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  1. 🥰


    1. romeos92


      gorgeous as always....you need to post more here, we need updates daily from you growing goddess!!

  2. FatEmmaStoned and I are just a couple of fat girls who like showing off how much fatter we’ve gotten!


    1. William902


      Ill be between those bellies in my dreams tonight 😍

    2. Jgrnd123


      Any plans for uploading content here? 😍

    3. Broads


      Stunning gain of two stunning women. Thank you for showing off! Can't wait to see how much fatter you get 😍

  3. Sunset selfie 😘


    1. Broads


      Beautiful 😍

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lisa Lou!! Hope that you have a Great Birthday!! 

    B BBW Cake Central The Coolest Pregnant Belly Cake made out ofolded fondant techniques d9d3ff1c1b9f38c2178c4b1a604dc471.jpg

  5. Started my birthday off right with a lava cake milkshake 🤤

    1. BBWLover1006


      That sounds delicious! Oh and happy birthday to you 

    2. jj22


      Happy birthday, LisaLou!  Eat lots!

    3. rebit80


      Happy birthday 🎂🎉 

    4. wk2324


      Happy birthday LL

  6. We are FAAAT


    1. jj22


      A pair of goddesses.  Beautiful bodies and beautiful faces!

    2. ssbbwfeederKING


      Two absolute baddies 10/10 I couldn’t pick who I’d stuff I would feed both of you ladies;) 😍

    3. Mrfeedher


      It’s the Stripes for me 


    4. Sammybellylover


      FAAAT and SOOO beautiful! Love your 10 years evolution!🥰

      LisaLou 10 years evolution homage1a.jpg

    5. thefeedernextdoor


      You two waddling about in your striped dresses, huffing and sweating away in the heat like a pair of pigs 😍🥵🐷

  7. But what if they have the means to take care of anything that were to arise and they don’t want children? Because that’s true in my case. Not that I want to be immobile, because I don’t, but I want to be as big as I can get and I don’t see an issue with that.
  8. I’ve always been picky of the men I date for this reason. I always look for a man that isn’t jealous and very secure in himself and our relationship. It helps that I’ve been doing this kind of thing for a while so it can be something brought up right in the beginning. I think in general communication is super important.
  9. Personally, as a feedee, I think it’s consensual. If a two people both wanted one of them to be blond despite the risks, where’s the issue?
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