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  1. Went to the Wendy's drive thru and ordered a bunch of things off the value menu because I like variety! lol I parked the car and enjoyed...fully...including undoing my shirt and my pants to play with my growing belly 😘 Hope you enjoy! xo


  2. Breadsticks after a swim are the perfect carb heavy snack! Little did I realize that I had pretty much outgrown the bikini I packed! Hope you enjoy me having some fun with my softness while also dripping wet! Much love xo


  3. I'm a retro girl through and through! One of the things I love about the oldies is Pin Up girls! So I thought I'd do my own little version and show my extra soft curves some love in this lingerie that no longer fits and has me bulging out everywhere! 😘 Hope you enjoy! Much love xo


  4. Just sneaking in a few quick doughnuts before bed 😘 These ones are a special apple cinnamon sugar recipe from a local orchard! SO TASTY! Hope you enjoy! Much love xo


  5. This lady has completely stolen my heart.  Love her. 🙈❤️

  6. Hi everyone! So this is my first ever weigh in video! I'd stopped actively gaining for the past few months so I was curious to see how much I weighed. No Spoilers! 😋 If you choose to comment please don't mention the number and spoil the anticipation for everyone else! This has also been a very requested video so tada! Here you go! Hope you enjoy! Much love xo


  7. I love this time of year because there are festive treats everywhere!! I picked up this cute sprinkle doughnut from Tim Hortons (along with 5 others) and thought I'd share with you as my belly bursts out of my jeans! Hope you enjoy! Much love xo


  8. So I just finished working out and decided to eat a few giant cookies before hoping into the shower. I had to sneak them in because I'm staying at my parents for a bit and they're trying to get me to eat healthy! Looks like I'm going to have to sneak out for a lot of cheeseburgers the next little while! Hope you enjoy me showing my belly some love while I eat a chocolate chip cookie! Much love xo


  9. After a few week hiatus here is the long awaited bikini and chocolate cake video! I held a vote on my forum and this theme won! Which I am very happy about because after a few weeks of craziness with the play I was in, I sure needed some cake! lol You can tell I really enjoy it based on all the moans and times I close my eyes in chocolate ecstasy! There was actually a line in the play "Cover yourself in chocolate glory" which I found incredibly erotic! Hope you enjoy! xo


  10. Enjoying a big slice of pumpkin pie in my vintage lingerie before bed and of course covering it in whip cream! Hope you enjoy xo


  11. All ready for bed and I decided I needed another snack, and what's better than cookies for some sweet dreams! Wearing nothing but my short black robe and a thong (which is more than what I usually sleep in 😘) I sit on the bed and savour some cookies while I rub my nice full and happy belly xo Hope you enjoy! xo


  12. Now that I've embraced it and have been getting softer on purpose... I love it! The support from this community has been amazing! The best part though is now that my booty, boobs and belly are bigger...they're way more ...sensitive... if you know what I mean 😘
  13. Finally took a moment after a busy day to give my belly some love and snack on some cookies! Felt like a curvy sexy lady James Dean leaning against the wall with my belly on full glorious display! Oh and another bonus, I slowly take off my bottom layers so you can see what the public sees, and then what one the lucky ones get to see 😘 Hope you enjoy! Much love xo


  14. Hello , I love Burgers, 

    and I was a Salesman Burger's

    😁Let It Go Laughing GIF by Cheezburger

  15. Mmmm I would love that! My poor belly has never gotten any love from anyone but me
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