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    This is an incredible clip and a great price for almost 20 minutes of epic belly and beer chugging action!! GREAT!
  1. It can we done. We will consider it thank you
  2. S77

    Trans Forum

    I'll admit I am not an expert on this topic, but isn't it a bit disrespectful to segregate a group like this? Again, I really don't know. I am asking for education here. Please educate me.
  3. Hi I am sorry this happened. I think you will find A-holes in all areas of life. However, here on Curvage if they treat you that way we can show them the door. I see you're a new model here. This is really exciting actually. I think you're going to do great here. We really work hard to support our models and the customer base here is fantastic. Really a great bunch of very supporting folks. Don't give up or be discouraged by one person who wants to put out your pilot light. Great to have you here.
  4. Hi There is wiggle room, go ahead and apply. All your questions are answered in ample detail already on the inside once you get access. Thank you
  5. S77

    Pay Pal

    That is actually the problem. Sweden requires 3D secure. We do not currently support that. Can you PM me and we can try to fix. Thank you.
  6. S77

    Pay Pal

    Hi, Why can't you pay with your card? Is there some sort of error? Maybe we can help. Thank you
    • Nearly 200 of the most beautiful models
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    Curvage is EPIC!!!

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    2. Shades4444


      Looks good! Why isn't the logo centered at the end though?

    3. Chevalier


      That superhero level of epic music, needs a porn parody.  Though yeah a bonus is the chance to review and possibly receive a free clip.

    4. cai man

      cai man

      great zach galligan GIF

  7. Curvage in general has just been exploding the last few months. It’s just unreal!!
  8. Great pic! Hope to see more of you here.
  9. I’m confused. Lazy load allows me to scroll right past loading Instagram embeds without waiting. (See video) what browser are you using? https://we.tl/t-6IyMNcmTVQ
  10. @dreamgainer heads up this doesn't play on PC. We will help you get this fixed. Thank you
  11. can you link to an example of this so that we can investigate?
  12. How did you figure this out? .. and THANK YOU!!
  13. to be fair, I am on a PC. I will have to test on OSX later as I do not currently have access
  14. Hi, This is confusing for me as I cannot replicate these results. I am using firefox 67 and embeds are working fine. Can you try clearing your cache, rebooting etc? Thank you
  15. Curvage has 185 models!!!

    What a destination we have become. WOW.
    I think it's safe to say Curvage is AWESOME!

    Seriously, I think the most amazing models are here.

    You all rock!

    This deserves a 5 star review for a couple of reasons. Firstly there is nothing else like this in the clips store as far as I know. CuteMeow is very talented. I love the song she sings in this clip. Whats not to love here? You've got CuteMeow who has an adorable face and an excellent body, showing off curves while serenading you followed by eating chips from the bag. I hope we will see more like this from CuteMeow.
    one of the best "first video on Curvage" clips that I've seen. Lots of great content. Really liked the down on all fours letting the belly hang down. Such confidence. This is great. Can't wait for more!
  16. Must be from another account you had. Moved ownership to you.
  17. It’s a nice concept. There are lots of different things that could potentially happen. However I think snooze already happens if you put someone on the ignore list. Thank you
  18. I say the best way to keep her gaining is to not discourage her if she's talking about a diet. Just be patient, and reinforce her self esteem with lots of compliments. Let her know she has great curves. She will relax as she begins to feel more comfortable.
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