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  1. Last year for Thanksgiving I ate an entire apple pie for you, and since I've never had pumpkin pie before I figured this year I would try it with you for the first time! I LOVE whipped cream so adding that to my pie this year was perfect! It's clear that my appetite has grown because last year I was STUFFED after eating an entire pie and this year I was barely full... maybe next year I'll go for two pies.


  2. I ate a stick of butter and now I’m horny 🥴

    1. Firstuser


      Keep eating! 😍

    2. Wishuwerebigger


      Next time deep fry it. I tried it in Texas once. Worth it. 

    3. BAF567


      Pure fatness and gluttony 😍

  3. My arms are so fucking fat and soft 🥵

    1. CarlGnarl


      This is true; you are already quite the legend. 🙏

    2. Ichigorukiableach


      Hi!! I really like the concept of this video! What’s the best place to make a video request in the future?

  4. Can you believe that I used to run 3 miles as a warm up?! It's been over 10 years since I've been in a gym and on a treadmill so I wanted to give it a try and see how far and fast I could go. I mean, it's only been 300lbs and a decade of stuffing myself and ZERO exercise, how much could have changed? Spoiler alert, I've gotten REALLY out of shape! I was definitely being a little ambitious with the speed in the beginning but I was very quickly humbled when I had to adjust it and make it slower multiple times. I was breathing so heavy the entire time and I could BARELY run, it was such a huge turn on to see how much I've let myself go.


  5. This was my FIRST photoshoot back in 2020, and it‘s still my favorite one! 






    1. jdargs18


      Very photogenic and that hair style shows your fun side. Nicely taken and I can see why it is your favourite set

    2. Cytorah


      I literally have the SAME SHIRT! 

      TORRID ftw! Lol

    3. McLovinn


      We might need a re-do then ;)

    4. Jvenny


      Holy fatty 🥺

  6. My only goal in life is to be a lazy and pampered housewife who does nothing but eat and get off. 😏

    1. Firstuser


      I approve 

    2. thefeedernextdoor


      I dream of providing that for my future wife so much ❤️ no work, no early morning commutes for her; a life of gorging on food and the most powerful orgasms imaginable

  7. You ever sit down in a chair and feel it wobble under your weight? Maybe if I don’t move I won’t break this salon chair 😬😳😅

    1. romeos92


      You have to make this type of video when you break chairs and furniture it's so hot!!

  8. I love this photo so much 😍


    1. Carter F

      Carter F

      The amount of folds I’m seeing is jarring

    2. maschio21


      Your smile, your cute face, your perfect body 😍😍

    3. jdargs18


      It sure is a nice photo of yourself there

    4. Jvenny


      So big and cute 

    5. wk2324


      Definitely HOT pic for sure

  9. You'd think that I'd struggle with eating over 2,000 calories in under 13 minutes but these 3 burgers are just a snack on the way home! ;)



    1. Wishuwerebigger


      I used to LOVE doing 4x4 animal styles. I could rock those morning, noon, and night. They probably don’t even let you get those anymore lol

  10. I was on my way home when I got hit with the most intoxicating smell of BURGERS! My appetite took over and I immediately stopped to get my usual order of three double-double burgers. I usually can wait until I'm home to eat but I literally couldn't even make it out of the parking lot, I just parked and started pigging out! It gets a teeny bit messy and I even let out some unexpected burps. Something super cute that I didn't notice until I watched this video is that my belly pushes up against the steering wheel the entire time I'm eating; I'm just so used to it that I don't even notice it anymore! If I keep eating like this I'll need a new car soon!


  11. Saw this photo of @fatemmastoned and I from Halloween 4 years ago and I just can’t ask for a better best friend, Ilysm ❤️


    1. thefeedernextdoor


      You two really are beautiful as any size ❤️ small fats or supersized 🥰

  12. One pizza obviously isn't enough to fill me up and eating two isn't really much of a challenge... So I ate two pizza's stacked on top of each other as fast as possible!


    1. Firstuser


      You’re looking so massive!

    2. Spiralactica


      I want to try this pizza hack, damn

  13. In my last video you came to the grocery store with me, now you get to watch me eat some of the food I got. This time I wanted to see just how quickly I could make my new food disappear, and I was STARVING so I ate two frozen cheese pizzas. In order to eat them as fast as possible I stacked them on top of each other, so each "slice" was really two slices! I ate so fast my jaw was sore afterwards, and I was honestly surprised at how quickly I ate them. Shoving 2300 calories of yummy pizza down my throat as fast as I could really turns me on! Maybe next time I'll triple stack my pizza.


  14. Waddling around a grocery store is a lot more of a work-out than it used to be! 


    1. Firstuser


      Total scooter babe here 

    2. AthleteTurnedFatty


      I couldn’t imagine why 

    3. Lake Terror

      Lake Terror

      This clip looks so hot! To see a progression from this to a scooter shopping trip is going to be a treat in the future.

  15. Thank goodness for online ordering, I haven't had to walk around the grocery store in YEARS! My orders have been getting messed up recently though so I thought, even though it's been years and over a hundred pounds, that I could just walk around the store and get all my groceries myself. I couldn't have been more wrong! This will definitely be the last time I walk around the store because I was breathing heavy before I even got inside and I was literally sweating when I checked out. Even now, typing this up the next day, my entire body is sore and the ONLY way I'll go grocery shopping again is if I use a scooter!


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