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  1. Damn it FattyisLove, get on it, pack up your stuff, get over there and start feedin this girl. Curiously.clever is clearly ready to get fattened up and HEAVVVY, it's going to be hot and we all want to watch it happen 😈
  2. Hmmm, might have, yes - might have. I say put on a few dozen more pounds and make it definitely too fat for those spanx 😈 Looking amazing with all the added softness, hubby's a lucky guy
  3. So sorry to hear you're having a hard time, I hope you feel better. You're a goddess, I've been hooked on your updates since you started, I can't believe how hot it is for a fitness model to let go and embrace indulgence and plump up wonderfully the way you have. The dedicated gain shakes, the canoli ordering binge, unfff. If someone pitched your story to my younger self years ago, I would have said 'yeah right, way too hot to happen in real life' yet here you are and jaw-dropping every post. You deserve to have a very wealthy guy provide for you so you can be a well-fed, pampered and nicely fattened, stay-at-home wife. Not sure about everything going on with everybody else but I just got Hydro (electicity) back today after a week. We had a wicked storm a week ago here in Central Canada, impact for ~40% of Canadian population. I've been running chain saws, generators, and buckets of water all week, this is only the second opportunity for me to check out curvage since before last Saturday. We also have elections going on so maybe that's all compounding the weird level of interactions on curvage (with the uptick and saturation in model applications) TLDR I hope you can still enjoy Curvage Kitty, your gain has been amazing to admire and you have a sweet personality 🥰
  4. ...sorry bud, I think she's very safely fat, very fat. (I know you're trying to be complimentary and conscious of society's negative association with 'fat' but Casey has worked too hard and grown so well to be denied the description of 'fat', regardless of connotation, it is accurate, just look at her, beautiful? Yes, but also fat, very obviously well-fed and clearly indulgent, I do not mean to belittle or argue your comment but our Casey is a fat girl and there's simply no denying it.) I always love thinking about how Casey gave up on the charade of the Cross-fit, distance-running, weight-lifting, ever toiling, athletic girl for her clearly destined life as an overfed, waddling, comfortable princess, happily packing on the pounds as she was meant to.
  5. I missed your post on Thursday, wow you're beautiful, it's so wonderful when a gorgeous girl fattens up the way you have. Thanks for sharing 😍
  6. How have I missed you being here for a month. Damn 😍 that is a beautiful gain, can't wait to see more
  7. So much hotness 🥵 wonder what that diving board is rated for, gotta be pushing the limits there at near 900lbs of well-fed girls
  8. Oi you were looking for this: https://curvage.org/forum/index.php?/profile/187915-deedeethefeedee/
  9. You're doing awesome and you look so good. Like seriously, you're so hot and plump, oof. I check your thread regularly just to catch a glimpse of how good you look. Don't rush yourself trying to get to certain numbers, focus on enjoying yourself. You've fattened up so wonderfully, like if I was with you and watched you grow like you have my head would explode 🥵 It's way too easy to get burnt out if you think you're not going at it hard enough. Don't be hard on yourself, gaining weight should be a comfortable, indulgent experience 😊
  10. Probably in their best interest, if a coworker as hot as you started packing it on the way you have, the distraction would have driven my productivity to a crawl 😅...tho maybe I would be more eager to get to work 🤔, guess it's a toss up
  11. A little late but good morning indeed. That is a hell of a belly you're rockin there. Looking very nice and plump
  12. Awesome, I saw your reddit yesterday. Excited to have you here on Curvage, I can't wait to see how you fatten up even more. It's so wonderful to see yet another lovely lady embrace the well-fed, soft and hefty life. Look forward to seeing 'more' of you 😉
  13. Lol poor thing, 59 [F] (15°C) or 39 [F] (3.9°C) is nothing, here it was something like -13°F (-25°C) the other night, it's currently a 'balmy' 23°F (-5°C) {like it's actually nice out, and I want to do stuff outside cuz it's 'warm' out} and I consider this to be among the milder parts of the country (Canada), if it were 59°F (15°C) here tomorrow I'd be in shorts and probably jumping in the lake 😄 Seriously tho, I wouldn't want my girl to have to be remotely uncomfortable and cold, burning unnecessary calories, and about 12 years ago we did Christmas in Florida, I think Vero Beach, and we went in for a swim and to be fair after little while I went inside shaking for a nice hot shower, nobody else was swimming. If you're wondering, the coldest swim I did, it was 5°F (-15°C), not sure what the water temp was but probably around freezing. It's a real nice burn that kind of cold.
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