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  1. twg11221

    Hot slight gain in white bikini from YT vid.

    Thank you!
  2. Anyone know who the woman in the very beginning of this video is?
  3. twg11221

    Racquel (Filipina gainer from way back)

    It's been a long time. I got some nice pics awhile back. I'm still on the hunt for pics of her at her biggest (see samples below to see just how big she got), but I am kinda happy with what I've got and I'm not holding my breath. Still, leads are appreciated! Still, doesn't hurt to cast a line IMO. Especially so if I can at least throw in a few examples of just how much she ballooned. Cheers!
  4. twg11221

    Hot web model from way back who got huge

    YES! That's her alright! Many thanks dude! Great call! Now that I have her name, I'm gonna see if I can dig up some pics of her getting big. Really exciting watching a woman with that figure (even with the fake boobs) blow up so big. Thanks man! Appreciate it!
  5. twg11221

    Hot web model from way back who got huge

    No, it wasn't her. The woman in question had gained unintentionally and was a bit more of a pro model. Always nice to watch a Brooke video though!
  6. I remember a long time ago there was a web model who started off thin, then unintentionally gained up to around 300 lbs. If I recall she was blond and had a bit of the Trish Stratus thing going on style-wise. Even though her gain was unintentional she kept modelling throughout her gain. Eventually she lost all the weight, but not before becoming massive. There were even a few articles posted online around that time about her dramatic weight loss. This would be a great thing to dig up if anybody can. She still wore revealing outfits as she got fatter and it was a 100+ lb. gain. She was hot to begin with and then she BALLOONED. Any help is greatly appreciated. Not for anything, I think that a lot of people on this forum would love this one if any material can be found!
  7. twg11221

    Dove Campaign for Real Beauty Timelapse

    A few years back there was a Dove: Campaign for Real Beauty commercial that showed a thin woman on a scale rapidly getting fat. It was done as a time lapse/morph. I used to have a low-quality version on my old computer, but that got lost when my old comp died. If anybody has this please post it. Thank you so much in advance!
  8. twg11221

    I miss Gainerdoll

    Fuck off.
  9. twg11221

    I miss Gainerdoll

    I miss seeing new pics from her. Eh, people have lives and stuff to do. Understandable. But still. Just sayin'. Can't wait for some new pics!
  10. twg11221

    Racquel (Filipina gainer from way back)

    Tugging the line again. Hey, it worked last time! Still looking for pics from when she got WAY bigger. Trades available. This was a free preview pic.
  11. twg11221

    Anna Sims WG Journey vids (YT)

    Sorry for bumping something so old, but persistence has paid off for me before. I'm probably not going to have much luck, but I'm still looking for the aforementioned vids from Anna Sims that were taken down. They were really great and I'm gonna humor the possibility that maybe someone saved them. if anyone comes through I have nice stuff for trade as well!
  12. twg11221

    Racquel (Filipina gainer from way back)

    Thanks to a very awesome individual I have just received a TON of pics of her from the early-middle parts of her gain! If that person is reading, you're totally awesome and I can't thank you enough! I'm still looking to trade with anybody who might have pics from the later part of her gain where she got up to 50 lbs heavier. Also pics from her Stuff My Belly days where she started gaining a 2nd time and got pretty plump. I'm willing to share. Hit me up if you have any leads!
  13. twg11221

    Racquel (Filipina gainer from way back)

    Yeah, I remember those days. I think there were around 10 FatCelebs groups before the forum started. I have a stash of her stuff and was hoping to open up private trading. I'm not sharing anything here that wasn't a public preview before just to hopefully play it safe. I did score a few preview pics by running her old site through the Wayback Machine. She was hot and her gain was incredible to watch. I'm kicking myself now for not saving more of her stuff.
  14. twg11221

    Racquel (Filipina gainer from way back)

    I'm either stupid or very determined...
  15. twg11221

    Racquel (Filipina gainer from way back)

    *Sigh* I'm taking a chance here, but so be it. Yeah, I really miss this one: http://beforeafterfatgirls.tumblr.com/post/96921303873/filipina-racquel