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  1. HI, The site will make thumbnails automatically when you upload the photos Thank you
  2. HI sometimes it takes a few minutes. It looks like you can do it now. Please try again Thank you
  3. S77


    Hi, You can apply here https://curvage.org/forum/index.php?/curvage_modeling/ Thank you
  4. Jotaro

    Hey I just purchased 3 clips but the 3 clips won’t appear in my clips I purchased. Can you please help me?

  5. Hi I applied to become a curvage model and I wanted to ask how long is the process before finding out if your approved or not in becoming one.

    1. S77


      High it can take a few hours but usually less than 24

      thank you

    2. Green-virgo


      Awesome!!! Thank you

  6. Looking and it seems you can apply now thank you
  7. It comes back once you’re wait is up
  8. S77

    Confuse 2

    Well there should be more than 1 standard for beauty. There are folks here who adore how you look right now!
  9. We have detailed instructions in the private model area (that you can't see here) which gives models lot's of tools to protect themselves. I won't share it here for risk of the logic being used in reverse to empower bad people. However please know that we go over many preventative measures models can take and work directly with them on these steps.
  10. Either way just apply to be a model
  11. Hi it’s really up to you as you are running your own business here on the Curvage platform. Some models each have their own account and then will collaborate together making different videos designed to be posted on each other’s account. While other models will just bring in the occasional friend. We do reserve the right to make sure your friend is at least 18 years old, however the payment structure and permission to post are between you and your friend
  12. Fantastic to see you here!! Welcome to Curvage
  13. S77

    Curvage Outage

    The tag system works a bit differently because of the switch away from Elastic search. Some functionality is no longer available. We made the change for security purposes. We will return to Elastic search once issues are addressed.
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