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  1. I felt really sexy in these pics. I have panties on but they are engulfed. Hope you all enjoy
  2. I took some pics last night and thought I looked really hot. Also I have panties on, but my fat covers them haha



    1. Krounos Demetrios

      Krounos Demetrios

      Indeed, you are looking cute and hot. I hope there is coming more like this. Perhaps an extra thight clothes series?

  3. I just really needed some snacks, but oh no! This shirt I have on has gotten so small. Chug this soda till my belly is pushing out. Watch me expand with every gulp, and belch loudly. Gurgle~ Better pull this shirt up and give my belly some room! I lick every bit of cheese off my little fingers, oof my belly is so big and bubbly! Rate and comment please! Thanks for watching!


  4. I'm hungry but I'm lazy so I ordered some Arby's to be delivered! Craving some curly fries! 😛

  5. Released a new video! Hope everyone is having a great day :D 


    1. Krounos Demetrios

      Krounos Demetrios

      You are looking fantastic! Great come back.

  6. Released a new video today! Please come watch and support me and my gains Thanks everyone!
  7. I'm feeling super cute ❤️


  8. I got really fat on accident.This is the fattest I've ever been! I love playing with it, so soft and plump. I have become such a fatty, watch me squish my belly around and play with it's squishy goodness. Rate and comment please! Thanks for watching!


  9. Try VLC it's free and there's lots of youtube tutorials for editing. Limited but easy.
  10. Thanks everyone! I just love eating snacks and tasty food. So it was bound to happen haha I always keep popsicles and those premade icecream cones in the freezer. I also love toaster strudels and chexmix to snack on, plus sugary drinks like carbonated juice and soda pop. But I also travel and I eat out at places like DQ and I looove curly fries so I stop at Arbys sometimes and they have those giant drinks! I honestly love trying new things too so if I ever see something that looks yummy I'll go try it.
  11. HI! I gained some more weight and thought I'd show it off to everyone here
  12. When is the next video expected to come around? I’ve been waiting 😅

  13. Can't wait to see you post content again!

  14. I think I'm addicted to soda pop 🤤😅

    1. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      No kidding? ;) 

      What kind of soda do you drink the most? Coke, Pepsi, something else?

    2. JellyKat


      I like Rootbeer, Cream soda, Dr.pepper, Sprite and Cocacola, I like other soda but not as much. I could probably drink root beer or cream soda all day! 

  15. This season has really got me growing! I know it has been a while, should I make a new video for everyone? I've gained so much weight since fall.
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