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  1. Great new song! Plus she's looking extra fat
  2. Can you try firefox or chrome just to see what happens?
  3. That was in February, it would have cleared it self by now. You're still having issue? Which browser are you using?
  4. See a clip that you might want to buy later but don't want it to get lost among the loads of new daily clips? add it to your WISH LIST See a clip that you might want to buy but you want to keep looking first? add it to your WISH LIST That's right!!! now you can simply add something to your Wish List so that you may find it later. ENJOY!! Thank you
  5. We set the unread content to default in our control panel. I am wondering if you have accidentally overridden some settings on your side. Can you check into that? Thank you
  6. Got it. I’ll look into it thank you
  7. I’m confused. We didn’t change anything. What is undead content stream?
  8. Hi, I will have to look into this one in order to answer it properly. Thank you
  9. @maybejamesis a rock star


    1. somebody1911


      It's great work! Nicely done! 

      However I can't help but share my opinion that less is more in the world of logos. This 3D woman has a lot going on, I appreciate the simplicity of the line-work woman we have now. 

    2. S77


      I don’t think the goal was to make a logo to be used. I think it was just a fun art experiment to bring the existing logo to life 

  10. S77

    Reviewing clips

    Hi watching is enough. no download needed. After watching the clip you can go ahead and write a review Thank you
  11. Wow!!!! That looks amazing!!!! I’m blown away. Exceeded my expectations already!!
  12. S77

    Where's my stuff

    This isn’t a bug. It’s the entire point of the restricted member group.
  13. Would love to see creative artist renditions of the famous Curvage logo up there. Including the words "Curvage" and Because Curves are Sexy Plus the pin up girl of course. 2D or 3D I bet some folks could make some pretty creative art work. If anyone is up to it, I guess just post here. Maybe this happens. Thank you
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