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It’s time to weigh in!

Kitty has been so close to her milestone and has been super eager to know if she’s finally hit 300 lbs. 

Join Kitty in finding out if she’s finally part of the 300 club and her latest thoughts and feelings. 

As always, Kitty doesn’t just serve up a weigh in, following up her new number with some figure-stretching food.

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Can Kitty get any more sexy and seductive?!! With how greedy she is in this vid, I'm sure she will! Kitty is amazingly gluttonous and shows why and how she is at the size she is now. I wont give it away, but it is a BIG number! She tells us how her current weight isnt enough and how 400 is a must and how she will get there....lots of McDonald's!!!! She is noticeably wider and her belly hangs lower, with her arms really thickening now with lots of stretchmarks. Her double chin is permanent now and of course her face and eyes are always captivating. Her breathing is heavier and her light moans as she stuffs herself is so arousing! She again proves to be the most intoxicating lady in all the land of Curvage! Keep it up, Kitty! 10 STARS! 400 here you come! 😍

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Weigh in #6 is another must have vid from KP, join kitty has she checks out if she has reached 300. Kitty is wearing a dress that looks like it’s going to break at the seams at any moment 🥵🐷. Tucking into her favourite food which is of course McDonald’s, love the dipping of the fries into the milkshake and then drinking the rest of it straight after. Stuffed burping is here to, kitty looks her biggest yet in this vid. 5 stars KP has ever, I’m already imagining how much you will gain by the next weigh in 😍.



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kitty is noticeably fatter here! Watch as she weighs in wearing a tiny little black dress that clearly hasn’t fit in a while. She’s absolutely packed into it leaving nothing to the imagination. Later you see kitty making a pig of herself gorging on McDonald’s and talking about her gaining goals. She bares her big wide hanging fat belly for all to see covered in bright red stretch marks forming something of a roadmap of this little piggy’s continued gluttony 

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So OBVIOUSLY I can’t reveal the magic number here, and believe me, it IS magic! But I’ve been watching Kitty gain ever since she arrived on the scene and it’s been an absolute pleasure. Every weigh in is a complete SHOCK and this one is no different! She’s gaining at a rate that is rarely ever seen by models in this community, and she’s happier and happier with each pound she gains.

watch Kitty as she steps on her NEW SCALES (bit of a hint here that she actually had to go and buy new ones!) and reveals that all important number. It’s a good one. One you won’t expect.

Then she sits down and feasts upon her ultimately fave, McDonald’s,  with all her usual grace, charm and of course, gluttony.

This is her 6th weigh in. I’m hoping for many many more and soon.

This girl is truly UNSTOPPABLE.

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Here's Kitty's 6th video in the weigh in series and wow what a result....:wub:

Again Kitty's is well presented and looks absolutely stunning in the new style video format recently introduced... The first few minutes are a check on weight gain progress and a quick recap on her recent hard work efforts and dedication to get this far - and yes there is progress as can be clearly seen from Kitty's bulging curves and increasing frame size....:o:D

The remainder of the video has Kitty seated and indulging in what all BBW and beginning SSBBW's do well... efficiently consuming vast amounts of calories to maintain and grow their frames to new and even more sexier levels. Kitty's vast belly girth reveals the pressure put onto it from Kitty's sexy lingerie which is struggling to contain the sheer size and weight of soft flesh within that now requires more time to unravel due to her belly's increasing girth and weight which is evident in this video :P It won't be too long before Kitty's belly will be able to push over the top of her underwear without any assistance..... At this rate of gain and by the end of 2019, I would suspect that at least another 30lbs will have been lovingly put onto Kitty's gorgeous frame and all in the right places...

Love this video for revealing Kitty's progress, gorgeous curves, ravenous appetite for calorie ceiling consumption, size, weight and sound of Kitty's belly and developing truck spare tyre and of course her stunning good looks and presentation as always...

Here's to the start of another chapter in Kitty's journey to realise her dreams....

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