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    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ More 5- Star gold from our wonderful kitty! It’s always an absolute JOY to hear KP talk about her body, how much she adores herself, whilst playing with her new found flab. But this video goes above and beyond, getting riskier than ever! She leaves nothing to the imagination as she loses her panties and bra, leaving only her huge belly and her hands to cover her modesty! And let me tell you, the hands are almost not up to the job of covering everything, but the belly is! Her stretch marks are a whole other story, they’re an absolute pleasure to look at, imagining how they’re growing inch by inch with every pound she packs on her tiny frame.... Do not miss out, you wouldn’t wanna regret it. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
    5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This is not one of Kitty’s biggest stuffings, BUT forget that, this is probably one of her hottest! 👌🏻 It’s easy to see where the weight is coming from, when you can see just how much enjoyment she gets from indulging in such calorie and fat rich treats, even sucking dry a can of squirty cream inbetween stuffing donuts into her ever widening, gluttonous body. If you’re a fan of seeing kitty overindulge, and seeing just how turned on she gets from it, but this clip now!!
    This is a completely different video from Kitty, but the quality (and as always with the length of her videos) and quantity has not changed. This video explores everything you’ve wanted to hear from Kitty, as she explores reactions from her ex after her excessive weight gain, alongside filling her mouth with no less than 12 cupcakes! This girl is officially out of control, and this first hand account of her stunning weight gain is so hot to listen to, especially as a lot of it is told through her mouth filled with cupcakes, and sounding increasingly out of breath. Of course, Kitty gives us the privilege of seeing her ever growing belly, just for good measure 5 Stars as usual. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    5 STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Watch as kitty DEVOURS her absolute favourite.. McDonald’s cheeseburgers, 5 of them in fact. This girl absolutely adores them, and you can tell this just by the look of pure ecstasy on her ever growing chubby face! She dives straight into the “challenge” (personally I’d say nothing less than 10 would be a challenge for her!) and gives us the pleasure of exploring her ever widening body with her, as she stuffs her mouth with over 1315kcal of pure salt and fat. It always amazes me how her body keeps up, it stores all this excess gluttony in so many places, that her ever darkening stretchmarks must be struggling to keep up! Towards the end, there’s plenty of burps and Kitty’s cute, almost embarrassed expressions are a joy to watch. She finishes by washing it all down with full fat Pepsi, more burps, and an all over body tour once again for good measure. One of the best things about all this? Completely unedited, no holds barred, 30 minutes of pure piggy action. 🐷👌🏻 Again, do not miss this, and remember to buy her other vids and help to keep this kitty becoming a piggy! 🐷
    Top marks for Kitty as she does it again! watch as She tries on some old clothes, in particular a size 14 and an 18! There’s no way she’s been that size for years! One of the hottest reasons to buy this video, is hearing just how out of breath she is, even when she’s not doing much! Instant turn-on! Her usual charm and “girl next door” attitude makes for fantastic viewing as always.
    What can be said? Every time I buy KP’s new videos I think she can’t do better. WRONG. Watch as she devours a calorie laden cake, drinks a stupid amount of calories and talks about her ever growing, large weighty body. You can see and feel how committed she really is to this, how much she wants to expand and feel her mass increase... and ultimately, how much it turns her on. 🐷 Rated 20/10 for sexiness, Don’t hesitate to buy this. You may regret it otherwise.
    So another purchase from KP, and what can I say? 10/10 once again. KP has a real connection with her audience. That “girl next door” look and attitude, seemingly innocent and yet this girl continually delivers each time. She KNOWS what she’s doing! These measurements are a mile away from her last set, you’re really beginning to see where the weight is going, and that’s a lot of weight let’s be honest! I’m already looking for Measurements #3, 4,5,6...... long may KP’s gain continue. She’s UNSTOPPABLE.
    A great start to what looks like a promising modelling career here on curvage, this is Bianca’s very first belly play video. This girl has great potential, with a delightfully soft, small belly that has the perfect amount of jiggle, light stretch marks and perfectly proportioned bum! I think Bianca will be popular here, and I can foresee some great content to come! Keep it going Bianca!
    With each video that KP does, you always think “WOW this is her best YET” and yet I find myself saying that each time, but surely this truly is her best yet, and if she can make better than this, I’d love to see it because this will blow your mind!! The turn-ons begin by hearing the bed creak under KP’s INCREASING mass, it can hardly hold her anymore, it sounds like it’s really straining, before we’re treated to seeing her WADDLE off into the kitchen and sits in front of her fridge to absolutely demolish anything and everything within the grasp of her ever growing fingers! This video really gives you a sense of just how much KP truly wants to grow, and how much she enjoys eating. Do NOT miss this video if you’re a fan of the sexiest, growing girls that want to STUFF their face.... KP... outstanding work on this one; thank you.
    Strength to strength, Kitty’s videos are always well worth parting with your hard earned cash with. It’s no wonder she’s piling on the weight at a somewhat (amazingly) alarming rate, this girl can EAT! She never seems to stop. If you’re a fan of belly-busting stuffings, this is for you.
    5 stars as usual, but you couldn’t really rate Kitty any less could you? Another winner of a video with a fantastic, scale-breaking weigh in! Kitty tips the scales at a fantastic new weight bracket, well deserved for all her gorging lately. She talks candidly about her ADDICTION with food, and how she can’t wait to see the number increase. Finishing off with a truly magnificent cake stuffing!! you won’t be disappointed!
    I always look forward to seeing @KittyPiggy on the scales. Her gain has been a joy to watch, as she’s really packed it on in the last few months. This video was no exception, except we also get @ChubbyCupcake too AND they’re role playing in SCHOOL UNIFORM! Kitty steps up to be weighed, strangely disappointed by the result, but let me assure you in the same way CC does, it’s no small gain at all!! 😮 She’s done incredibly well and smashed through a new weight barrier! This isn’t all the video has to offer, but you’ll have to buy it to see the rest
    @ChubbyCupcake and @KittyPiggy together again, always a winning combination! This video perfectly compliments CC’s weigh in vid, to help get an even better idea of her size! these two work together wonderfully, their natural on screen charm and playfulness, combined with their eagerness to get CC’s accurate measurements, make this a delight to watch! Don’t miss out, and don’t buy this without buying her weigh in Clip too!
  1. She’s certainly thrown down the gauntlet, onto the shake next @ChubbyCupcake!!
  2. Whaaaaat. That’s so unlike spoons though. Next you’ll be telling me they don’t have blue plates and weird carpets! 🤔
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