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  1. I suppose everyone will have their own answers. Let's see if some of the models respond to this question.
    I see we have a new rising star here on the Curvage platform. What an incredible video this is! Recommended ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  2. I can already see that they have been declined. Is that visible on your end?
  3. They will be evaluated and either approved or declined shortly Thank you
  4. Means that post is crushing it. People are viewing it, liking it and loving it a lot!! Great work
  5. HI, It was held for approval. Sometimes if something raises a flag, or looks suspicious for any reason it can be held. It's best to avoid cancelling. However, we can manually sort this out for you. It seems you made a second order for the same thing. We will make sure that only 1 is processed so that you will not be double charged Thank you

    Curvage Models


    WOW, Incredible milestone.
    Curvage Thanks everyone for the ongoing support!

    Special thanks to @Curvage Casey for the included graphic!


    1. GigglyNJiggly


      🎉 🎈🥰

  7. HI

    Hearing some concerns about the same updates in this status feed being re-posted over and over again

    There is an easy solve.


    1. GO here --> IGNORE SETTINGS
    2. Add the user name of the person to ignore. (be sure to check "posts")
    3. BOOM!.. they are gone from this status feed.

    Way To Go Reaction GIF by WWE


    1. Jorin85


      Nice reference to the ''attitude'' era there.

      That was Stone Cold lol

  8. HI Hearing some concerns about the same updates in the status feed being re-posted over and over again There is an easy solve. HOW TO IGNORE SOMEONE GO here --> IGNORE SETTINGS Add the user name of the person to ignore. (be sure to check "posts") BOOM!.. they are gone from the status feed.
  9. Only posts with links. Spam bots were posting links. So we are doing this to catch them up in it for a short bit. Thank you for understanding.
  10. Hi you can put that topic in the women of Curvage forum. It will get the most exposure there. Maybe use a topic title that indicates “my boyfriend and I” Thank you
  11. Hi, Usually it's reviewed in less than 24 hours. I would suspect that some time today you will have a response. Thank you
  12. Hi It was a request from the credit card companies. We realize how utterly stupid it is that they sit in their moral ivory towers casting judgment upon all of us. All we can say is sorry about that. Thank you
  13. There is an app called Tapatalk that can be used to view Curvage. You can use the app, or continue viewing in your browser. Thank you
  14. I’m writing this response with Firefox on iPhone 11
  15. HI Curvage does not own the clips that are for sale in our market place, but we work to manage the rights of both parties (the clip owner and the customer). Per our terms of service we guarantee all purchases are available for download for a period of at least 90 days after purchase. If the model decides to remove a clip she must wait 90 days before doing so. That was the case with these clips. It's for this reason that customers are advised as follows on the clip page itself; " You should download immediately as items are removed from time to time" Please contact the file owner for any follow up questions. Thank you :)
  16. Use the report feature please. Thank you
  17. Chat is on right now for any who are bored

    1. omracer


      It's nice to see it come back :)

  18. Oh ok great. Thank you
  19. Hi it always prunes itself automatically after a period of time. However, there was a patch to improve the performance and unfortunately it had a bug. The result is all notifications were pruned but the bug was fixed and you should see notification building up again. Thank you
  20. Hi, Do you mean no other browsers work for you on Curvage? What errors exactly are you seeing? Which browsers have you tried? Thank you
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