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    Outstanding. This is probably KP’s most amazing McDonald’s stuffing since her Mukbang challenge in her car! What I love about KP, and most people do too, is how visibly turned on she becomes with every single bite, with every single touch of her growing body, you can really feel just how in love she is with herself. Throughout this entire video she gives off this amazing aura. This girl hasn’t gotten this big with half arsed stuffings! No, she not only stuffs her weighty belly, but also her mouth, devouring 4 mozzarella sticks at once... unbelievable. This truly is a very personal, intimate stuffing session with Kitty, and it feels so natural too. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  1. What a bloody brilliant offer. I’ve just grabbed myself “Big mac, bigger stuffing” and you should all do the same!! 🔥👌🏻😍
  2. It’s an interesting debate and I seem to remember speaking to @KittyPiggy about this a few weeks ago. I 100% think this is the place for SSBBW’s, and many other categories too. The problem I feel is with a large number of individuals, who will push and push a model and support them fully until they reach a very specific size or number, and when they’ve reached that number, they simple move onto another smaller model to repeat the process all over again. For those individuals, it’s the actually process of gaining to a set size/number that thrills them. They reach that goal and then the interest is gone. Whilst I kinda understand that mentality to a point, I would also never suddenly “disown” a model once they reached that number. For me, if they decide to keep going, that is an absolute win, and I’d be even more inclined to support them after that. I think another issue dates back to when this forum first started in the “fat celebs” days. The site was often filled with much smaller women with very slight gains. And I’d imagine that most of those people are still around here, and are probably only interested in gains of that nature. Fair enough, I guess. But yeah, guys, if you support a model, don’t be a dick and abandon them when you’ve got your kicks. These are people, many of whom rely on this industry to either live, or keep gaining. They give us a lot for free to let’s be honest. Least we can do is be behind them and support them best we can.
  3. You had the sharer box of mozzie sticks before me?! I hope it comes with about 5L of their MAGICAL salsa. That shit is something else. 😍👌🏻 that’s when they remember to put it in your bag..:.🙄
    A purely sensual, serene and incredibly intimate video. This really gets you up close and personal with Kitty in her natural habitat, flaunting her luscious curves all over a king sized bed, which, by the way, is looking increasingly smaller beneath her.. 🥵 One of the most amazing things about this, or any of her videos is of course how much she enjoys herself. And I don’t just mean keeping herself happy, but just how much she truly loves her ever expanding body. You can see the true love and desire in her eyes for herself, she’s absolutely smitten with her transformation. This video is a must if you’ve ever wanted an up close experience with Kitty, to witness her curves in some outstanding lingerie, or just simply to admire her, once again. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Doing another insatiable vid was a great move, and an even better decision for us because it’s always great to compare to her previous versions! The changes here compared to number 2 are spectacular, and even better compared to number 1! Kitty has REALLY supercharged her gaining this past month, and it SHOWS. If it wasn’t enough to see her in a maids outfit, you also get to watch her eat her way through some amazingly fatty food, AND witness her enormous ass on a tiny stool, overflowing it as it wobbles and struggles to support her. This girl simply doesn’t stop, and it’s videos like this that make me thankful we have someone so dedicated in the community. This video is worth every penny. 🔥🔥🔥
    Another 5 stars. A beautiful, sophisticated and sexy video from KP. Watch her devour a can of squirty cream, enjoying her body and clearly turning herself on, whilst adding calories to her ever growing body... KP’s progressing with every video she releases. She’s already looking considerably bigger since her previous weigh in, her face is taking to the gain wonderfully, and her arms and ass are chunkier than ever before.
    It’s strange how I can say this every time and yet it’s true every time, this is Kitty’s biggest weigh in yet. and perhaps that’s because she does a fabulous and probably tiring job of gaining. She’s unstoppable, as this latest weigh in proves. Not only is this her highest ever weight, it’s also one of the highest gains of hers in just the space of a month. She’s truly smashing her targets, and having to reset her target each weigh in! watch as she checks out her latest weight, see the true SHOCK in her face and the pure delight it brings her, before tucking into a tray of donuts and playing with her new expansive belly on her sofa. keep supporting her. Keep buying her clips because you’re directly contributing to this girl’s gain. and to answer the other reviewer who wanted to know when she’ll hit 400lbs, based on her historical gaining since she started, she’s likely to hit it in March 2021 BUT based on the rate this month alone, it’s actually August 2020.... watch this space. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    It’s too easy to say this everytime, as this is what she does. But this is Kitty’s BIGGEST weigh in yet! She’s a gainer after all, but what a great job she consistently does!! Unstoppable. Watch as she devours a serious amount of food after weighing herself, absolutely stuffing herself to the LIMIT. I just want to say as this is probably her last weigh in of 2019 and the decade, that what an absolute privilege it’s been to watch this girl gain so so much in such a short amount of time. She’s a true credit to the community and I have extremely high hopes for her in 2020, as it’s obvious she’s got a long way to go yet.... Great work Kitty. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Admittedly I’m a month late to join the party on this video but I’m so glad I decided to check for an update with Kitty. This girl is STILL growing, it’s absolutely amazing how she does it, and at a brilliant rate too! She’s well on her way to her 400lb goal, and at this rate she’ll be there fast! Another superb and sexy video from kitty. 5 stars!
    Another 5 star gem from Kitty! Watch as she tries on her VERY old gym gear. Will she even get it on? She gets incredibly out of breath even trying to fit it around her ever growing arse.... This video is a perfect demonstration of how big she really has become lately. This girl is going from strength to strength in her gaining journey, and she’s not slowing down! If you like fat girls showing just how fat they’ve become, how out of breath they get... this is for you.
  4. That dress looks much better now although I am impressed you managed to get it on!
    So the good news is it’s official, she had to buy a longer tape measure. This is no new news, as we all knew this was gonna have to happen eventually! But it’s the sexiest news we could have got from this update! watch as Kitty wraps her new extended tape measure around her ever growing girth, watching as the numbers slowly increase with every pull. She gets so out of breath before she even begins, a sign that those numbers are really beginning to get serious.....
    Well, prepare yourselves because this video is out of this world! 🔥⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🔥 its been a month since we last saw kitty on the scales. She’d done so well and was so so proud of surpassing her short term goal! This video continues the trend , as she steps on and reveals her increased number... and it’s an impressive one. Then, to demonstrate just how she gains so quickly, she sits down to enjoy a calorie laden feast of cupcakes and double cream, totalling 4000+ kcal! Insane. It’s no wonder this girl is growing before our very eyes week by week! The double cream she consumes is 140kcal for a measly 30ml. Kitty is drinking a pot of it with EASE! Best weigh in yet, it encompasses kitty’s usual charm and it’s always a true joy to see her so pleased with herself. 5 Stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Absolutely 5 stars for this wonderful vid! CC is a true delight to watch. She has an infectious charm, always smiling and so so confident in herself and truly happy. watch as she DEMOLISHES many cupcakes (you’ll have to watch to find out how many!) and downs a gluttonous amount of chocolate milkshake, absolutely LADEN with a stupid amount of calories! do not miss out!
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