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    ...also seeing girls merrily gaining weight, and also running around the woods and paddling canoes/kayaks

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  1. 5 year, 22-24lb difference. 1/4" stretchie has developed into four ~3-4" stretch marks blazed up her belly on either side of her belly button (a bit faded now). I've got some hot little stories but I've got to go to bed so I'll start with pics. Also, the ring is a tattoo, I like thinking about how we've left a mark on each other 😏
  2. I wish I were better about updating. Hoping to find a time where wifey's feeling up to a real photo shoot. Big developments lately, but for now here are some pics, around 50lb gain in 10-11 years for these two. Hoping to get some better before/afters done
  3. Love your posts on tumblr, happy to see you on Curvage, welcome 🙂
  4. Are you kidding me Osaka man?!? That is a helluva fat wife sitting on the couch there. Well done, good job taking care of her.
  5. Atta boy Jakemcduck watching the calender. Blessed be the day Ruby came on the scene, happy birthday, girls like you make the world a better place. Hope you have a happy, enjoyable one ❤
  6. Damn Niki, love the comparisons. I knew how small you originally started out but I forgot just how much you gained just compared to your debut on Curvage. Always so hot, well done, and thank you. (Been here since '13.. or '11? I don't remember)
  7. I'm a lean guy with a fat wife, and I love it. She's over 6 inches shorter but for 10 years she has always been heavier. Currently she is almost 50lbs heavier than me, she's gone up about that much while I've gone up 20-25lbs of mostly muscle in the same time - still same pant size fron high-school. I really love thinking about sexual dimorphism, aside from bone structure, male anatomy is defined by muscle, female by fat. Take a sample of people at same height and weight and the women will have more fat. I like the complimentary idea that I'm naturally equipped with the muscle so that my mate can stay safe, comfortable, and amply well-fed. In my mind, biologically speaking, my partner being nicely fattened means she is better prepared to survive times of food scarcity, and she's ready to nourish potential offspring. My body is designed to care for her, so that's how I'm gonna use it. [Not meaning to challenge how other people feel about bodies, gender roles etc, just how I am inclined to feel]
  8. Yeah she's lookin to be right around 270, around that 39 bmi mark (279 @ 5'10). Get her over 40 bmi and she's going to look real fat. I might have guesed a bit lower but Jesus look at those calves, pretty much cankles going on
  9. Very cute, hubby's a lucky guy and he's done a wonderful job keeping you well fed. Thanks for sharing, can't wait to see more
  10. Yeah you could tell early on how bad she wants it, GGG is destined to get big.
  11. Love the before & after. That is a hot gain 🥵 oof. Again, happy to see you on Curvage, you are overwhelmingly adorable.
  12. Ooh hey I remember you, can't quite remember the username but oh my you've gotten nice and fat. Oof 🥵
  13. @goodgirlgrow Wow look how plump your face is getting 😍 you're getting so nice and fat
  14. I feel like I know how you're feeling, it's a real conflict for me as a feeder, seeing an increase in girls tapping into this market has meant more interaction overall but it's with a greater number of individuals. When I saw your name pop up again I had to check out how you're doing, as i knew how seeing your initial posts had been mind-blowing, and you still look amazing as you did when you first started posting. It's so hard as a fan, seeing more girls get into the scene is awesome but it's also like "there are so many girls getting fat and showing off right now, how am I supposed to focus" let alone I've got a beautiful girl myself fattening up. *I've been on curvage like 10 years
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