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  1. Hey can you message me?

  2. I didn't realize I had the follow option turned off on my profile!! It's ON now so feel free to come give me a follow! Love you all! And as always eat well!

  3. I ate my Chinese and some sugar cookies with cream cheese frosting. My belly is bulging!



    1. archangel62


      Absolutely breathtaking ❤️

    2. bsmith762001


      What a beauty 

    3. mrfatfatfatlover


      reallt glad to see you back on here! Love your body !

  4. These Pajamas are getting pretty small on me hehe 



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. IStyler07


      Damn delishous.

    3. ball_of_fire12


      holy shit jellykat. You've made my year.

    4. bsmith762001
  5. About to eat a mound of Chinese food! I love eggrolls!! ❤️ 

  6. It's not my birthday, but this fatty is about to eat some cake! Watch this cream and chocolate be devoured, in exchange for softness. Cake shoveling.. I've been extra hungry lately and it's starting to show Please rate and Comment! ❤️ Love you all! Jellykat ❤️


  7. Version 1.0.0

    I've gained a little more weight over the winter. Just bought a new Spring shirt that shows off every curve! While eating a Popsicle, I show off my squishy belly and jiggle it for you. Popsicles are so yummy when you are feeling warm.. I show off my large ass and give many jiggles and giggles. Teehee I hope you like it


  8. Are you coming back soon?:( give us an update please❤️

  9. when are you coming back :( miss you

  10. @JellyKat I love seeing your profile pic and then looking a a current photo.  It’s spectacular how full your face has become.  Keep eating it looks like @Goddess shar is catching up with you.

  11. JellyKat

    new art

    OMG Your pictures are so cool!
  12. Version 1

    I am a very hungry bat, hungry for sweets! Hungry for CREAM! I eat 37 servings of whipped creamy goodness and tell you I am getting so very fat and that I am a bad bad fat bat. Everyone just letting this little bat get so fat and plump indulging on delicious cream and sweets. Ass wiggles and moaning while I eat all the yummies! I even start to sweat and my face becomes red from so much in my growing belly! Oops I dropped a little, but I wont let it go to waste


  13. Version 1.0.0

    I am SO HUNGRY! Watch as I try to eat all 6 of these fast food burgers! Can I do it? They are so good! I can't stop until I'm super full and about to pop! And I HAVE TO continuously stuff my mouth with delicious greasy fries and wash it all down with some delicious soda pop. It's so good! Sorry my room is a bit messy, I'm such a pig, I even accidentally drip ketchup on my leg from loading it onto my burgers, hehe! Enjoy, comment and rate my videos! Thanks everyone for the support


  14. Hope lifes treating you well!

  15. Version 1.0.0

    I've put on so much weight this summer I just had to show it off so I made a short clip for you. I'm pretty sure you'll be surprised by my growth, even I am. It's getting to the point where I'll need an entirely new wardrobe none of these bras or pants are fitting anymore. I think my food obsession is getting the best of me XD


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