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  1. Nice! Thanks for starting this thread @thadrou90
  2. Oh crap, the model posted by the OP is a different Vitoria lol
  3. What is this in relation to? Can you point to where this came up?
  4. They're film pics that were taken by Alpine Swim, but I agree they do look older because she's a lot slimmer right now it seems.
  5. https://chromat.co/pages/lookbook-hunter-malik-shot-by-anastasia-garcia
  6. I don't ever remember there being a video that showed those censored areas. I think this pic was just a tease to get people to sign up, but then she wore a thong in the video.
  7. I got a good laugh out of this, just because, body positivity movement notwithstanding, these curve/plus models always seem to high on their horse and confident when I meet them. All those IG posts about feeling disenfranchised and sidelined don't ring true with how these women act in real life.
  8. There's no doubt that Latecia is dope, I just feel like she's oversaturated at this point - I've seen a lifetime's worth of images of her in lingerie and whatnot.
  9. She has horrible instincts when it comes to her self produced content, for all the reasons you said. It looks like some cheap urban modeling stuff.
  10. There's a lot to lose before she even approaches being svelte or slim in any way, that I can assure you.
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