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  1. Not 100% on this, but I've checked a couple times and I think even the second post is gone now from that subreddit. Not that it would be a complete resolution but it's something. Edit: it doesn't come up in their feed as far as I can tell, but you can still get to it by link so I'm not sure if it's sort of hidden or something. There are a couple of tertiary posts about comments related to the post also.
  2. Ugh people suckkk. Hope you're doing ok, I'm sure you'll do what you have to to take care of yourself, and it's a real bitch right now though what I'm thinking about is how short attention spans are, the interest will wane and folks will focus on something else. Still makes me wanna give the prick a fat lip though 😤 like what kind of immature upvote seeking twat
  3. What? Gross?! Stretch marks are the hottest, a proud display of how quickly you're fattening up. In particular the fact that stretchies kind of appear as a surprise is an especially exciting element of gaining because they make the pounds definitively obvious, like if you see a girl looking heavier but it's hard to say for sure, stretch marks are a definite give away - she has piled some on 😍. New stretch marks are supremely hot and exciting. Additionally even when faded, stretchies are beautiful, like natural artwork. Faded ones in particular (on pale skin at least) remind me of striations blown by the wind on the surface of late winter snow, I wish I had a picture handy, I've seen it in nature and it reminds me of stretch marks, like to a T. I've always thought there's some comparison to make between a woman growing soft and covered in plump fat and the Earth becoming insulated with snow, the rugged hard surfaces rounded out and cushioned with fluffy white stuff. Think about how a soft belly or rounded hips and rolls are akin to rounded hills and other gentle earthly features. Heck I've even seen snow looking like cellulite (also cellulite is hot af too) ^ all this isn't like a horny thought so much as an artsy thought comparison type thing especially when people usually consider Earth as feminine I.e. mother Earth
    You are so ridiculously hot, I can't handle it 🥵 Your lovely voice, the things you say, your ample figure, the lustful way you look at food, all on display in this clip. An arousal sensor sounded off when I saw the title, I love the idea of my girl laying out how our relationship has had a fattening effect on her and I had to see Nikki play out the role. Knowing Nikki's well-rounded appreciation of weight gain I had a feeling she would know exactly what to say to capture my attention - I was not wrong. Awesome stuff, it's almost hard to fathom such an all-around sexy being as part of reality.
    I just can't help myself when I see that Ero's uploaded a weigh-in. Seeing how plump you've gotten I think my jaw was literally dropped through thewhe thing, I can't believe how fat you're getting, and it looks amazing, I also loved the fat-chat too. The whole time I kept thinking back to when you started out and how much you've grown and it just blows me away, it's the same feeling over and over. I can't wait to see the caloric impact of the coming holiday season. Looking great as always 😍
    I bought this as soon as I saw it, which I have never done (unfortunately I could not review right away). I have always been utterly captivated by the idea of plump girls fattening up other girls as a meal, and in turn growing fatter themselves, just a lovely fattening cycle of indulgence that always grabs my attention. Even aside from the story, it is extremely hot to see 2 lovely ladies feeding and admiring another 2 lovely ladies, and having some previous familiarity with all 4 I could not have dreamed that they would meet up, let alone produce a video with this premise. As another review mentioned, a part 2, or 3 etc would be awesome, with some increasingly fattened meals tempting their witchy captors further. Works very well that our prey here have been growing very heavy lately to begin with. Ps. I just love love love this premise, a couple of vulnerable ladies helplessly fattened and unable to resist temptation, eating more and more while the eager witches eye them up, mouths watering, their well-fed figures, softened by previous meals, betraying their voracious (😉) intentions.
  4. I saw your post on tunblr and got so excited, I've followed you there since back when you used to be active and I loved how you had softened up. I saw the new post and it's quite obvious you've been eating very well (it's pretty clear you're getting fat). You're looking great, i sense you're destined to grow even more, I can't wait to see you pile on more pounds 😍
  5. Oh man she is getting plummppp, loving that love handle squishing out over her waistband
  6. She's got a switch but she hasn't been playing anything much lately, still typically glued to a screen laying on a couch or the bed, it's actually surprising she isn't more immense but she's on her way 😈, I love love love how wide she's getting
  7. It is just so lovely to see a girl go from being so deprived, restricted, restrained...thin, to set free, realizing her truth, enjoying every bite and pleasure uninhibited. You have always had this inevitability, you were destined to be huge and now you are on your way. Beyond well nourished, round, heavy, soft. You're getting so fat.
  8. Having a great couple of days. I am so happy watching my baby doll indulge and enjoy herself day in and day out. We made large muffins last night ostensibly in preparation for some camping we're doing next week but she had 2 of them last night right after making them plus some cookies we also made, over 600 extra calories for her day. As for today, not sure who else can get into numbers but I do fairly regularly and today is the kinda day I like to see: - for breakfast I made her 2 slices French toast made with whipping cream and toasted in generous butter plus the maple syrup and 2 pieces of bacon ~400-430 cal minimum - 2-3 tablespoons Starbucks coffee creamer in her coffee 80-120 cal - for her lunch I made her a little ham wrap Swiss cheese dealie ~390cal (made her 2 but she just brought the other home) she also has snacks at work too - she brought a muffin along too, then ate one at home after so another 480-500cal -she got hungry waiting to make dinner so she ate 2 of the 4 cheesebuns she bought for another day, apparently 400 cal each 🥵 so 800 cal - dinner was this rice casserole thing and though there was some cheese it was probably only something like 300-450cals -she also drank a glass of Lemonade and some fruity Starbucks drink so at least 100+ cal in drinks plus anything at work all in all I would guess somewhere in the neighborhood of 2480 - 2790 calories consumed since she got up this morning. Roughly estimating her required calories at somewhere from 1950-2150 (or average 2000) she got like 480-790 extra calories and in theory if she ate like this every day that could be as much as 50-80lbs a year in ideal circumstances. I think it would be at least likely to amount to 30lbs in a year. Sorry for those not into the text, I don't really like posting without pics too, here's a pic of her looking nice and plump at out counter. Guhh that belly 🥰
  9. Such a proud piggy 😍 you're looking so fat, and so pretty, and eager. Your sheer enjoyment of fattening up is glorious
  10. Lol though it's not Vulcan script, it's something from sailor moon. I kind of forgot, and looking at the picture I was like, oh yeah that makes sense, though she never told me what it was but looking at her arm now I'm like oh yeah durr it's from sailor moon
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