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  1. See me stuff my beautiful belly in this pretty purple ligerie. The bottoms are so tight on my belly.. as I continue to stuff myself you can see the elastic getting tighter. How much longer you think until my belly canโ€™t handle any more? See me eat, jiggle my fat butt and dust cinnamon sugar off my butt and belly. What a gorgeous piggy I am.


  2. I make a huge pig out of myself and treat myself to 20 wings, cheesy bread, 2 large pizzas, and 2 of mt dews


  3. My first time at checkers! I got tons of fattening foods to stuff myself with. Check out how I stuff all the yummy food and chug my soda, burp, and lift up my tight dress to show my full belly. I jiggle and rub on it as I continue to eat and stuff myself full. The tight dress digs down into my fat thighs as I continue to shove food in my mouth and swell with delight.


  4. Body built by McDs. I get my fav things, stuffing my big hanging belly for you. Big Mac, chicken nuggets, fries, and burgers. Shamrock shake and Dr. Pepper to wash all those calories into my gorgeous belly. I take my too tight short and top off and continue to indulge.


  5. I finally get on the scale since October. Find out how much the talking scale says I weigh, what I think about the weight I'm gaining and how much fatter I'd like for you to grow me.


  6. What kind of content would you like to see me make more of?ย ๐Ÿ˜‡


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    2. jj22


      This amazing lady is one of my absolute top favourites.

    3. FatGurlLover


      Can you make a burping video? ๐Ÿ™‚

    4. metalman55


      Contrasting videosย 

    5. gflono86


      Funnel chugging clip

    6. KitKatFeeder


      Are you still posting on Curvage??

    7. SVegan


      I love your beautiful cellulite and massive thunderthighs.ย 

  7. Doing what a gaining gamer girl does best - eating fast food and gaming. Wearing my too small school outfit you got for me, you came and brought me burgers, chicken nuggets, fries, and a large coke. I take a small break from eating and gaming to let you know how good it feels to be spoiled by you and have to do nothing but just eat, gain, and game.


  8. See my slapping my belly, fat chatting letting you know how much id love to drop it on your head so you can feel how soft it is. Hear the noises my belly makes when it drops and I slap it.


  9. So good to see you hear, @loveadipose! Welcome to this corner of the web - may it be a bit of paradise for your as well.

  10. Just walking, spinning in my dress, showing off my fat belly, ass, and legs in my backyard. See me bend over with a small thong on.


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