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  1. thetingtangdude


    Was a fan once upon a time
  2. thetingtangdude


    She’s just not the same
  3. thetingtangdude

    Ariel Winter (from Modern Family)

    ...you don't want to see what's under that shirt then... boob reductions are really gross...
  4. thetingtangdude

    Ariel Winter (from Modern Family)

    I heard she got a boob reduction is that true?
  5. thetingtangdude

    Avril Lavigne

    Same here but I'm loving it!
  6. Snapchat interviewed this person on the topic of weight gain. What is everybodys opinion on them interviewing her on the subject and how she went about it?
  7. thetingtangdude

    Why are we not able to edit our own posts?

    Like i'm given the option to edit this post but why not my old threads?
  8. thetingtangdude

    Why are we not able to edit our own posts?

    As seen in this picture. I am given no option as to editing this post i made? Why is that???
  9. thetingtangdude

    Why are we not able to edit our own posts?

    I went back looking at one of my old posts and happened to need to delete a photo i posted. But I am unable to due to this site not allowing me to edit or at the very least delete the whole post i made! why is this? Why is there not an option for us to edit and delete old posts we ourselves have posted???
  10. thetingtangdude

    can anyone make her more thicker? please

    Give me her number and ill take her out to eat.
  11. thetingtangdude

    Turned on by decreasing fitness levels

    Pics or it didn't happen
  12. thetingtangdude

    Anyone know who this girl is?

    She is a girl i wish to know
  13. thetingtangdude

    Meeting my online feedee

    Have her participate in a photoshoot after you finish stuffing her to the max. We would love to see just how well of a feeder you can be!
  14. thetingtangdude

    Southern Women

    You should of tried asking them out
  15. thetingtangdude

    Raven-haired huge facebook gain

    I'm hoping she has her own pay site i can join to help donate to her weight gaining!