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  1. She's got a switch but she hasn't been playing anything much lately, still typically glued to a screen laying on a couch or the bed, it's actually surprising she isn't more immense but she's on her way 😈, I love love love how wide she's getting
  2. It is just so lovely to see a girl go from being so deprived, restricted, restrained...thin, to set free, realizing her truth, enjoying every bite and pleasure uninhibited. You have always had this inevitability, you were destined to be huge and now you are on your way. Beyond well nourished, round, heavy, soft. You're getting so fat.
  3. Having a great couple of days. I am so happy watching my baby doll indulge and enjoy herself day in and day out. We made large muffins last night ostensibly in preparation for some camping we're doing next week but she had 2 of them last night right after making them plus some cookies we also made, over 600 extra calories for her day. As for today, not sure who else can get into numbers but I do fairly regularly and today is the kinda day I like to see: - for breakfast I made her 2 slices French toast made with whipping cream and toasted in generous butter plus the maple syrup and 2 pieces of bacon ~400-430 cal minimum - 2-3 tablespoons Starbucks coffee creamer in her coffee 80-120 cal - for her lunch I made her a little ham wrap Swiss cheese dealie ~390cal (made her 2 but she just brought the other home) she also has snacks at work too - she brought a muffin along too, then ate one at home after so another 480-500cal -she got hungry waiting to make dinner so she ate 2 of the 4 cheesebuns she bought for another day, apparently 400 cal each 🥵 so 800 cal - dinner was this rice casserole thing and though there was some cheese it was probably only something like 300-450cals -she also drank a glass of Lemonade and some fruity Starbucks drink so at least 100+ cal in drinks plus anything at work all in all I would guess somewhere in the neighborhood of 2480 - 2790 calories consumed since she got up this morning. Roughly estimating her required calories at somewhere from 1950-2150 (or average 2000) she got like 480-790 extra calories and in theory if she ate like this every day that could be as much as 50-80lbs a year in ideal circumstances. I think it would be at least likely to amount to 30lbs in a year. Sorry for those not into the text, I don't really like posting without pics too, here's a pic of her looking nice and plump at out counter. Guhh that belly 🥰
  4. Such a proud piggy 😍 you're looking so fat, and so pretty, and eager. Your sheer enjoyment of fattening up is glorious
  5. Lol though it's not Vulcan script, it's something from sailor moon. I kind of forgot, and looking at the picture I was like, oh yeah that makes sense, though she never told me what it was but looking at her arm now I'm like oh yeah durr it's from sailor moon
  6. Yeah, I'm not sure if I'd say she's a full blown trekkie but she likes it any way, the original series in particular.
  7. She is such a natural fat princess, another time this summer she was in bed and unprompted says: 'What are you still doing here? I could be having cake right now' after i had just made her a sandwich - so I drove 15 minutes to the closest grocery store and got a McCains chocolate cake and danishes, I came home, fed her, and then worked out, just a typical work night😁 I remember noting the sign on the door at the grocery store that said 'feed the dream' it's been their slogan for a little while now and I am definitely living by the premise.
  8. Yeah, I am quite happy with how plump she is right now and I've always tried to stay in the mentality of hope but don't expect more pounds though I am excited to see how big she is in another 10 years, she's averaging around 5 pounds a year. She has gained at least 42lbs since 2013, apparently 10 just in the last year tho. Not sure if a wedding would make much of a difference or not. I have never really wanted kids and she's been on the fence, we've really enjoyed the freedom and money 😅 but we've also been toying with the idea, she would get absolutely massive with a pregnancy, I basically already dote on her like she's pregnant as it is, but the cravings would trigger an insatiable appetite for sure. We had a text conversation last month something like this: Me: I can't stop thinking about how big you'd get if you got pregnant Her: just fucking huge Me: enormous Her:...and it would all happen really quickly ...and I'm pretty sure the doctors want you to track your weight during it too At any rate the trend is upward and outward, the two stretchies on her belly were just a single small 1/2" stretch mark 3 years ago. She has always had them on her hips but they have acted up on and off the whole time, they've slowly grown too
  9. So glad to see you post, I was literally thinking of you yesterday, wondering if you were doing ok.
  10. Mondays mornings are our saturday mornings together. I've been making her French toast every morning lately, I've been doing most meals for the last few months really but damn if the results aren't spectacular. She wakes up many a morning and her first words of the day are "food?" in her cute voice. Fuck me I am livin the dream, rock hard making her breakfast every day. Thought I would show off and asked if we could post some pics, her tiddies have gotten sooo fat and peep the stretchies on her tum. Get yourselves a chubby girl and make her a fat wife (not married just yet*). PS I love her double-chin so damn much.
  11. Love the expression coupled with the belly cradle
  12. I do think some weight crept on over the summer, I was feeding her pretty diligently and some of her old stretchies started acting up ever so subtly on her hips and tiddies, you can just barely make them out. I love her head to toe, seeing her beautiful and soft face gets me going every day. I love her double chin soo damn much, it's too cute. Turnin me on for 10 years now 🥰
  13. I have been meaning to update this for a long time, still with my now fiancé and she's still looking nice and lovingly fattened. She's actually up 10-15lbs since last updated, she weighed in at 220 June 1st this year, I'll have to get her on the scale again as she's been eating very well all summer. I have some fun stories I'll share after I get some pics on here. Later on starting summer 2017 (a few months after I last posted on the thread here) she got a stretch mark on the left side of her belly, right on the curve of her hang, I WAS LOSING MY MIND and since then it's stretched to about 3 inches and another of the same length appeared. There is simply nothing better than watching the girl you love get fat.
  14. God damn it why do you have to be so hot. So pretty, so fat. I love how eager you are to be heavier but also don't beat yourself up and get discouraged, look at where you are now compared to a year ago, you've gotten sooo fat. Such a good piglet 😈. Seriously peep that double-chin, that double-chin game is coming on strong and it's sooo damn cute, just wait till you have to renew an ID pic, you'll probably cream yourself when you see the pics side by side
  15. I'm just imagining your feeder's luck in finding a nice, easily fed sow like you; leading you plodding along down the path of obesity, feeding as you go, blissfuly indulgent in your increasing growth. You'll be getting quite hefty much sooner than you think. Indeed the path to enormity it is subtle and gradual and though it may not be extremely obvious as the pounds creep on, you're well on your way "little" piglet. Eat up and cum along, there are BIG things in store for you 😈
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