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  1. Thanks for the Follow 😍

  2. https://www.tumblr.com/dashboard/blog/tsohgecaf ~~uwu
  3. I'm glad that having a Chinese friend has qualified you to speak for Asian people everywhere. You truly are a paragon of virtue.
  4. .webm Files don't play on mobile Safari or Chrome yet, unfortunately. Makes browsing 4chan on mobile a PITA.
  5. "h-hey.. g-great modeling work, you're an inspiration to women everywhere. C-can I pay $30 to watch you get fat!?!" "o-ohh.. $100 a month? O-okay! N-no p-problem talk to you soon babe 😍🧡💧💧" *logs on to curvage so other people can get ripped off too* God damn you're a fucking idiot.
  6. How can you tell that she's racist? Because of a flag? You're rushing to judgement there a bit don't you think? I'm not sure how much time you've spent in the Southern States, but for a lot of people it truly is just a 'southern pride' / 'family heritage' / 'local tradition' kind of thing.
  7. Mitomi Una omg - thanks Anon!! My new waifu ❤❤ Here's another Japanese Goddess - Alice_Mather:
  8. Thank God that we're living in the 'Asian Century'. Japanese, Chinese and Korean women truly are the last bastion of Western Civilization
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