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  1. How many tummies can you see on this picture😄?


    1. jarhead78


      One big sexy one! 🙌🏻😍

    2. nomanisanisland1


      this very sweet and special underbelly is killing me 🔥


  2. Late night fastfood makes my belly so fat ❤️


    1. Ant1984


      And look at your double chin 

    2. In Love With Bellies

      In Love With Bellies

      And thick thighs ☺️

    3. Guylikesfatgirls


      Keep scarfing it down 

  3. My first experience with being fed through a funnel was a year ago. Time to get back to it 🤔🐽

    Bez tytułull.png

    1. FeedeeLover27


      I can agree with that! 

  4. Hi! I've just uploaded my new video. I'm trying to squeeze myself in some of my skinny clothes in it, wanna see how it went? 😅


  5. I've recorded a video in which I try on some of my old clothes. I am desperately trying to squeeze my fat body into some tight shorts, a stretching dress and my favorite belts❤️ . It was quite a struggle, so I was often getting out of breath like I was trying to run a marathon 🥵!


  6. At first I wanted to gain just a little, then I was curious what my body would look like at 70kg. Now when my job doesn't require any particular fitness from me I can indulge myself without any limitations... what it's like to weigh a 100kg? Gaining is so fun and sexy! ❤️

    1. ziao321


      How about your folks? What do they say about your changes?

  7. I love sweet brakfasts! Have a nice Sunday 🐽


    1. nomanisanisland1


      a preference with visibly positive effects. you have also chosen very nice lingerie. picture looks really awesome

    2. In Love With Bellies

      In Love With Bellies

      Sweet breakfasts build sweet belly 🥰

  8. You are so sexy 😍

  9. Oops, my old swimming bra cannot hold my breasts anymore! 


    1. BBWLover312


      I'll hold them......gladly !!  😍

  10. Hi! I've uploaded a photo album where you can see how a petite girl became a plump fatty over 1.5 year ❤️





  11. Hi! I prepared a very spicy photo album for you guys with my weight comparison between me 1.5 year ago - 50kg and me now - 75kg 📈 You can see me from eight different angles illustrating how my body has changed after gaining 25kg 💕 I didn't know the difference myself until I made these😅! When have I become such a fatty?


  12. What do you think of an outfit like that?


    1. SVegan


      Very sexy 😍

  13. I've found my favorite shorts which I used to wear two years ago - size XS. I have no idea how did I manage to squeeze into them 🤨 I can't zip them up at the front though, and that's how it looks like from the back😅:


    1. CarlGnarl


      OMG that is just so adorable, it isn't fair!!! (faints)

    2. Krounos Demetrios

      Krounos Demetrios

      Those shorts could not be fitting any sexier. That's fantastic. Please more like this. Please show us the frontside too.

    3. Curveshunter16


      Yup, totally agree! Sould also make video of such things!😍😍😍

    4. Vanity_


      In this case there's nothing else but to record the video 🐽

  14. Recording my first video was an awesome experience, though sometimes I was so captivated by the sweet snacks that I was forgetting that I'm even recording anything 😅


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