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  1. Thank you at @djfex it seems only certain threads are affected. Something weird going on here. We are looking into it. Thank you
  2. Hi Can you transfer the clip to me using wetransfer.com? send me the link That service above keeps wanting to send me an exe file.
  3. Excellent photo set. Can’t wait till the video clips start coming. Curvage will explode!
    These two are pure magic on screen! This is incredible to watch. Curves that will blow your mind. It's great watching the massive shake go down with ease. Does what it says on the box. Very mesmerizing! Treat yourself to this clip. You deserve the best. But be ready to be overwhelmed. Have your drool bib ready. PS Americans have the same body measuring tapes. I have one in my drawer now. Same length.
  4. I finally saw the issue. It happened to me. a similar thing used to happen without lazy load. Only in that case the whole page would basically freeze until all the pictures loaded. The lazy load thing was designed with the idea that images load as you scroll down. We are running into issues trying to start at the bottom and scroll up. I’m not sure what the soulution is yet for this. I don’t think it’s worth turning lazy load off as a totally frozen page isn’t really a net positive. At least with lazy load starting at the top and scrolling down is actually a big improvement on pages with lots of images.
  5. I don’t understand. Explain again please
    It starts with an excellent title and only gets better from there. The hottness contained herein will absolutely excite you! Very enjoyable clip!!
  6. @johnp0971 Clip is not mirrored
  7. @ChubbyJulio @Prinzalasia Clip has been corrected and plays now.
  8. @justinforfin @geodude1234 @Matt.S @[email protected] The clip has been corrected! Please give it a watch. Thank you
  9. @Avataг Did your issues clear up as well?
  10. Hi Folks, We are excited to share many great improvements to our wonderful site. They are VERY Exciting but we will keep it short and sweet. Improvements to Curvage Clips Cart: Cart Feature Added! No more hassling with multiple check outs in order to buy more than 1 clip. Top Three: The 3 NEWEST clips in the clip store are showcased. Now you won't have to click into each clip to see what they are about. My Clips Library: It's now easy to manage your Curvage Clip collection! You can now SORT the clips you own by Curvage Model. Optionally you can also sort by category. Cleaner Interface: It's now easier to navigate through all the clips we have here at Curvage. More Clips on Front: We have added to the number of items that show in the front carousels so more clips are showing on the front page. Streamer: The watch now button can also notify you if an additional download is included with your purchase such as some photos. Improvements to Curvage (total site) Lazy Load: Images on Curvage now Lazy Load. This means you no longer have to wait for ALL images on the page to load before the page can be used. IE: The site will be faster and feel smoother. New Home Page: The home page has been completely rebuilt to be more useful and faster for both Guests and members. Looks cleaner and loads faster. Optimizations: Curvage has had a TON of small enhancements to improve speed and overall make the site feel and work better. Lots of little bug fixes, server optimization, software upgrades etc,improved caching. Overall you should notice a cleaner and faster site. Security: both server and front end security improvements have been made. This includes offering 2 step authorization to members. New model signup page: Same as the new home page, the new model registration page is cleaner and easier to use. This should mean more models joining Curvage. New Model page: Easier to check out ALL the models on Curvage available on 1 page. We have heard your feedback and have responded. We are aiming for the ultimate customer and member experience here on Curvage. ENJOY Thank you for being the best part of Curvage!!!
  11. Sometimes when new things show up it causes issue since so much stuff here is designed to be cached. We will keep an eye on this. Thank you
  12. It works great for me on mobile. Look at my clip here. What am I doing wrong? https://we.tl/t-ctBgaBAcu7
  13. Can someone link me to a thread that is particularly troublesome with regard to this issue? I would like to try.
  14. I am loving it, but every solution causes some folks to be unhappy. https://curvage.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/37901-lazy-loading-images-hicups/
  15. I am not sure this is because of lazy loading. Pages with many images loading always had this issue. The difference is now the page is usable earlier without having to wait for many images to load first. We will look into some way to anchor but this may just be a situation where every solution has some drawbacks. Noted: this was actually corrected today. Once your cache clears you should see the new behavior. Thank you
  16. S77

    Thumbnail re-size

    Yes that explanation helps A LOT! I feel very confident that we have corrected the issue now. Please have a look. Thank you both!!
  17. You used to post all the time! I remember. Don’t see much of you these days
  18. S77

    Thumbnail re-size

    It’s still happening? We’ve added lazy load and cached templates
  19. That is a big number everyone! As always this victory is yours! Keep being awesome Curvage.
  20. Great to see you back Lexxyy!! Awesome video!
  21. S77

    Paola Skye

    You aren't kidding! WOW!!
  22. ok, Try now. I think you will find that Lazy load is working and making the site feel much faster. For example, you won't have to wait for every image on the page to load before the page loads. Additionally we have started to disk cache our templates and some other tricks for additional speed. Thank you
  23. I understand the concern. There was a thread just a while back arguing the exact opposite, something about how we must do the embed LOL Anyway, I can see where you are coming from. We have actually been making a LOT of improvements lately to help speed things up. Most recently we totally rebuilt the home page for members and guests. It's a lot more efficient now. Home page was the biggest pain point for slow loads.
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