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  1. Started the day with a tank top, but it was too darn hot so I finished the day with just a sports bra and skirt! Lol This extra juicyness sure does make the heat a lot hotter! Lol 🌞😘
  2. Two best gifs ever!! Especially the spongebob cheeseburger one lol it's so me!!!!!!
  3. Happy Canada Day!! Got to test out the new swimsuit today which is a size bigger than last years!! 😘
  4. Hi, beautiful lady. Follow your wonderful fattening way to yourself since month. Did a comparison collage with some material here on curvage. Just to please you! Hope you like it. Stay healthy´n happy and keep growing 

    Cheeseburgerlover homage.jpg

  5. Doesn't everyone eat a buttertart when they get out of the shower? 😋
  6. Getting undressed before getting in the shower after a long day of working outside, finally setting my belly and softness free! Hope you enjoy 😘


  7. Cut myself an ultra long blonde brownie after working outside today! Couldn't wait to get my lips on it 😘
  8. That's exactly who I was thinking of lol I love the original movie!
  9. Based on a few requests I did a video focused on my growing belly! Someone had the idea of seeing what I can hide in my rolls which I thought was fun! Like a magician hence the name lol 😘 Hope you enjoy getting up close and personal with my belly xo


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