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  1. I just thought fat women were beautiful and over eating always turned me on. I was 115 lbs in the before and probably about 160...maybe 170 in the after
  2. Just can't get them to fit. Oh well.


    1. ExponentialGrowth


      Dayum your belly is just the most perfect big round ball of fat 😍

    2. FatGuy1234567


      Better unbuttoned anyway 

  3. I'm definitely planning on doing videos soon. Although, I have a really shitty phone so the quality is gonna be shit 🤷‍♀️
  4. I tried drinking heavy cream once and it made me feel so sick. Same with weight gain powder.
  5. Lol, I should do that myself one of these days.
  6. I'm still debating! Lol. Not yet. I've been eating like a pig but the numbers on the scale haven't moved much
  7. Say hello to my burrito baby :D. New pics under "lovethatchub" thread.


    1. reuben diesel

      reuben diesel

      Looking amazing! 😍🔥😍🔥

  8. New pictures! Maybe bigger belly? Say hello to my burrito baby
  9. I would love to make videos, I just don't think I have that large of a fan base for it to be worth it.
  10. I'll probably end up making $4. From you and Jay Rock lolll
  11. With the pretty low traffic I get on my thread now, it almost seems not worth it, but I guess it's worth a try
  12. Do you guys want to see videos of me trying to squeeze into these size 18 jean shorts? Seriously thinking of getting into making videos. I just have such a horrible, outdated phone and computer. So, get ready for real low quality if I decide to make any.
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