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Jessica - blonde plus model from NYC

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RIP DADDY 9/18/62-11/30/20 🕊Today I will be burying my best friend, a son, a brother, an uncle, and a father. My dad has been in and out of the hospital battling his health all his life. I watched my best friend suffer with depression and pain daily. I am so happy he is no longer in pain and passed pain free. My father died due to COVID which took him in 5 days, he got COVID due to going in and out of the hospital for testing. I also had COVID but fully recovered. Let this be a reminder to wear a mask & protect your loved ones. Stop hanging out without getting COVID tested and hooking up it’s not worth it. Please think about your family members & your own health 💕🙏 Thank you to my dandylions for all your support I will be back with content soon

Posted this on instagram the other day. Turns out she had Covid too, so glad she was able to make a full recovery and didn't suffer too severely.

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2 hours ago, thefeedernextdoor said:

Anyone subbed to her OF? What's the content like?

I did, it was uninspiring for me.  

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