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  1. All these 'health professionals' are barkin up the wrong tree, sedentary lifestyles, abundance of fast food, high-calorie diets, nope, its just Nikki's fat magic. You got it all wrong doc! There's this girl from Tennessee and she makes gettin fat look so good, everybody who sees her starts putting on the pounds I swear. She's the reason everybody's getting obese I'm telling you. And they call you crazy, dissmiss the idea and then wonder why they just can't figure it out why everybody's getting fat
  2. Ulterior motives eh? Some just want to see the world grow 😈 I've been wondering if Nikki has a roll (😅) in this so-called obesity pandemic afflicting the world, directly influencing others to fatten up and leading by example, or perhaps this feedee goddess weilds some otherworldly, fattening powers.
  3. Let me feel for myself, hmm yes it is isn't it. Let me help you sit down my dear. I think you should take a seat and get comfortable, we're just getting started and that belly is going to be getting much, much heavier 😈
  4. Yes of course you do, and yes it is the sexiest cycle. A perfect feeding process. Food, time and attention go in, fatter, happier and spoiled Nikki come out. Heavenly.
  5. I do. I will spoil and pamper you. I will run and get whatever food you could want. You won't even need to leave the couch, it is my resolute duty to wait on you and immediately satisfy your every need. I will make you my pampered princess. Your spoiled brattiness is as inevitable as your increase in heft, I can't help but spoil you, and because of that you will become relentlessy needy and yearning comfort and indulgence. I wouldn't dream of you needing to lift a finger, you'll never need to strain or exert yourself again. Your fattening body and satisfied smile are the only reward I need to spurn me on.
  6. 'You can't resist me and my growing body. You can't say no.' I think this really hits the nail on the head. You are helpless to resist indulging in food and getting fed and getting off, I am helpless to resist feeding you, making you fatter, and getting you off. We're both helpless to the process and it feeds into itself in a relentless cycle. Feeder-feedee symbiosis, fatten and be fattened, a relentless cycle of desire and reward. Can't say no. I'll give in if you will 😈
  7. I had lots of minor thoughts and moments of fascination with plump girls up until I knew for sure, but I remember when I was around 12 I saw a girl I knew after I hadn't seen her in at least a few months and she had gained some significant weight (she's still fat too actually) and I couldn't stop thinking about how she wasn't fat before and then boom she got fat. Some point in the next year or so I had a curious search on Google that led me to a site that documented a guy's wife as she got fat and then I was hooked, beautiful girls getting fat was what gets me going. All through high-school it was the soft parts of girls that caught my eye, actually I remember noticing my now-fiancee's belly at the time. I feel like my idealized human couple is a strong, athletic and muscular male provider and his soft, fat, well-fed and comfortable female partner. In my view, woman's gift is something along the lines of abundance and comfort, man's gift is of strength and endurance. Man and woman, muscle and fat. Having a well-fed and plump wife indicates my success as a provider. I like the idea of being able to facilitate a girl's indulgence and allow her to let go and enjoy, a bit of it is alluring in the fact that society doesn't want girls to let themselves go too. Something like that.
  8. Looks to me like she's actually gotten fatter. Hard to say if she's the thickest now or equal to her thickest, working with limited pics. I would love to see her arms fill out some more, that's usually a good sign a chick is going to really put it on. I get what you mean about not knowing if the gain is just in your head or not, it's such a gradual thing it can be hard to know for sure. My girl is up at least 30lbs since we got together but it still feels like she's the same size, I really have to pay attention to see how she's definitely fattened up.
  9. @Big Belly Brook I think this guy was just trying to goad you into eating more but at any rate, the thing he's missing here is that this is typical feeding for you 😈. Even if anybody could eat that much, they don't do it regularly whereas you clearly do, that enormous belly is testament to that fact.
  10. I think you're right, I don't think i do understand 🤔 perhaps you should provide more evidence to show me 😏
  11. Eating for two? 🤔 Looks more like you've been eating for five, and for some time. But seriously, your poses are always on fire 🔥 show-stopping hips and thighs, your soft little hand resting in satisfaction on your beautifully immense belly. I don't know how anybody would be able to function living with you around looking like that. I know my brain would turn to mush, walking into walls and shit, unable to look away or keep hands from squeezing.🥴 Nikki is a power this world simply hasn't seen unleashed before.
  12. Counter-plopping like a pro, you would have just spilled a little smidge this time last year, now look at you
  13. Jesus Nikki why do you have to be so damn hot all the time?!? So fat. So hot. I just can't look away.
  14. Go on a drive-thru crawl, and buy and stock up an extra fridge and two chest freezers. Feeding time 😈
  15. The goddess Nikki blesses us with yet another day of abundance, I don't know what have we done to deserve this glory.
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