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  1. Nothing feels better than that post-stuffing bliss 💜 Hope you guys are having a nice weekend!
  2. Nothing feels better than that post-stuffing bliss 💜


    1. Hal9000


      Daaamn that hang is about to apron 😮😮

    2. Dingus1396


      Looking hotter with every extra inch, especially in those leggings 😍 

  3. Have you seen my newest feeder clip?


  4. I'm your gainer coach and it's time to start your training! You'll be stuffing your face and guzzling protein shakes to turn you into the tubbiest musclechub!


  5. Have you seen my newest feeder clip? It's all about turning you into my personal prized musclechub pig!


  6. New five star review!

    - "Coach Wood is amazing! I’m an ex jock who used to be lean my whole life and always had trouble gaining weight. I played quarterback and did track and field and was always on the skinny side. I am 100 pounds heavier now and growing into the size of a lineman, but want to be much bigger still. Coach Wood is going to push me to 300lbs and more and will do the same for you. It’s bulking season with the best gainer trainer around!"



  7. 💪Gainer Coach Gives You Musclechub Training💪

    So, you want to be a musclechub? You came to the right place. Being a fat ex-jock, I'm the perfect coach for you. Gonna load you up with weight gain shakes and make you absolutely massive, all you have to do is follow my training ^_^

    A new custom feeder clip focused on turning you into a musclechub is now out! Perfect for my sporty feedees out there!



  8. It's me, your coach and gainer trainer. You've come to me with the confession that you want to get fit and fat, to turn yourself into a big plump musclechub! Well, that's easy. All you have to do is get a snack and watch this clip. I'll go into detail on how exactly I'm going to turn you into a fit and flabby musclechub. And you can trust me, I used to be a jock and I made myself so fat. I know all the tips and tricks to make you massive. It'll be easy to bulk you up and supply you with tons of protein powder and weight gain shakes as well as exercises to make you massive. I'll even help you get rid of those worries about being too fat. There's no such thing as too fat, and you'll find that out. Maybe our first goal can be 300lbs, and then once you hit that maybe more. With me as your trainer, there's not doubt that you're gonna get huge. Even if it takes funnelings and counting calories to get as much fuel you need to grow muscles as well as fat. If you just listen to me I'll make sure that it happens. You're going to get massive because of me, you're going to turn yourself into such a fat ex-jock and you're going to love it! A clip all about how I'm going to train you into the perfect musclechub! Includes tons of fat chat about how I'm gonna make you fatter and hold you accountable for working out too, turning you into a massive fit fatty!


  9. New 5 Star Review!

    - "I don't know what's not to love about this vid: the angles, the fat chat, and Wood is looking W I D E. Honestly my favorite in their catalogue."


  10. get this clip if you love bossy fat girls 😈


  11. Have you seen my new dominant feedee clip?


  12. I am at my biggest right now! And I know, my face has gotten so pudgy. I find it so cute, my chubby cheeks and double chin. It's like the ultimate indication of how fat I've been getting. And I'm sure it's only going to get more intense the more I gain!
  13. I have a new clip out! This one is all about me using my dommy powers to boss you around to make me fatter. Just because you're the feeder doesn't mean you're in charge 😇 I talk about how much fatter I want to get and everything I'm gonna do to get there, including dominating you and using my weight against you, squashing and smothering you with my fat if I don't get my way. Check it out!
  14. Let me use my weight against you to keep you feeding me. Squashing and smothering you if I don't get my way. You're going to make me fatter and I don't care how bossy I have to be!




  15. Have you seen my newest bossy dominant feedee clip?


    1. SomeGuyNamedChad


      This actually sounds kinda hot. I love a big bossy girl that can literally throw her weight around and is so much heavier than me that she can beat me up if I don't do what she wants.

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