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  1. I think she gets pregnant to get fat 😛
  2. you look so hot with the extra weight ! It's the first vid I bought on curvage and I'm not disappointed. I wish I could see a video of you wearing some of your old clothes :) . keep up to the good gain I really hope you could keep on putting weight .. the extra pounds have only enhanced your beauty :)
  3. Hi, I have been lurking in this community for years now and I think I have finally found someone that shares the same ideas as me! We met on one of these sites. She was 40 and was only 21. She's from the south and I'm from the north. She has an incredible chubby body and we started talking over the web. I started with just the simple thought of just talking and never really thought of having feelings for her. I complemented her on how fat she has gotten. She was really nice and complemented on how lean I looked (as Ive always been a fit guy). After days of chatting she started implementing that i should try to get fat as for her it looked better on me. I decided to give it a go! I gained the first 5 kilos and it really felt good. I started feeling love handles already starting to grow and she loved my new belly roles. As weeks passed that 5 kilos quickly rose to 20 and she was delighted. Though I like the changes in my body it's really effected my social life. Over the past month I just sit on messenger waiting for her to ask me to update her with what I was eating. If I've been out it was normally to meet with mates and over eat on junk. My belly is huge and I've become the fat friend. My mates joke around that i now have a six pack of belly rolls. I also had to change my wardrobe as nothing is fitting as it used to. I really don't know if I should keep this up 😕 I'm starting to get a belly hang and it seems that she is my only fan. I haven't been with a girl since then and my confidence is not as it once was. Though when someone mentions my weight I kinda get aroused and I quickly jott down the comment to her. She has dominated my life and I have feelings for her. I don't know if we should keep this up I'm getting huge and the age gap is the only thing that is on my mind. Being almost 20 years apart is keeping me away from her. Do you guys think I should leave my friends and family, my job to persue a life with her feeding me for eternity ? I don't know but I'd really like to have your opinion. Btw she has a 4 year old son. I'd love to get to super fat with her but I don't know if I will ultimately gonna ruin my life. 😕
  4. Hi, 

    Been a year stuffing myself and it is really starting to show. I have already put on 25 kgs and I am planning to gain 40 kg by next year. 

    Firstly does my new belly look good ?

    Secondy do you think an extra 40 kgs would change my life?

    Thirdly if anybody wants to encourage me or tease me you can contact me on my kik- ProudChubbyNerd



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    2. RyanTheGeekBoy


      Thanks .. do you think an extra 40 kg would make my belly look better ?

    3. occamslaser


      it would certainly make you (and your belly) seriously fat, which to me personally would be better, but I think that is very subjective. if you want to get fat go for it, your belly looks like its where you put your weight and i know personally i think you would look great with an extra 40 kg hanging over your pants.

    4. RyanTheGeekBoy


      Gained around 7 kg since my last update. I love how squishy my belly us getting. I'm also noticing that my chin is slowly disappearing. I'm enjoying all the look's I've been getting by my family and friends. But I'm now finding it really hard to climb up stairs and even walking has become a bit of a burden even though I get aroused with as my belly waddles with every step. Guess another 33 kg won't do any harm :P I'd really like to find a girl that can feed me. My ultimate goal is that someday I'd find that someone and get me close to immobility. Don't know what you think ? Am I looking any bigger ?



  5. Any maltese female feeders around ?

  6. Love it that I was asked to wear an XL life-jacket on a boat, since my belly couldn't fit the large :) . BTW I used to wear a medium last year. #bigbellyproblems


    Screen Shot 2016-09-25 at 1.50.57 PM.png

  7. I found nothing more amazing than eating a whole jar of nutella after downsizing a large pizza.. It tastes awesome and it sure high in calories, BTW you look beautiful
  8. as some of you know I work as a teacher, today we took the kids to a gymnasium and as you can guess a gymnast walked by. A colleague of mine looked at her packs and she asked me do you have packs ? and another colleague of mine before I even open my mouth replied yeah he's got A FAMILY PACK :)#bellygettingnoticed

  9. hey guys just wanna ask are there any Maltese bbw's, potential gainers/bbw? 

  10. You have a magical face nice to see you back
  11. RyanTheGeekBoy

    Hi !!

    Hi Does anybody know who this girl is ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZV9WDvHFu8 Thanks.
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