back up after some of the things that have happened on here and because its super 50s vibes which is a big passion of mine! Please let me know what you think!! ❤️ https://curvage.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/11475-1950s-bake-and-shake-a-cake/
  5. I love the 1950s and I love chocolate cake! So I thought, why not combine the two and share the fun with you! Red dress, black lingerie that's too tight and chocolate cake with cherries on top, doesn't get more classic 50s sexy than that! My gift to you for Valentine's Day and its a long one! 30 minutes of me and my lusciousness in heels no less! 🥰 P.s. I must admit.... filming this and now watching it over again definitely made me rather ... flustered...😘 Hope you enjoy! Much love xo


  6. Omg you guys!! The cake is in the oven and the first part of the video is... full of booty and chocolate lol
  7. Totally tubular 90s vibes today running errands and showing off my belly in my high waist jeans!! Speaking of retro... I'm going to film the 50s baking and eating cake video tomorrow for Valentine's day and I'm SO excited!!! What would you prefer, a retro dress or some lingerie? Or maybe I take off my dress halfway through...!!!! 💗
  8. Anyone feel like buying me doughnuts? 😋 lol for some reason they taste better when they're a present, other food not really but somehow doughnuts do, like they're more of a treat?! Lol Think I'm going to make a chocolate cake for Valentine's Day and eat it of course... and film it as a special Valentine for you 💗 Much love... and rolls xo
  9. Oh most definitely! Especially after eating a lot, there's been a few times that I've walked out of restaurants with my pants button undone!
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