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  1. Can't lie, the ultra curvy Steph was really something special. Maybe slightly unrealistic, but the ultimate fantasy. (That said, I understand these models have to do what is best for their health/well being)
  2. Anything new from her? Anyone follow her on OF and know if she's posted lately? 👀
  3. Yep, I just verified as well it's gone. I wonder what happened?
  4. She's definitely gained a bit but it looks fantastic on her.
  5. Hasn't anyone noticed that she's post WAY less than she used to? 🤔
  6. Unless you see Steph's weight loss in motion (video) or in person, I would be highly suspect of these images/gifs as proof of weight loss. She is extremely good at knowing her angles.
  7. ^^^ Damn, where did you get that? She looks good.
  8. Always liked this pic but lost it for awhile...
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