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  1. Get busy in the kitchen man, regular breakfast is an easy one. There's a pre-mixed breakfast hash at Walmart that cooks well enough with butter and my lady likes it, change it up of course. Crepes aren't too hard and with a bit of maple syrup and whipped cream the chicks dig it. It'll take some time to get decent in making stuff but keep at it and you'll get there, I was never much use in the kitchen, like if I was a bachelor at best every meal would be just chicken breasts and maybe rice lol..raw carrots for the vitamins. Any rate it's extra satisfying to have your girl fatten up from your efforts in cooking, and she'll love a man that cooks too
  2. Was someone reading the thread on single sentence turn-ons? 🥵 ...cuz this is my favourite thing to hear You're looking more and more amazing as you grow and it's so hot to see you indulge and enjoy yourself. That belly is stellar.
  3. Yeah what the heck guys, look how fat GGG's gotten. She's become a cow in no time at all. 230 is gonna be amazing 🥵
  4. I hear you, me tired too. You pretty and fat. I like. Why use many word when few word work.
  5. With some time that nurse life will make a prize heifer out of her yet. Make sure to reward her with good lovin and attention and she'll just be a happy fat wife
  6. A big home cooked pasta dish, I'm thinkin penne - thoroughly buttered after cooking - in a good marinara sauce with ground beef, and a buttery garlic loaf or two, milkshakes to drink and apple pie or cheesecake or both, and a big O afterward as a reward. Recipe for success.
  7. You fill out that dress wonderfully, love the subtly noticeable outline of your belly. Gorgeous.
  8. So you went blonde eh? Always fun to try new hair colours
  9. Goood morning. Hope you can thoroughly enjoy yourself all day. Let indulgence reign, and may you go to bed fatter and happier tonight than when you woke up this morning 😘.
  10. Goooood morning 🥵. Another beauty day blessed by your bountiful belly. I assume it will be yet another day generously laden with calories?
  11. Good morning indeed, and I thought I was up early 20 minutes ago. All cloudy overcast my way but there's apparently a plump and jiggly ray of early sunshine TN way 😉
  12. One time we were ** and doing the deed and just for my enjoyment she said: "You've made me so fat babe" ooof A couple of times I've come across pics of girls they've captioned "I'm getting so fat" - grabs my attention every time also anything like "I've gotten so fat" "I'm gonna get so fat" "Look at how fat I'm getting" "Oh my god I'm getting so fat" There's just something about a girl noticing herself piling it on and commenting on it and/or acknowledging her vulnerability to indulgence, something like that, and for reasons the word 'fat' specifically does it best. Fat is almost like a sexually explicit word for me. Also top votes for bangs15's "I wish you'd be more aggressive in fattening me up" story and Shoeshine boy's experience with the "I think I would get fat dating you" Jesus 😵 how did you guys survive those? I can't even fathom, composure would be completely gone
  13. Maybe just people that don't like fat girls, they're all like "GGG you're fat" and GGG's like "I'll show you fat"
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