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  1. I’m still confused, but glad it was resolved!
  2. Are the pictures posted here? You can request them be removed using DMCA. Or just hit the contact us button below thank you
  3. S77

    Wrong Password

    Glad to hear this was resolved. I was scratching my head over this one!
  4. That’s an excellent first choice. Be sure to check this link to keep track of your library as your collection of clips grows! https://curvage.org/forum/index.php?/myclips/
  5. Curvage has 300 Curvage Models! I’m honestly blown away! 😮

    Here’s to a great year for all in 2020

    new year GIF

  6. Hi, yes you can certainly purchase clips in the UK. It does all the conversion work for you don’t worry about that. we have models and customers that are in the UK. with your question about debit cards most of them do work . the banking system can be pretty complex and tricky and there’s nuances for everything, so I’m reluctant to say yes it will 100% work. But I will tell you it most likely will work. Worst case scenario it’ll just decline and no harm done. Give it a try thank you
  7. Hi @hapax1230987, We can totally understand your concern and it would make sense to be thoughtful about privacy before making any purchases. Don't worry, we try to make life easy for you. Here is what you need to know. The email you have on record here will get confirmation of the purchase. So make sure you want to get an email from us there. If you need to change your email address please do that first. However, make sure you have a REAL email address because not having one can get your account in trouble. Your credit card statement will say CCATCH Totally private, it could be a fishing company for all anyone knows LOL Give a purchase a try and if you have any issues at all, reach out and we will help. Thank you.
  8. Due to the large number of model applications we receive, we are currently backed up. If you’ve applied, please be patient. We are working as fast as possible to process all applications. 

    Thank you and happy new year!

    1. John Smith

      John Smith

      You're becoming more popular, aren't you?

  9. S77

    Wrong Password

    Try turning VPN off and see what happens
  10. S77

    Wrong Password

    Sounds like cache issues. Does it happen even after clearing all Cache? Thank you
  11. Gfycats end! They have not been too diligent about these things
  12. The gyfcat embeds being small is due to a change to address security issues. There’s not much we can do about it. i will look into it more though. thank you
  13. Great new song! Plus she's looking extra fat
  14. Can you try firefox or chrome just to see what happens?
  15. That was in February, it would have cleared it self by now. You're still having issue? Which browser are you using?
  16. See a clip that you might want to buy later but don't want it to get lost among the loads of new daily clips? add it to your WISH LIST See a clip that you might want to buy but you want to keep looking first? add it to your WISH LIST That's right!!! now you can simply add something to your Wish List so that you may find it later. ENJOY!! Thank you
  17. We set the unread content to default in our control panel. I am wondering if you have accidentally overridden some settings on your side. Can you check into that? Thank you
  18. I’m confused. We didn’t change anything. What is undead content stream?
  19. Hi, I will have to look into this one in order to answer it properly. Thank you
  20. @maybejamesis a rock star


    1. somebody1911


      It's great work! Nicely done! 

      However I can't help but share my opinion that less is more in the world of logos. This 3D woman has a lot going on, I appreciate the simplicity of the line-work woman we have now. 

    2. S77


      I don’t think the goal was to make a logo to be used. I think it was just a fun art experiment to bring the existing logo to life 

  21. S77

    Reviewing clips

    Hi watching is enough. no download needed. After watching the clip you can go ahead and write a review Thank you
  22. Wow!!!! That looks amazing!!!! I’m blown away. Exceeded my expectations already!!
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