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  1. Heads up, this will be closed by tomorrow so let anyone know who may be interested.


    Thank you :)

    1. riptoryx


      So fancy and exclusive now!

    I review so few videos but I noticed this one doesn't have a review yet and I feel like it really needs one. This is incredible. Devi's amazing curves on display as she plows through a cake. What's not to love? This is worth every cent. You will not regret this purchase.
  2. This is probably only an issue for privacy cards. regular cards won't require that.
  3. For security purposes sometimes ccbill will require some verification. You can call them or email them and they should allow a pending charge to complete Thank you
  4. Locking this thread so we can keep this about solutions. Here is what we know Almost everyone is able to use ccbill just fine, no pending issue. However, a few are having the issue. We have found that this issue is usually triggered by something ccbill finds questionable. For most it's something minor like not typing your full name correctly. A call to CCBILL usually clears it up and allows the purchase to go through. Might also be good to ask why it was flagged in the first place so they can help you to clear it up going forward. When all else fails use a prepaid visa card. Thank you
  5. hi I will connect with you on this.
  6. ccbill *Curvage
  7. When you select CCBILL and click next it should take you to a separate page to enter all of that information. It's a bit of a change to the previous process. Thank you
  8. can't see the image. but did you try to call the number?
  9. ccbill is the only option at this time
  10. Hi, Model permissions were not as intended. Thank you for pointing this out. Please try again and I think you will find the issue has been corrected. Thank you
  11. Your payment info USED to be saved with Stripe. Stripe is an entirely different payment processor from CCBILL. CCBILL handles the payment on that different page and requires manual input. It's a little bit of an extra step but it will work and is as it's intended to be for now. Thank you
  12. Will be nice once we get an additional payment option. Rest assured we are working on it. Thank you for the update
  13. So people can have the opportunity to finish hashing it out. Enter Abyss at your own risk.
  14. Take a screen shot and send me a PM please. Thank you
  15. Just to be clear your cards were never saved on curvage. The Saved card options you are speaking of were available because your card was saved with the payment processor stripe. As stripe is no longer an option you can no longer see the saved cards. CCBill does not allow saved cards. CCBill does work but they are a little more rigorous with their anti-fraud protection. If you call that customer service number and verify with them, then your card will be good to go from here on out. thank you
  16. Try and make sure you use your first and last name
  17. That's actually really helpful feedback. Thank you
  18. Hi we will continue to work and bring payment options as they become available. For now go ahead and use ccbill. IF they are not taking your country card the work around is to buy a visa prepaid gift card. Do a small amount on one and test it out. IF it works you can then do more. Thank you
  19. Go ahead and use CCBILL. It's been around for a long time and is a PCI compliant and very secure payment processor. We realize that ccbill is a bit clunky but it will work. We are actively working to provide additional payment options ASAP. We always want the ultimate in security and convenience for our customers and are working to ensure the best payment options are available.
  20. S77


    By the way welcome to Curvage
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