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  1. Hi No worries at all. I’m glad we got to the bottom of it. Thank you 😊
  2. You don’t get any Curvage mail at all? Did you check your spam or junk box?
  3. You aren’t getting any emails? Have you double checked your email address that you have listed with us?
  4. See, that’s different than getting an email every time a person you follow posts anything at all, anywhere on the site. Some folks are following 1000s of people. You should already be getting emails for threads you follow. Topics = threads. (Same thing)
  5. Hi so to be clear you want an email every time someone you follow makes a post? That setting gets us into trouble because most consider that excessive and they don’t know why they are getting so many emails isn’t it better to limit the emails to followed content? Like a specific topic has an update?
  6. S77

    Sign In issues

    Actually we appreciate folks kind enough to report issues. Thank you
  7. To be clear any emoji on your phone works. I think the request is for a new reaction 👌😂😮😝👍✅
  8. S77

    Sign In issues

    Usually this gets sorted by clearing the cache on your browser. Can you give that a try?
  9. Hi You aren't the only one to have noticed this. It happens to about 6% of the customers starting September 14 2019. Let me just start by saying you are not now, nor will you be double charged for anything. Furthermore we pride ourselves in providing great customer service and work hard to build your trust. Should anything happen, rest assured we will be sure to make it right for you. Anyway, on to the explanation https://stripe.com/guides/strong-customer-authentication Basically new rules for some customers make it harder to make a purchase. Without getting to technical what happens is a charge shows up on our side that appears as (UNCAPTURED) and on your side it shows up as "PENDING". No money has exchanged hands at this point. Once the purchase is complete a charge is made and the pending charge falls off. I don't know if the system for the 3rd party (not curvage) is still a bit weird. For some the pending charge disappears right away, for others it takes a bit longer to drop off. However, it does go away and there is no double charge. I hope this helps. Thank you
  10. S77

    Sign In issues

    Which browser are you using and does it happen with a different browser ?
  11. @goblin Also if the streaming is not working for you feel free to just download the whole clip to your device. Thank you
  12. oh well, it should be fixed now and that's good news!
  13. Hi, You had it turned off in your account settings. You can change this at any time under account settings>notification settings. In this case I changed it for you to turn it on. Here is how it was before I changed it
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