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  1. I've never been on an all inclusive or tropical type vacation! You wanna take me stud? πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‹
  2. Bought this fabulous swim suit on clearance and wanted to show it off! Also wanted to show off how it makes my belly look 😘 Hope you enjoy! xo


  3. Hi loves! Someone posted a sweet compilation of 6 photos of me eating on my thread and I was inspired so I thought I'd share a collection of my favorite pictures of me eating since the start of my journey! The first few I was just experimenting and didn't even know what the fetish was I've just always loved food! Hope you enjoy xo


  4. Did a little workout and worked on my place all day today, so I needed to have a break and have a KitKat 😘 Hope you enjoy my little pocket of pleasure from today xo


  5. Went and had a picnic in the park today with a poutine from my favourite place! I couldn't resist filming something for you all because it tasted SO good and rich covered in gravy...it made me want to be bad! Hope you enjoy! xo p.s. that's the Wonder Woman symbol on my panties for those who are wondering 😘


  6. Finally went for a swim this summer and was feelin myself and my curves after being in the water 😘 Hope you enjoy! xo


  7. I've been eating an ice cream cone every day and thought I'd film me eating one in the car, with my belly out 😘


  8. I'm staying with my Mom till my new place is ready and so I had to sneek away to shoot this video for you 😘 It's short but oh so sweet so its priced as a bargain xo Hope you enjoy !


  9. I have a dress collection almost as large as me πŸ˜‰ So I thought I'd do another dress try on video for you xo I also show off my soon to rip lingerie that I bought only 3 months ago! My belly is something I've always been self conscious about, but now I play with it, enjoy it and love it especially since discovering that playing with my belly turns me on! In this video I take some time to feel up my belly at the end 😘 Hope you enjoy! xo


  10. Trying on some old summer tops and I ripped the first one! I tried a new camera angle in this one to try and give a better view of my belly, which has become an erogenous zone for me since gaining! I play with it and show it some love at the end of the video too 😘


  11. It was a crazy hot day so I came home and grabbed a pint of ice cream right away! As I start to eat my clothes start to come off to fully enjoy my pint of cookie dough! 😘


  12. Here is a much requested dress try on video! The weather is finally warmer and I am finding that as I reach into my closet to wear a dress from last summer, they don't fit! Added bonus, everyone knows you have to wear a thong wearing dresses so my growing booty gets lots of camera time 😘 Hope you enjoy! xo


  13. Bought myself a few giant brownies from a local bakery and all the chocolate was definitely making me feel naughty... 😘 My juicy booty is the part I'm most excited about with my weight gain so far and I thought it deserved more attention in this video! Hope you enjoy! xo ☺️


  14. I picked up some fresh strawberries and of course HAD to get 35% whipping cream to go with them 😘 Thought I'd show off the super cute Wonder Woman workout outfit I bought recently and am now spilling over the edges of! Hope you like it xo


  15. Getting out my shorts and summer pants as the weather gets warm and realizing I've grown A LOT since last summer! My belly really is in its full glory as I try and squeeze into old pants its bounces up and down demanding to be set free, clearly my belly and my thighs are not fan of pants! You can even see a difference since the last clothes try on video I did "Blouses Be Gone", I honestly think the last 10 lbs I gained went right into my sweet belly 😘 I think I may need to go shopping... xo


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