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  1. Samus Atran has baked some delicious cookies for Wood after a hard day at work, but Wood is watching their weight so they can be the best trophy partner for Samus. Samus has other plans for Wood, though! She removes her necklace and begins to let it swing in front of Wood's eyes as they watch it. Wood's eyes are getting heavy as they watch the necklace, falling into a susceptible state. Samus has mesmerized Wood!! Wood's head drops and Samus further pushes them and plants thoughts & feelings into Wood's mind about eating more. When they awake, Wood will feel so hungry and will eat anything that Samus puts in front of them. Wood awakes and feels hungry, ready to eat the delicious cookies that Samus has prepared. Wood can't help themselves and gobbles up the cookies. Once Wood is full and totally stuffed after eating all the cookies, they say they're done eating, but Samus decides otherwise! Samus puts Wood into another mesmerized state and pushes Wood's mind even further. While Wood is dazed and under Samus's spell, Samus pulls out their belly tells them how obedient Wood will be, eager to be a growing, fat himbo when they wake. Samus has another plate of cookies ready for when Wood awakes, feeding them even fatter as they caress Wood's growing fat belly. Even when Wood is completely stuffed, they still want to eat even more!! How far will Samus take Wood's stuffing? Featuring Samus Atran and REAL hypnosis!


  2. God, I'm getting round 😍


    1. giottano2


      Wow! I want see you become a lot more fat!

  3. Ahh thank you I think the reason why it looks like so much is because I'm only 5'3! Weight shows up pretty easily on my frame since I'm so short. Which is definitely a blessing as a gainer lol
  4. 🐷Soft & Subtle Gainer Reprogramming🐷

    New feeder clip available! I reprogram you to full accept your fate as a gainer piggy through encouraging words as well as images, some of my belly jiggling and some gifs of cute little piggies! Meant to ease someone into total gluttony! ☁️

    Gender neutral pronouns, so piggies of all genders can enjoy!



  5. If you want to see how big my belly is now then be sure to check out my newest video!

    Perfect for fans of oiled up bellies and soft jiggling fat ❤️




  6. This clip was made for people who might be on the fence with gaining, but deep down want to go all in. Wood is here to tempt you to gain by any means necessary, even through conditioning your brain with subliminal imagery and delicious snacks. So sit back with your favorite treat or enjoy some of Wood's fudge, because Wood is about to tell you all about the wonderful ways of gaining. She explains what gaining for her has been like, describing the experience as euphoric. Not having to worry about restricting yourself or counting calories is a special type of freedom that you can only get with a gaining lifestyle. Don't you want to feel how blissful it is to get so soft and plush? There's so much to enjoy when you are growing, and so much sensual pleasures to be had once you're nice and fat. Wood enchants your senses with her words as well as images of her fat belly jiggling and gifs of cute little piggies -- convincing you that gaining is nothing but pure hedonistic pleasure as you succumb to your desires and become a chubby little piggy yourself! Wood encourages you to keep eating and to give in and finally gain! A feeder/weight gain encouragement clip that's meant to be super soft, cozy, and deliciously enchanting. I wanted to make being fat and gaining seem super soft and comfy and irresistible! Contains lots of fat chat, fat belly gifs and imagery, pig play, eating instructions, very calm vibes, and gender neutral pronouns so piggies of all genders can enjoy!


  7. I'm so glad you guys can really notice my gain! It's aways nice to hear from other people that my hard work is paying off ♥ I have a new belly play and oiling video out! Here's a bunch of gifs from it. This was filmed a couple months ago so I think I'm probably 5-10 pounds heavier now than I am in these gifs. I'll have to film a new belly play comparison clip soon to show off all this winter weight. Also, I have a question for the thread! If I started posting older throwback clips, would you guys like to see clips from me at my heaviest, or clips that are slightly lower in quality from when I was smaller? I plan to post both kinds eventually, but was wondering what I should prioritize
  8. I've been loving how big my belly has been getting recently and I want to show off for you. I begin by oiling myself up, caressing my plump gut and jiggling it for you. There's so many sexy things I can do with my belly, like slapping it against my thighs with a plop or jiggling it up and down causing it to move like waves. I even talk about how much I love to be so fat, and how I want to get even fatter. I slap my belly in satisfaction, knowing that you love to watch my fatness jiggle and mesmerize you. I've gotten even fatter and it turns me on so much, I can't keep my hands off of myself a super sensual fat-worshipping clip with tons of jiggling, sensual belly teasing, some sexy dirty talk/fat chat, belly plops and other noises, and an oiled up BBW!


  9. Good morning curvage! Gonna post some fun clips today showing off my gains. Are you excited?


  10. In case you missed it, check out my new clip where I talk all about my recent forty pound gain and how I want to get even BIGGER!




  11. Hey! Hope everybody's having a good day Check out my 40 pound gain from last year! First set of gifs is from February when I was around 220. Second set is me in November around 260 😍 Can you see the difference? I think it's most noticeable in my face and in my belly hang! vs Second set of gifs is from my clip "Begging You To Make Me Fatter" in case you wanted to check it out✨
  12. Some bloated belly selfies post funnel feeding weight gain shake 🥰 think im looking pretty plump



    1. il1989


      i had no idea you were still active you go girll


  13. Ahh yeah I like to think of myself as a bit of a shapeshifter! And I've always wanted to try that hair style but I'm afraid to take the plunge! I think it might look pretty cool on me, though?
  14. Have you seen my newest Funnel Feeding clip with @ledalavandula?💕

    I get suuuper bloated chugging high calorie weight gain shake! Wanna see what my capacity is like? 🐷


  15. Oooh this is a great idea! I only have a couple but I know these are ones I really want to work on. -Get a Car (This has been the first time in a while without one and I'm over it! Wanting to get it by Spring hopefully) -Recommit myself to my fetish modeling by camming more and diversifying more (last year I fell into a bit of a slump) -Continue to work on my mental health (Feel like I'm maintaining a nice baseline and I want to keep that up!)
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