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  1. Great hips. Thanks for the update.
  2. Nice update. Where are these pics from, they look like they might be older?
  3. She's on another level!
  4. Looks like we got another hot one!
  5. Damm! she's looking real good! 👏
  6. Don Don


    Great update. Thanks.
  7. Nice update. 👏
  8. Dropped a few pounds for sure. I guess she's been disciplined during lockdowns lol
  9. Don Don

    Amber Nova

    Damm!! those last pics are so hot!
  10. She is great looking, but needs to stop trying to hide her cellulite, by re-touching her legs in all her pics.
  11. Such a beautiful woman and curves and you had time to notice her cross??
  12. Don Don

    Amber Nova

    Great update! Thanks
  13. She's looking super cute in that outfit!
  14. She looks like the girl next door that butter wouldn't melt in her mouth.
  15. And just Wow! so are you.. I just found your thread and am now a follower.
  16. These are the best pics of her so far. Nice update 👏
  17. She's almost like a photo shop image come to life!
  18. She's super hot... she should stop retouching the cellulite on her legs though. It's 2021, time to show it off!
  19. Don Don


    Nice update, but I wish they'd leave all that retouching out, it's just unnecessary.
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