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  1. Where is the content? I have credits 💵

  2. Girl you so damn sexy, i cant even... like.. 😭

  3. Y’all aren’t ready for this collab with CurvageCasey! 😍

  4. I feel like this is as good a time as any to announce that I’m retiring from Big Cuties. There are four more of my photo shoots set to release on Big Cuties so don’t worry about any subscriptions that you currently have, you’ve still got some goodies to look forward to! If you’d like to continue to support me, feel free to subscribe in the next couple weeks to see everything I’ve done during my time with Big Cuties! Don’t worry, I will definitely be keeping y’all updated on which sites to find all my sexy content at as soon as I have them all up and running. Thank you so much for your past/continued support, y’all are why I do this. 🥰🥰

    1. LisaLouSSBBW


      I spent a year with them and it was enough for me! Thank you so much for your well wishes! ❤️

    2. Submissivefeeder


      Glad to hear it's just from big cuties and not from modeling 

  5. #livingmybestlife


    1. AndrewRussell


      Incredible figure.  Loving the rolls!

    2. LisaLouSSBBW
    3. Jon99



  6. I always lose weight when I’m on the east coast, so to make up for that, I ate a dozen donuts for breakfast!

  7. Wow guys, I’m so excited that this day finally arrived and that my site is live! It’s been such a long time in the works and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the content I put out or to be with BigCuties. I feel so grateful and blessed to everyone there, and to all of the fans who’ve already subscribed to me. Thank you!, so much!

    *this is not a promotional post, I’m just so happy!*

  8. We are SOOOOO close! Just a couple of days now! 

  9. I need to have an unlimited amount of delicious food available to me at all hours of the day and night so I can truly gain to my fullest potential, I can’t wait for the day!


  11. It’s officially official, 4-6 weeks! I’m beyond thankful, grateful, and SO excited for this! 

  12. I’ve been drinking a lot of giant milkshakes lately and I’m pretty sure it’s starting to show. 😏

  13. I love staying in hotels with pools because swimming is my happy place! 

  14. Y’all, BarkBox is the best. If you’ve got a dog, I suggest it. I just renewed for a year after having it for six months. The boxes are great and the customer support is even better! Pepper thinks all packages that come in the mail are for him now tho lmao. *this isn’t a promotion, btw*

  15. I just remembered that I was getting a new license a few years ago and I had just hit 300lbs so when they asked my weight I was super pumped and said 300 and they put 250 on my license. I was so pissed. So when I renew my license (in a new state) I’m gonna tell them I’m 400lbs even tho I’m not there yet because goals.

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