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  1. Led astray by the call of the yums, once fit and firm, now destined to grow softer and heavier, mouthful by mouthful 😊
  2. Obviously GGG has her own answer but from what i've gathered she wants to get a bit fatter at most for now and then really give in once she gets 'wifed up' (like 350+) - thing is, I think she's enjoying this a bit more than she can really wrangle and holding off for marriage may be a bit more of an ideal than a reality. GGG is clearly another one of those girls destined to get quite fat, thin and athletic for so long, unaware of her fate and unkowingly awaiting the day when her spiral into obesity would commence, you can see how far she has come after only a litttle more than a year so I think we can see how this trajectory will play out 😈
  3. In my experience yes, if she likes em. Frying them in butter makes them kinda like french fries
  4. Not sure where you're at but CostCo has this breakfast hash that's quite good. Most mornings I make my girl a decent handful of the hash cooked in butter on a pan with an egg, halved strawberries, and an egg (or two - she doesn't usually eat two in a morning, 2nd ends up being a bit of lunch) cooked till the yolk is starting to jell up, served on cheesebread toast (or even garlic toast - bread is definitely your friend, hell start making it, she'll be helpless to resist) Key in any event is butterrrrr. I also learned to make crepes and she loves that shit, just a bit of time to make is why I can't make it all the time. I think the potatoes in the hash and bread are good because the carbs kind of kick start a hunger for more carbs, I think there's something to read into there about glycemic load. In any event, she probably wouldn't even eat breakfast if it weren't for me.
  5. Not sure how old you are but regardless the advice i would give is PATIENCE. Savour the pounds as they come, just imagine how your girl should savour every fattening meal. Stuffing every meal to fullness likely won't be enjoyable, it would be forced and unsustainable. All of us feeders would love a Goddess Shar or GGG or whoever is desperately fattening herself as quickly as possible (there are so many hot feedees to think of guhhh 🥵) but the reality is you aren't likely to meet a girl who is going to blow up fast. I'm going on 10 years and ~40lbs with my girl, and there have been 2 years where 10lbs came on really quick - stretchmarks and outgrown clothes (god damn I love ice cream 🙏) Don't be pushy, if she's destined to be a natural fat girl - perfect, you're along for the ride. But remember it's her body, if she's not okay with getting fat then that's that. With my girl I didn't come out and say it, I just consistently cupped her belly when spooning and she eventually said something about how I clearly liked her belly. I gradually explained and showed her everything over the course of years. I have been very very regularly making her breakfast and providing snacks. You are a feeder so don't forget to feed her, though don't forget it's her body, her choice. If she's going to get fat it has to be a preferential option, don't get greedy and expect rapid gains, I can inagine where you might be at; 'damn i just want her to fatten up now'. Be patient, weight gain isn't an overnight thing, as tempting as rapid gains are, long, sustainable growth is stupid hot. 10 years and I have never stopped loving crawling into bed with my fat little girl. [Damn it, I wrote this last night but it didn't submit evidently]
  6. Wow. That is a hot gain, beauty lady there Indulgence. Here's hoping the trend continues 🤞
  7. Love Bella Abbondanza's comment, another of my recent favourite turn ons speech wise was while we were going at it doggy-style I gripped the sides of my fiance's belly pulling her into me and demanded 'who gave you this belly?' She answered 'You did'. She sounded perfect in her response, thank god I made her finish before cuz I was done after that. On the other side, for the ladies that is, I love the idea of bringing some decadence to her lips while gripping her throat, chub pressing up in a double-chin, and I command "give in" and/or "fatten up for me".
  8. Congrats on the weigh in, and welcome to the club, my 5'4 girl also hit the 220 mark this past month and I know how amazing it feels. Here's hoping to see 240 for mine and yours before too long 👍 I really want to break that 40 bmi threshold. Nothing like a fat wife waddling around the house
  9. Canada day weekend up here and some restrictions being lifted, not sure what everybody else's excuses are. Saturday night in general I guess
  10. I am completely in luvvvv with the idea of a girl getting herself 8 apple pies daily from McD's. 🥵 And I love what treating yourself is doing for your figure
  11. Love that proud look on your face, pretty much says it all 'look how fat I've gotten'
  12. I am loving the look of your daily diet. I be utterly happy to prepare a breakfast like that every morning. So nice to see a beautiful girl keep herself properly fed.
  13. So pretty first thing in the morning. What's the secret? Is it constantly staying happily overfed 🤔. Also does that shirt actually fit or is it supposed to be a croptop?
  14. Loving how plump your arms are looking. You can see the beginnings of that little arm fat hang that fat girls have over their elbows. I also like the crease showing how thick your back fat is getting, it's wild to think of how much pusher you must feel compared to a year and a half ago, probably feeling bones to now fingers sinking into cushion everywhere. Peep that little bit of dough bulging out of that space between your garments, veryyy cute. It's going to be interesting to watch as you gradually outgrow this outfit, that little bit of dough growing out until your ass and hips are too much for that underwear to contain. Of course, the mirrored image shows the prominent evidence; the thick arms and legs, your teddies, the prominent belly, but even in the minor details it's obvious how soft and heavy you're getting
  15. Hmmm, it may make sense to expedite that by restraining you to the wall for some force feeding to give your knees and back a break from your weight. Sure enough the restraints wouldn't be necessary eventually. You'd be too heavy to be going anywhere.
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