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  1. I might also point out that they don’t know you bought their clip unless you leave a review. They know when clips sell but don’t get to see who bought them. One of the great things about Curvage is it totally protects your privacy. Even moderators don’t know who bought clips. Your purchase is totally masked unless you choose to let folks know by way of a review Thank you
    An absolutely phenomenal clip! She brings a new and unique element to the clip store. Aside from the fact that she's obviously gorgeous with stunning curves, she also brings an artistic touch to her work. This clip is risque, tempting and well presented. Clearly shot with a good camera, and pro settings. Lighting, great angles, the outfit. The entire setup is just superb. Production quality here is high and CouchQueen is gorgeous. This is a must have clip!!
  2. FYI - for those who were saying this clip won't play. The issues on windows have been worked out. It plays now.
  3. Sounds very liberating. Excited to see your updates. Welcome (back) to Curvage.
    This is Asian_goddess's best clip so far! Watching her aggressively destroy this cake bite after bite will blow you away. It's like she enjoys each bite more than the last. Then she shows you her massive soft belly as she displays the aftermath. She loves her massive belly and you will too. Watch this clip!
    I just love that she had to explain that the burger isn't small, it's just that her belly is big. Don't be fooled by the size of that burger near her belly. She's making some really entertaining clips lately. Showing the time and date and her photo to prove what she is eating and when is adding a new dynamic that I've not seen here before. Very great clips and I am enjoying the frequent updates! 5 STARS
    thatfatguineapig is living up to her name. She's incredibly sexy in this clip showing your fabulous belly and talking about her weight. She's truly legend. The REAL deal!!
    This is another fantastic clip from KittyPiggy not only are her clips always high quality and compressed in a way where they stream nicely but she's a total curvy rock star. Seeing her change into all these outfits will blow your mind and make your night.
  4. Hi, I have no problem removing last names. Just flag topics that you find which brings concern and mods can edit titles. Thank you
  5. I can certainly see where you are coming from. I can also respect just looking out for the greater good. I would like to point out that there is nothing illegal or wrong with enjoying curvy women. Any person who feels their images are posted here against their will are welcome to fill out a DMCA take down request and we always comply. If any person does not like what we stand for, frankly that's their problem. There isn't a thing shameful in my opinion about Curvage or it's members. Fake outrage and "push backs" are nothing but a ridiculous scare tactic. When it comes right down to it, some folks will like us, others won't. That's just life. We are a popular site and continuing to grow because folks love Curvage. As far as the haters.. well..you know Thank you
  6. Yeah that’s how it works. We do it upon request and approval Thank you. 😊
  7. I was not aware we were living in shame and trying to hide.
  8. Hi unfortunately there isn’t a way to automate this transfer 😢
    OMG you won't believe her weight. Buy this video to find out. FYI get your KG to LB converter ready because all numbers are reported in Kilograms. Shocking. She also includes side by side. This is a solid 5 star video wow!!
    You have to watch this to discover [email protected] Jawn weight goals are!!! She talks about this plus gives current measurements which are ???? (Watch to find out) plus a ton of great video showcasing her incredible curves! A must watch video for sure!!
    One of the hottest you will see! @HaydenBlue is a creative genius with this one. Hearing her talk is amazing and wow that soft round belly is to die for.
    Shar is hands down the most amazing Barbie you will ever see! Enough said, 5 stars !! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
    What can I even say? @Chinky Jawn is off the charts hot! 🥵 buy this clip and support her!
    Nicole’s curves are looking so thick. Enjoy this clip and watch her pack in the food! Great!
  9. Its important to read which forum you’re posting in. Even this is in the suggestion forum but should be in the help forum. (I’ll move it) anyway to answer your question here is where https://curvage.org/forum/index.php?/forums/forum/22-your-picturesvideos-men/ Thank you
    aggressively pounding the cream! just chugging it down as fast as she can. dancing and chugging 3200 calories worth of cream. This is ... wow,. !!
  10. Everything is working at full service again
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