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  1. Hi, Thanks for the call out. We can work on the redirects but rest assured the HTTP version of the site doesn't even work so there will be no unsecured risks. Thank you
  2. Unresponsive? That's a new one. I am not seeing that. Things are working fine for me.
  3. We were updating our SSL certificate as required once a year. You might have caught us in transition from the old key to the new key. All is well, all fresh and secure with a new license.
  4. Hang in there, stay strong. We are always here for you
  5. Can you post a screen shot of what you see?
  6. Hi Froggy, I get that these are your personal opinions being expressed here, but if I were to suggest that your comment lacks tact, that would be an understatement. We are a community that takes pride in the empowerment of women and the appreciation of their curves. Having said that, there is a basic level of respect, decorum and decency expected. Literally dehumanizing others by suggesting that a women who doesn't meet your preference isn't human is probably in poor taste at best, but at worst, likely very hurtful. I am going to kindly ask that when having discussion, we keep it appropriate. If you must talk about your preferences, it will suffice to simply state them without putting others down. Thank you
  7. S77


    scroll down to number 2 https://curvage.org/forum/index.php?/guidelines/
  8. S77

    When will

    Considering sidelining chat all together.
  9. We have surpassed 600 models

    chris pratt mind blown GIF by Omaze

    1. Luna Hellborn

      Luna Hellborn

      Yeahhhh! ❤️

    2. Curvage Casey

      Curvage Casey

      Absolutely amazing ❤️ Thank you for all you do for us

    3. BBW_Summer
    4. Lexi Foxxx

      Lexi Foxxx

      Thank you for giving us a safe space to share the most intimate, sexy parts of us🖤

    5. >_< 0_0

      >_< 0_0

      Do I count as one? 😂

    6. S77


      @>_< 0_0 no actually.

  10. In general there is a fine line between advertising for something and simply talking about it. I think your post was removed because it had a bunch of links to video sites. I could be wrong (as it was not me who removed your post) but based on what I see in the history this seems to be the case. Thank you
  11. S77

    Notification Issue

    For those who care the issues are as follows. Originally notifications stopped because some models had so many followers that the system would get flooded trying to send out all the notifications (and fail) So we fixed it by creating background tasks that could send out notifications in batches. The reason it broke this time is because a model DELETED her status before the background task could finish with the batch. So we had to create a new process to clean up when that situation occurs. Everything should be working again. (at least until folks find a new way to break something lol) Thank you
  12. Fixed, thanks for reporting
  13. S77

    Notification Issue

    There is no move to "cool" down the site. What is really weird is things are working perfectly fine for me. Also I am getting all the notifications. So it's really quite strange, whatever is going on.
  14. S77

    Notification Issue

    I'm seeing @Curvage Casey notifications again. I think things may have just been clogged up. Perhaps the server got too busy.
  15. S77

    Notification Issue

    We didn't change anything so this time it's a bit of a mystery. Looking into it now. Thank you
  16. Hi @jokesjj Here's an idea. How about we give you a Curvage Blog. You can create reviews, provide recognition and run your Curvage model of the month ideas. I am sure lot's of people would read it and models would be honored to be recognized by you.
  17. S77

    Problem with wishlist

    We will take a look at that. Thank you for reporting
  18. Jokesjj, I don't think there is any question about your commitment to the site. Honestly there isn't any reason you should be apologizing. The only thing I can think of that would be a loss for us is if you give up on Curvage. Your ideas are great; it's just impossible for one person to consider all perspectives. Together we can merge thoughts and ideas that are stronger and galvanize around the best path for everyone. We will continue to evolve and improve this site with the help of amazing people like you. Thank you
  19. HI @jokesjj Your ideas are not bad at all. A reward/trophy system is a great idea. We just have to be very thoughtful about how it's executed. I felt we would be remiss to have you putting so much effort into brainstorming without a little context provided from us. We appreciate you Thank you
  20. Hi, While we recognize that the ideas put forth here are in good faith and have had a great deal of thought put into them, we have some concerns. It is our intention to respect and empower all women. We do this by recognizing that each content creator is unique in their own way and all have intrinsic beauty and value. We feel that structuring site mechanics in a way that would put pressure on women to gain weight would be wrong. If folks enjoy weight gain we are certainly not saying that they're wrong to do so. We respect that many folks in this community have a variety of preferences. However we much prefer to stay a somewhat neutral platform that has a very simple message. Curvy women are beautiful. Over the years there has been much controversy over what "Curvage" means, what "curvy women" are, and which women are beautiful.Yet our name and motto remains intentionally ambiguous because we like to think there is something for everyone to celebrate on Curvage. After all, it's our differences that fills our life with color. (but I digress) Look closely enough, and you'll find the message is simply women are beautiful! Thank you for being a member who cares about our great community. The value you bring is not lost on us.
  21. HI @jokesjj We've been thinking for awhile that our Youtube channel is not going to good use. We could be producing so much content with interesting or inside information that wouldn't be available anywhere else. Really like some of the ideas you have here. I don't want to say to much or make any promises here but thank you for the ideas. Well written and much appreciated Thank you
  22. This has nothing to do with how models get their payout. This poll is only asking about how customers would like to pay for clips. Please do not assume this changes anything for models. Other than if you will buy their clips or not. Thank you
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